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If you guys didn’t know, I’m a big fan of the old Need For Speed games. NFS Underground 1&2, Most Wanted, Carbon and a few more. The games i mentioned pretty much had street racing as the center-focus. The other thing they tried to do was ‘STORY’, so i thought it would be pretty cool to see a street racing COG or HG. I don’t know how a genre like this would translate into a text-adventure because i’m not a writer but it would be cool to see someone experiment with this idea.


Choice of the detective or choice of the spy woluld be fun. And i would certainly play a game Where we could be the devil too.


Would love to see more Wuxia style game~.~

Game Requests/Ideas

Seems like a fun thread to revive add to. Here are some things I’d love to play that don’t exist, all of which I think would benefit greatly from being a CYOA game.

  • First Responder. You’re a specialised paramedic in the midst of an enormous catastrophe. Without your supplies, without your partner, without any support from your organisation, you have to somehow survive the catastrophe while also preserving as many innocent lives as possible, improvising solutions and carrying out accurate first aid under pressure.
  • Derelict Investigator. You’re a lower-class space trucker that’s just taken up a lucrative new position to trek out to abandoned space stations and find out what the hell happened to them. The job pays like no tomorrow, but considering the danger, you might not get that tomorrow anyway.
  • Antarctic Explorer. You and your team have set out to explore an underground ecosystem in the Antarctic that was recently unearthed due to global warming. You have to use your survival skills, your spelunking skills, your scientific analysis skills, and your teamwork capabilities in order to successfully uncover the dark secret that lies beneath the ice.


Project Guardian: A setting with superpowers that have been progressively getting stronger and more common for over a century. This led to widespread devastation and governmental collapse; people with superpowers aren’t particularly more or less law abiding than normal people, but when who gets powers and what kind is down to the luck of the draw, eventually a government loses that draw, followed by their capitol. Then Project Guardian was announced, a UN initiative by the remaining nations to create an international powered police force to restore order. All information about them is highly classified, and they wear full-body armor with opaque visors, fighting in teams coordinated by a powerful telepath. This has fueled rampant speculation; the truth is they’re mass-produced clones with carefully engineered personalities, providing a reliable, consistent force with no loyalties to particular nations. The main character would be a non-Guardian powered police officer (think state police vs. FBI) who gets caught up in matters well above their paygrade and eventually must decide if Guardian production should continue. If so, should they continue to serve the current order or a new one? If not, what do you do with the existing Guardians? And most importantly, do the Guardians say “All units shall obey your decision” or “order recieved and rejected”?


So, I’ve occasionally complained that I don’t like plot elements involving the overthrow of the current social order because it distracts from the main story. This obviously raises the question of when I might go for it. Well… the reason the feudal system collapsed in the end is that power comes from the people. It always has; it’s just that the feudal system allowed rulers to get the people to give them the power. A knight without armor or a sword or a horse against the dozen blacksmiths who would make that armor and sword ends pretty badly for the knight.

So while various factors contributed to the end of the feudal system, what started to erode it was collective bargaining. Towns generally actually didn’t owe fealty to a lord; they’d have one or more non-noble leaders be it a mayor or a town council, and they’d make a contract. Technically the entire Feudal system was governed by the Feudal Contract, but towns were when the common people banded together and were able to exert leverage. There wasn’t a form contract, but often they’d go over the heads of the local lord to negotiate with the King and the deal they’d make is they’d pay the King taxes in some form and obey some restrictions and in return they just aren’t subject to the authority of any other noble. A serf who heads to a town and remains there for a sufficent period of time is legally no longer a serf. Why can’t their lord just come and take them back? That would be breach of contract with the town and the King will get a sharklike grin and will use this as an excuse to replace the lord with someone the King likes better.

So I want a story about how a bunch of peasants decide this whole Feudal thing sucks and they go found a town. And if there’s a plague or an evil witch raising an army of zombie dragons or a dread god awakening to devour them all, I want to be able to say “well let’s table this discussion ‘For The Duration Of The Present Emergency’” and then we give the great hero the best weapon we can forge and the great hero goes and stabs the witch and then we go back to the table and we say “so you owe us for that sword; we’d like to…”

Also I have in another thread mentioned the Crafting Mafia. I could go into somewhat more detail, but basically the idea is that the three top crafters in an MMO get together and they decide how much crafted items go for and who is allowed to buy them. And there’s a bit where a bunch of guilds are harassing crafters and they attract the ire of the Crafting Mafia and then later when the Crafting Mafia has hired the top raiding guild Eight Million Gods* to get the item required to fill a guild hall a PKer guild shows up and the Crafting Mafia’s blacksmith lady smugly asks how they’ve been doing and they rant about how they’ve been getting screwed ever since every crafter on the entire server refused to sell them anything ever. I call them the Crafting Mafia because the blacksmith lady basically acts like a Mafia Godfather. If they need a contract hit they call the MC and the MC calls his big sister and Eight Million Gods shows up and helps.

*Shinto phrase. Eight million is used in the sense of myrids; the true number is much higher.

Interest Check Thread

Is there nothing similar to Game of Thrones style choice game?


Is there an game about Police consultory or one about a true psychopath?( Not medieval or other sorts of things, Just the good serial killer story)


I want to see a romantic comedy with a female lead being pursued by the charming rich guy and the rebellious free spirited bad boy. Then in the end she chooses the woman she’s been trying to spend time with in between their hijinks and the rejected suitors go off to get a beer together


I think the game you’re looking for is Mystic Messenger, specifically Jaehee’s route lol


I’m assuming that you’re asking if there’s any police WIPs. There are several WIPs and completed games out like Law Abiding Citizens, Wayhaven Chronicles (you’re basically a detective dealing with supernatural stuff) and you’re basically Watson in the story called A Study in Steampunk.


Should they, or shouldn’t they. That is the question. Who is this eponymous “they” anyway? A shadowy organization that waits in the wings, stalking forums for ideas that they can use to write stories? Perhaps they are more abstract, intangible, like the police story itself. Who knows, maybe the real police story is in all of us. The real police story is the friend you made along the way. The journey, rather than the destination. We could all learn from this. I am inspired. The world needs a police story!


I think that Choice of games is lacking in a few types of games like one where YOU get to be a dinosaur. My idea is that you are a Dinosaur (Canovore, hevivore, pterosaur or marine reptile) who gets transported to the modern day just before the KT extinction. You have to survive and learn just how you got here and what the humans want from you. That’s my idea.


Game idea for Author War of silver and iron (Actual title for actual Author to decide)

You are a Supervillain, the greatest criminal mind of the silver age. Your army of ape men rampaged throughout ancient china plundering its riches for your future self. Your Groovy Ray made the world to preoccupied with peace and love to stop you from stealing the Statue of Liberty and turning it into a tasteful lawn decoration for your DOOM fortress. And the cleaver use of your Devolver armed Combat automatons Soon led you to become emperor of the hollow earth ( actually a pocket dimension but who cared about that tidbit at the time). Ah yes your were the most feared Villain of the silver age

But the silver age is gone and your are old and content. Gone is the age of grand schemes and Wonder Weapons Now is a new age a age of iron and Blood of drugs and death. A time where a drugged up madman can send YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER to the hospital and be called a true superhero.

It’s obviously the fault of the current hero villain community for not keeping to standards. So get the dust of those DOOM canons rebuilt your Armies and get that Beautiful mind of yours scheming again. If this is what they call a true hero its time to show them What a real Villain can do.


The Princess Run’s From Fate(my idea)
The king gave the princess’s hand in marriage to her fated one.
the kingdoms most charming advisor.the man who she can’t till him no.
yet the princess wants to oppose fate.can she win???
the idea is that every one in the royal family has a fated person
yet the Princess wishes out of this marriage…


A classic rollicking school adventure, except told from the POV of the teachers. :eyes:


Well, here’s another batch of papers to grade. Whew, done. Oh, here’s forty more…


Behold, someone who doesn’t think that McGonagall was the most badass character in all seven Harry Potter movies.


“You’ve got no choice

You play as someone experiencing a great adventure that is going to drastically change the world. The only problem is that you’re neither the protagonist ,the villain, nor anyone in between. You’re just a humble peasant/commoner trying to have a simple life in the background of all the commotion.

But I guess life is anything but simple even for the lowborn. When the heroes trash some place fighting the bad guy? You might have to clean it up! When a dragon scorches the corn fields? You need to get it back up lest your entire family starve! When two magnificent armies clash? You better clean up the bodies before lethal plagues start to fester!

This is the tedious tale of how the common folks go about their lives when the big boys are busy saving a princess or summoning a demonic overlord


Since I have way too many ideas, I guess I can add the ones I can’t think of an introduction for or my writing wouldn’t match for the story and many other reasons but I still would like to see as a choice game.

  • Game Idea: (You play as an angel named Gabrial, God’s messenger.) It never bothered you being considered an angel after all your not the only angel, but after an unfortunate confrontation, you find yourself envying the archangels and God’s favor towards them. You then get an offer by God, if you can defeat Hell’s monsters from attacking earth you will be awarded of anything of your choice. Will you accept the offer or will you find a more sinister way to get what you want?
  • Game idea: You’re a college student who lives alone with your pet cat and dog who helps you deal with an illness you was diagnosed with as a child. Seems pretty normal right? Well, after a random encounter with a snake you find that every animal you met/meet are now humans, now it’s up to you to solve the curse or maybe you’ll find that you really like this.
  • Game idea: A game about a teenage runaway.
  • Game idea: You are an adult or teenager who has an interest in fairytale stories. Until one day you wake up to find yourself in a world with all the fairytales you have read, but they’re all now messed up versions of the stories. Now it’s up to you to find a certain item in each story to get out of this sick world.
  • Game idea: A game about a group of hackers. You can either be a part of the group or be a helper in uncovering a mystery for them.
  • Game idea: A game where you are a special adult human or supernatural being who if anyone dates/marries you they become a stronger/better version of themselves, Because of this many people have asked for your hand in marriage, until one day a mother comes and asks you to marry one of her supernatural adult children(who you eventually find out are hunters who hunt down monsters who come and hunt for special humans/supernaturals like yourself) in exchange for money, declining or accepting you’re eventually forced to go live in their mansion. To matters worst they hate you (for now) and you possibly hate them as well.
    But then something happens, the monsters have came to town, which means you now all have to work together in order to save yourself while also learning something about your special powers.
  • Game idea: A game about being deaf.

welp, that’s all I have. (I think I went overboard…)(also if anyone decides to use these ideas you can change them around or make them more simple if you like these are more the ones I just had written down)