Game Ideas For Authors


If you guys didn’t know, I’m a big fan of the old Need For Speed games. NFS Underground 1&2, Most Wanted, Carbon and a few more. The games i mentioned pretty much had street racing as the center-focus. The other thing they tried to do was ‘STORY’, so i thought it would be pretty cool to see a street racing COG or HG. I don’t know how a genre like this would translate into a text-adventure because i’m not a writer but it would be cool to see someone experiment with this idea.


Choice of the detective or choice of the spy woluld be fun. And i would certainly play a game Where we could be the devil too.


Would love to see more Wuxia style game~.~

Game Requests/Ideas

Seems like a fun thread to revive add to. Here are some things I’d love to play that don’t exist, all of which I think would benefit greatly from being a CYOA game.

  • First Responder. You’re a specialised paramedic in the midst of an enormous catastrophe. Without your supplies, without your partner, without any support from your organisation, you have to somehow survive the catastrophe while also preserving as many innocent lives as possible, improvising solutions and carrying out accurate first aid under pressure.
  • Derelict Investigator. You’re a lower-class space trucker that’s just taken up a lucrative new position to trek out to abandoned space stations and find out what the hell happened to them. The job pays like no tomorrow, but considering the danger, you might not get that tomorrow anyway.
  • Antarctic Explorer. You and your team have set out to explore an underground ecosystem in the Antarctic that was recently unearthed due to global warming. You have to use your survival skills, your spelunking skills, your scientific analysis skills, and your teamwork capabilities in order to successfully uncover the dark secret that lies beneath the ice.


Project Guardian: A setting with superpowers that have been progressively getting stronger and more common for over a century. This led to widespread devastation and governmental collapse; people with superpowers aren’t particularly more or less law abiding than normal people, but when who gets powers and what kind is down to the luck of the draw, eventually a government loses that draw, followed by their capitol. Then Project Guardian was announced, a UN initiative by the remaining nations to create an international powered police force to restore order. All information about them is highly classified, and they wear full-body armor with opaque visors, fighting in teams coordinated by a powerful telepath. This has fueled rampant speculation; the truth is they’re mass-produced clones with carefully engineered personalities, providing a reliable, consistent force with no loyalties to particular nations. The main character would be a non-Guardian powered police officer (think state police vs. FBI) who gets caught up in matters well above their paygrade and eventually must decide if Guardian production should continue. If so, should they continue to serve the current order or a new one? If not, what do you do with the existing Guardians? And most importantly, do the Guardians say “All units shall obey your decision” or “order recieved and rejected”?