Game Ideas For Authors


Yiss… You must tell us which idea you’re going with. We needs to know.


Obviously if you’ve gone with the relics one we will also need to know whose rendition of it you’ve liked between Mine, @Moreau or @Waywalkerlover

Not that I’m competitive or anything…


Vaguely occult items at dawn!


Yay! As long as you don’t use the Chef idea we’re good.

P.S. I like @Moreau’s take on the Choice of Companion style game, and @Maxmansung’s Choice of Relics. Just thought I should put that out there.


Are you working on the Chef based game then? I remember reading about it somewhere, thought it was here but I can’t seem to find it now.

Also I count that as 1 point to me for the Relic game design.


I am working on it, but it sure isn’t gonna be done anytime soon. But it’s not really a “Chef-based” game, it’s more of a “celebrity chef hosts cooking show and either goes around challenging other chefs on who can make the dish or has like a “contest” like in Cutthroat Kitchen”.


You have made an enemy this day, sir.

Perhaps even a nemesis…


I went with one of maxmansung not telling what one I choosed I let it be a surprise. And I will credit you in it


Dont worry @Just_Because I will defend you to the end. Today you’ve done the world a service.

Also @Xavier_Kirton - Huh?! I’m not convinced that’s a sentence but it has my name in it, therefore I count that as another point.

2 - 0


I actually like both of your ideas I would very much like to meld both ideas, if possible


Oh goodness, it’s getting quite heated in here.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind whether you both wrote one. After all, @Maxmansung has proven his mettle already, and @Moreau seems like a fantastic writer.

So maybe a collab? :wink:


A nice film noir type story would be pretty good.


I’d like to do a murder mystery in a D&D type world - with a twist. It’s set in the equivalent of the 21st century, with things like mages using computer spell checkers (pun intended) to proofread their spells before printing them to scrolls, Elfs armed with sniper rifles, and stuff like that. Yes, like Shadowrun without the cyberpunk.


A game set in when the big volcano buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii under a thick carpet of volcanic ash. The ending could be the MC dead or alive wahoo. That all. I can’t think to add more. Just that it sounds cools. The title can be anything really, I think Pompeii is already used a lot?


My Ally.
You an engineer are trapped in a colony sized space station hijacked by neiborhing military forces. But little by little you realize you’re being helped by an AI with an unhealthy fixation with you.
Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnn


A disembodied presence that follows you everywhere and guides you through events?

Sounds like the PLAYER!


It’s be super surreal an a Lil creepy to boot.


"With great fear comes great power"

A phenomena where children with phobias gain powers related to their greatest fear making the children unstable and destructive when their fear is stimulated.
Ex. hydrophobia = water bending (A child with this caused a tsunami that killed millions including her/him.)

You are a 13 year old child with sciophobia (fear of shadows), this fear caused the death of your parents when you were 9 and ever since then your home became a research facility on an island where the government puts children like you.

There are only ten of you there because only a small population of children are affected, and that some die before the government got to them.

All ten of you undergo test where you have to face your fears head on with the hope that you can overcome the fear and be able to use your power safely.

The government has some shady motive though since they are planning to use you as tools to gain dominion over other nations.

Phobia (WIP) [Based on concept by Obsidian]

This is so good. Would love to play that wip


I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but Here We Gooo!!! (filled with gore, death and kinda have sexual content? … No children under 16 are allowed to read this … I always wanted to say this even though I know no one will listen to it XD)

(I have no name for it but it was kind of a dream I had and I mixed some of my imagination with it :P)

You are a 13 years old kid who, one night, had a dream of being in the center of the city where everything was decayed and the ground was made from the living heads of humans, at the end of the road was a big golden human looking creature who calls you the chosen one, you will believe it is a good thing or be suspicious, chosen for what?

And after 3 years the being appears at the center of the city you live in and claims to be god, and he is calling the chosen one to sacrifice themselves and he will make the world a better place, no crime, rape, sexism, racism, disease etc
You can either accept or decline
If you decline, you will have to face all the harassment, bullying and threats that will come from every human who believe that being(you won’t know if it’s the real god or something else) the only catch is that you have to sacrifice yourself willingly
People will try to bribe you into sacrificing yourself, some will offer to buy you from your parents, some will attack you and your friends

If you choose to not sacrifice yourself and not change your mind until the ending chapter
The apocalypse will happen, people will turn into monstrous cannibals over the time and big number of newborn children are zombie-like creatures that eat their mothers from the
Inside, by the end, you are the only survivor of the apocalypse since the creatures will ignore you

It’s some sort of traumatizing experience where you will witness the death of everyone you love and watch humanity eat itself slowly >:3
I’ve been writing this on paper to freak out my friends and family but I’m not the greatest writer XD

P.S: I am too twisted and creep for my own good …