Game hosting alternatives

Not sure if it fits here, however, been having issues with Dashingdon, or to be precise Failed to create folders…
For quite a while now, and so i decided to ask are there any alternatives, where i could host my game?

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Google Drive or Dropbox are the only alternatives, I believe. That said, Dashingdon was made for the express purpose of phasing those out since many users struggled to use either service in the past.


And how would i go about using per say google drive, to host a game?

I have no idea. I assume you’d upload the mygame.html file that people then open?

Yes there are. Me myself usually use webhost to test some of my (server side) scripts. And other things that dashignton doesn’t afford.

I know that there are others but this one at least is free! :smiley:

Here is an example of an Webhost hosted choicescript demo…


IIRC google removed webhosting capability from gdrive way back, when they realised how much money they’re missing out on.

It would be easier to contact @dashingdon to resolve your issue, @Mystic_CRO


You could also use to host the compiled
.html file.


Feel free to message me and I can help sort out the issue you’re having.


Sent a PM