Game concept (looking for feedback) [Title in Progress]

Hello everyone!

I had this game concept tossing around in my mind for about a month now and I wanted to post a thread about it on this forum. While I am curious to see what is the public interest about it, I mostly want some feedback and suggestion about this idea. It’s still very early in the story/plot planning stage but I do know the basic outline I want to do and features. Since it’s just a game concept, I decided not to post it in the WiP category since I don’t exactly have a demo or anything written.


It has been five years since your older brother mysteriously vanished from your life. Your family was hopeful at first. They had a blind faith that he would show up sooner or later. He was always the mischievous type but never reckless. The police were helpful and more than accommodating for your family about this disappearance case. Yet as weeks turn into months and finally into years, it became a strain to keep on pretending that everything will be alright. You watched as your mother and father pretend that everything is normal but you know that the elephant in the room weighs heavy in their minds. Divorce is just around the corner for them. You noticed how the once friendly detective who worked on your brother’s case has become cold and quick to irritate. Something tells you that the detective thinks this is nothing more than a cold case. And then there was you. A freshman at your state’s college; the same college your brother went to. It’s been five years yet you still chase his shadow. Just when you’re about to throw in the towel as well, a mysterious man/woman approached you at your lowest point. They were uncomfortably affectionate towards you, yet you couldn’t push them away… they know where your brother is. They’re more than willing to help you search for him but only if you play a game with them.


Basically, the entire story is that you, the player, are trying to search for your missing brother. Turns out that five years ago, he played this mysterious game with his best friend. They were in the lead and when it looked like they were about to win… they vanish. Now, it’s up to you to win this game with your partner. This is basically what I got up to this point. I’m wondering if I should go at this “game” with a mystical aspect. That everything is “magic” or something. Or should I go with a more semi-realism deal in that this game is some weird dark web game made by a bunch of super hackers or something. What I do know is that this game is some sort of app game that gives the players task that they have to complete before the time runs out.


Now the features is pretty much the “selling point” for this game.

  • There is only one love interest/RO. Now, before anyone picks up their torches and pitchforks, let me explain first. This game is suppose to emphasis on your relationship with your partner (AKA the RO). The two of you are in this in the long run and you can’t survive without the other. Oh… and did I mention that your partner is a yandere for you?

    Yep, the entire gimmick of this game is that you’re stuck with only one love interest who is madly in love with you from the very beginning of this game. (For those who don’t know what a yandere is: Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for "lovestruck.")

  • That being said, just like how you can customize your looks, gender, and name, you can also customize your yandere. You can chose how they look like, their gender, and their name. But if you really don’t want to chose, your partner would have a default name/look. (If you’re curious, their default name is Avery and they’re an albino)

  • Since your partner is a yandere, you will have a “push or pull” stat (IDK what to call it yet). Your choices and interactions influences how your yandere would act. If you push them away too much or villainize them, you might end up with a “bad ending” where your yandere kills you out of anger or ruin the game for you. But on the other side, if you pull them in too much or validate their actions, you might end up with a different “bad endings” where your yandere kidnaps you and keeps you locked up forever. Your basically doing a balancing act with your yandere where you’re trying to keep them both in check and happy. And I should say, yes. You can absolutely get a “good ending” with your yandere where you’re in a normal relationship or end things as just friends. (The reason why I’m putting quotation marks around “bad” and “good” endings is because it’s debatable if they are or not. Some people would actually consider a lock up ending to be a good ending. Depends on the person.)

  • Another feature would be that your yandere is asymmetrical to your character’s stats. If your character is crazy good with strength but lacks intelligence, your yandere makes up for that by being great with intelligence but lacking in strength. Because of this, when it comes to puzzles or skill checks, you can chose who to do it. You or your yandere. But going back to the “push or pull” stat, depending on how well you’re getting along with your yandere, they might reject in doing a puzzle or forcibly do a puzzle without your permission. Again, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your yandere.

  • There will be other NPCs in the game. You can interact with them and befriend them… just to see what your yandere would do. You can sort of use the NPCs to push your yandere over the edge or use them as a learning tool to teach your yandere to get along with other people

So, that’s my game idea. The story itself is probably not all that amazing but the important part of this is the yandere RO. They’re pretty much the emphasis of this game and your relationship with them. With this game, I’m exploring all aspects of the yandere trope and how the yandere’s S/O’s action play a large role in what sort a person the yandere comes out as. So, what does everyone suggest?


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