dunno if anyone else plays it, but i just finished God Eater 3 and goddamn, Phym is just the cutest thing ever


Someone necro’d the old thread, and mod had to merge it to the most relevant gaming thread.

BTW, I got spoiled a bit from the fan-translated version. Gotta get your kleenex ready.


Game looks like a fun party game. But that soundtrack tho. Sounds a lot like Carpenter Brut, might actually be Carpenter Brut actually. Also i like the new retrowave aesthestic movement in indie games. Bring back the cyberpunk


Confirmed Nintendo Direct! Includes FE Three Houses news. Very excited right now!!


Would prefer if they’d make an Open world online game but I guess that’s risky


I’m guessing it’s a Aragami girl like Shio?

So it doesn’t look like there’s many new God Eaters to me, are there many returning ones?

GIve me Code Vein Bandai


(turns off synthwave playlist to watch trailer)


(turns synthwave playlist back on)


Dont know if you know about it. But if you like synthwave fueled action games, id recommend you check out Ruiner.


It’s on my Steam Wishlist! I’ll pick it up when it goes under ten bucks and when I finish the games on my back burner.

Weirdly my favourite part about Ruiner is the sadistic radio girl. Don’t know why but I like that archetype a lot. I’ve been the writer for a video game that included a character just like that.


Yeah, Phym is another humanoid aragami like Shio.

There’s only one that returns and i don’t wanna spoil it (it’s not that big of a reveal or anything), and i think there’s about 6 other god eaters that you can take on missions during the story, then 7 after it.


You aren’t alone in wanting code vein teehee


Dream Daddy is 69% off on Steam until February 15th, 2019 10pm PST!

The fact that it’s 69 cracks me up :joy::smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just watched Nintendo Direct and Fire Emblem Three Houses will be released on July 26. Ahhhhh!!!

Time to earn money for a Switch. It is confirmed that we will get to be a guy or girl. I hope only one cartridge this time!!


Exactly the reason I bought a switch last year. Also cause botw and xenoblade 2.


I’m very hyped for Astral Chain. It’s everything I’ve wanted.


Bought the switch primarily for FE (Warriors and Three Houses, FE fanboy at heart), BOTW and Octopath Traveler. Not so sure about FE: Three Houses anymore but RUNE FACTORY (both announced titles) HAS ME HYPED!!!


Excited for Rune Factory as well. Glad it is currently for development. Sad that no BokuMono/Story of Seasons news.

I’ll probably get this if I have extra money.

My younger siblings are happy as well because I have been hogging the PC due to Dragon Age, now they will get a chance to play their game.


Oh nice to see this getting a release date. Played it at AX a couple years ago and thought the game is fun and has some unique mechanics.


Just saw the video and I loved what’s coming. Excited to play three houses. I’m feel like Harry Potter during order of the Phoenix. Also I’m really excited for astral chain. Looks so cool and it really brought my excitement back after I heard scalebound was cancelled. So psyched! Rpgs for life baby!!


Rune Factory made me cry. That is my childhood right there. I’m so glad 4 isn’t the last one.