Launching The Sims 3 after the recent steam sale! Anyone used to play it?


thats the one that had mermaid…I think…

remember looking up all the special specie too…

but honestly…I dont remember why I stopped playing Sims3 and moved to 4…though


Just spent an hour making the perfect sim and then accidentally erased them completely. Time to go to bed.


Ok Paradox, you got me interest, you cheeky wankers.


Alistair does visit though.

Doesn’t she judge every romance option?

I mean we got witch, drug addict, assassin, and runaway priest.

How could you hate Hawke? Did you not pick the sarcastic options?


I didnt do Zevran romance…but I know she doesnt judge Alistair+f!warden romance . She give them her blessing right away…

But with Leliana+F!romance , she ask you to give it up…for the good of the world…and yada yada…


He’s only available in Skyhold if he’s a Warden though. A brief cameo of telling the mages to get out off his land if he’s king. :joy:

Wynne does caution you with Alistair as well. I think she knows what happen Grey Wardens if they defeat an archdemon but it might be the spirit of wisdom talking as well.


Yup, for me he showed up with… what was her name again? I really don’t like her.

Though the warden who showed up for me was Logain, so it was an easy choice.


I was referring to talking to him like what they did with Warden Alistair. I want my Inquisitor to probe him on how he’s been doing as King and his relationship with my Cousland. Yes, my Inky is inquisitive as hell. I did saw him since I sided with the mages. :joy: I suppose I have to headcanon it away.


The best part is when you talk with Fiona, if you take the mages with you. Being the mother filled with regret.


where does she say it ?

all I see is ‘Happy fluffy feeling for you alistairrrrr’’’ …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Currently reading the novels but I started on Asunder. I don’t know why I didn’t do the Stolen Throne though. Is this spoiler related with the novels? She did mentioned that she knows Maric.

There was a cutscene about it. Let me check. Found it.

Just search the Alistair romance but if you see her banter with him. She seems happy for both of them. :joy:


thats what I said…

where Leliana+F!warden…she ask meh…to give up Leliana!:sob:

forever butthurt…:frowning_face:


Isn’t Asunder Wynne’s story ? Anyhow, yeah. Check Stolen Throne and its sequel for all the juicy details :smiling_imp:


anyone heard about this game…

I though it be Strategy…and it’s sorta…but with Doom shooter like…weird…


Is because I pick the sarcastic option that I hate her. Never fou d her funny. Plus she had to be “funny” without my permission. I almost tolerated the “goody” Hawke, but not much.

No matter how I play her, she is not my character. Plus having to play a human noble in DA is a NO for me. I never play human in fantasy settings.


well the elf in DAO were good looking…but in DA2? hell no…train wreckkkk…

and hawke is hilarious…she saved meh and my sanity…from the broody whiny tag along rag tag companions…

So did you play the dwarf castless back in DAO?


Yes. My main is a female city elf, but I played a male castless dwarf to romance Morrigan. It was a very fun run, since I roleplayed my dwarf in a completely different way than my elf.
I played a female elf mage (Zevran romance) and another dwarf noble girl (a mod guy, I can’t now remember the name…) I’ve even started a psycho male elf mage, but I didn’t finished it (DAI arrived)


humm…city elf and castless dwarf were good…but my favorite turned out to be Noble…cose of the angst I managed to gather with her…:sweat_smile:

those long arms though…urgh…made it hard to play a dwarf…

in DAI though…man…dwarf were cute like a button :relaxed:

oh yeah…the biggest problem I had in DAI with dwarf…was the heigh…god…do you know how many time (played a rogue for the 1st time…omg the damage they do is INSAAAAAAAANE)…I end up with a fraking tree hiding my dwarf? Do you? everything is too tall! where is a lumberjack when you need one! :rofl:


Yes, DAI dwarf are great…I made a male dwarf to romance Dorian…I guess is now a tradition of mine romancing the mages with a dwarf :sweat_smile: