well 1st I never said MMO must have a story , I said even if some MMO have a story…they have a hard time being succeful and stay afloat for a long time .

Here they used both EVE and WOW online , which had times on their side . They are OLD MMO…who probably took them years and years of hard work to earn the stability and income and fan base .

yes I know about EVE , but it had a complex ship and economy system (from what I heard) . This MMO is a civilization+farming+combat thing . A hybride of some kind .

I guess what I’m saying is , this game is in a time where there are plenty of sandbox outta there who arent MMO…who do what its planning to do . A jack-of-all trade kinda of MMO…and using buzz words like ‘WOW’ and ‘EVE’ to hook peoples…(yeah they did and I saw it lol)…gonna be hard . Not that I care…personally…I just watch for the crash and burn…now where is my pop corn !:smile:


These screenshots are from a game called NaissanceE (click on the image and there’s an album).

It’s free on Steam but I don’t necessarily recommend you play it. It is a game that is hostile. It hates you, and it wants you to know that it hates you. If that sounds like your thing, or if you think you can handle it in search of those amazing moments to screenshot, then go for it.


But wouldn’t it be better for it to succeed? :thinking: Even though it sounds stupid or bold?


Nah…Zeus should smite them for not being original :rofl: ZAP! ZAP!


Leave them alone! :angry:
They’re doing their best okay! :laughing:





Just want to let out some feelings from DA:I. Only just finished Here Lies the Abyss and:

Even though it was no question that I will be sacrificing Stroud instead of Hawke since the latter was dear to my heart. It was still a horrible decision to make. Also, I only just discovered that I could only get a chance to talk to Alistair if he was Warden instead of a King so I was disappointed in that, I was excited to read his dialogues though but at least, I don’t have to choose between him and Hawke so that’s a consolidation. Perhaps I should do another walkthrough with Warden Alistair and a default Hawke in order to make my decisions easier. :joy:


Oh, I’d pay to see you decide who you would have sacrifice; Alistair or Hawke. Trust me, out of all the 3 possible wardens, you know which one causes the most angst.


If I used my canon playthrough for DA2, that would be very, very difficult!

That’s why my relief of making Alistair king overweight my disappointment for not meeting him in person. Perhaps I should just watch the videoes with Warden Alistair instead since I’m just curious about the questions that Inky asked him. I can’t bear to see Varric sad… D:


you should totally sacrifice Alistair!!! Its SO great how he die…:rofl:


I don’t know if I could. Even though I haven’t know Stroud very long, it was already painful to watch him sacrifice himself. How much more if it’s Alistair?

I wonder why didn’t Bioware bother to make King Alistair visit though… My Inquisitor really want to probe him of what he has been doing for the last 10 years and also his love life. (I’m a huge Alistair xHoF shipper) sigh I was glad to see HawkexFenris small references, it would much more nice to see HoFxKingAlistair reference. Lucky Warden Alistair-mancers though I am not sure if it a lucky thing. Maybe we should warn Marceline not to get to attached to her Hawke??


exactly!!! Thats why you Totally should…DO IT! :rofl:

trying really hard not to spoil it…Arrrrrrrrrr…I’m gonna eat my tongue at this rate…


since I hate Hawke, for me that choice was extremely easy… plus the first time, aside that no way I was going to kill Alistair (my little Tabris would have been a really unstoppable villain) Hawke had romanced Anders, so I probably have done a favour to her.



I am too attached to my Hawke. Actually, I am attached to everyone single one of them. They’re my daughters. I can’t hurt them or their friends (actually some of them).


I think I’m in the mid-game already, it won’t be long now. I’ll come back to you if I have decided not to sacrifice Alistair.


You can met with Alistair if you make him king, tho. Not in that scene, but… somewhere, can’t remember where :joy:


if you side with the mages…he (alistair)…or (alistair+Anora) show up to kick the mage

if he is made warden and he had the ritual done with morrigan , there is a scene in the garden and you can snoop…and hear them talk…


I did see him. Just a cameo when you side with the mages. I just wish we could talk to him though. D:


muh…you should see my wish list…it never end :joy:


I just hope that if HoF will make a cameo on DA 4, it will be not like Hawke’s situation where I have to choose between any of my favorite characters.



that is the crappiest thing to an old character . and they should really…get ride of this trend of ‘‘choose between A or B’’ …and yes…I hoped they would! But noo…it was back in MEA…and it sucked…it was kaidan and Ashley all over again…urgh…

its not fun , its barely heartbreaking…cose most of the time…at least to me…the choices suck…as in…I dont care much between A and B…and I rather airlock both A+B…but they never give me that choice . It force emotions on the player…and thats an issue that has always been there…oh…since DAO at least . Like for exemple , imagine if you are playing a mage that hate the being locked up right ? and later…Wynn join you…and faint…in some darkspawn area…and your warden is all :open_mouth: over it…Hello!!! what if you didnt get along with her…sheesh…(mind you…save for her judging my female warden+Leliana which she doesnt do to female warden+Alistair…and she does apologize but still…it sting)…I do love Wynn…