gotta ask…why every AI gotta be called SAM ? I’m getting a complex here…:sweat_smile:


That or named after Greek Gods - ODIN in Tacacoma, HADES in Horizon Zero Dawn…


Ok, very happy to hear that Travellers Tales are releasing a collection of all the LEGO Marvel games in one set in March, including all the DLC. This includes both comic based games with Doctor Doom and Kang as the villains and also LEGO Avengers with adaptations of the first two Avengers films.

Since I suspect that they are planning a LEGO Infinity War/Endgame game for 2019 I think this is a well timed package. I suspect a new LEGO Star Wars game with adaptations of Last Jedi and Episode 9 is also planned for 2020.


Isn’t Odin Norse ?


Yeah, for non OC that will run wonderfully I’d say. And you’ll still be able to high/max a lot of new games easily @1080/60.

Messing around with clocks and voltages to find the golden spot of stable absolute max performance - now that’s a fun little task. You might very well enjoy this trial and error process later down the line :slight_smile:


Oops, well gods in general then. :sweat_smile:


Have you guys seen market data on F2P vs premium games based by the region? It’s an… interesting read, so say the least.

Imagine for a second you’re a CEO of a gaming company and you’re about to make a new game. You have a meeting with marketing and budgeting teams and they show you the following charts (ignoring projected 2019 figures)

Premium (any game you buy upfront)

And now F2P

Some conclusions you’d draw from that, wouldn’t you.


Damn. Most pc players look to be from Europe. And I always knew the free to play stuff would mostly come from Asia, what with companies in that region going all in on mobile gaming.

Interesting that the console gaming in the North America looks to be going up but pc stays the same from 2017 to 2018 and only goes up 100 million in 2019. Europe looks to do the same. Probably because of how cost efficient consoles are compared to always upgrading every year with pc.


To me that isn’t even about consoles vs PC. Just look at the numbers. In 2018 F2P mobile Asia market alone brought in more revenue than NA+Europe F2P and premium combined. I don’t even want to think where this mobile gaming trend will lead to in the coming years, when it comes to already existing console/PC IPs. Cough-diablo-cough.


Yeah it’s a scary thought. But I think gamers in America are too pissed off right now for anything close to those numbers happening. And no body’s holds a grudge like a gamer does.




Just when I was giving them points for not obstructing r rated Deadpool movies.


Question to you all; who’s played Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Mankind Divided? I’m asking this because I’m reminiscing about how good those conversation challenges were. CASIE or not, they were always good to get you alert (that said, I probably got super lucky and felr awesone when I got them on the first try).


Perfectly balanced, as all things should. :grin:

I played the first one, the conversations could be tricky if you weren’t careful, though you could always rewind if you were quick enough and try again. But they had some tense moments.


So yesterday I spent like over an hour trying to slay the “Abyssal Eye” in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and it knocked out two of my party members with its endless petrification eye-stare spell…There has to be a better way to slay that monster with a lvl 100+ character!


Sad but probably fair article on the state of Fallout 76 and if it’s a lost cause at this point…

It’s worries me how many issues and problems big game companies have had lately. :disappointed:


As it stands “New World” has no overarching story or preset missions, the game will rely on player interactions to keep the fun moving.

thats what I would call ‘suicidale’’ or ‘Very bold’’. MMO with a generic story…can barely make it outta there…and here…this one out and do it anyway without any :sweat_smile:

Before factions can fight in “New World,” they’ll need to declare war, giving the members of the opposing faction 24 hours in real life to prepare for a battle.

guess troll and griever…gonna be unhappy…there :rofl:


Eve online is huge and has absolutely no story at all, heck its basically a game full of nothing but spreadsheets. A lot of MMO players, especially hardcore players, dont really care about the story at all. Its all about the endgame for them. Its not a terrible move to try and recreate the success of Eve.

If anything this could make for some interesting stories like the epic battles in Eve. I wouldnt mind reading stories like this or participate in an event like this if the game is fun to play.


Games without story as the focus I find to be dreadfully boring… but that’s just me. :sweat_smile: Just don’t come crying to me when every third game is a Destiny or Overwatch Battle Royale clone.

All I have heard about New World is triggered people whining that there are no Native Americans and the zombies you can fight are clearly analogy for the flu infected Natives who had no immunity and Amazon should be ashamed and- :roll_eyes:


Jusr different styles. For me personally, story will always take second place behind good gameplay. I can play a game qith good gameplay without story, but i cant play a game with bad gameplay no matter how good the story is. If they can give the players the freedom to do what they want in Eve it could be really good to create organic stories.