lol…make sure ya are there to accept your purchase…

Been reading on peoples stealing package from the front porch…I’m like God…wth…is in the water ? :roll_eyes:


So many problems if you plan to buy online. D: Just glad that the PC hub in my location is a train away. Wish that I build my PC though, I was just too impatient :joy:


I definitely was there and if I wasn’t, my mother would’ve been in the house to accept the parcel. We have CCTV cameras placed around the house anyway so we would’ve seen if someone approached the doors or something. There definitely wasn’t any Yodel delivery person there.

The courier screwed up the delivery by sending my parcel back to the retailer I bought from rather than me. A very frustrating experience but it’s over now, at least the retailer’s customer service is great and they’ve issued a refund.

Yeah, haha. We’ve got a technology retailer very nearby to us (less than a 5 minute drive away from my house) but the PC parts they have there are limited and also overpriced compared to online retailers like Amazon.

Still waiting on the refund and I also sent back a keyboard to Amazon which I should get a gift card for soon. Once I’ve got both, I’ll buy the remaining parts: the power supply, motherboard, RAM, HDD and I’ll also need to buy fan splitter and DVI cables.

I should’ve bought everything in one go. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes as they say.


I am actually excited for you to play DA:Origins. :joy: Sorry if we put some spoilers up there somewhere.


Looking forward to playing it too. It’s been sitting in my GOG library untouched for several months anyway along with the first Witcher. :sweat_smile:

No worries. I’m not too concerned about spoilers so it’s not a big deal at all. Thank you for the concern though! :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean most of the spoilers have been very Alisair specific. So even less worry. I mean there’s more important spoilers, like the fact that Morrigan is the best ro.

Funnily enough the gacha game I’ve been playing has just started their 7 deadly sins colab. Still waiting for a Fate rerun

Speaking of Fate, my FGO still only has Jalter as a 5 star…

We now need to hold up every remake to RE2 standards. No exceptions.


Oh yeah. Male Wardens has less problems to worry about compare to the female ones. :joy: If I ever play a male Warden, I would pair him up with Morrigan too.


Plus you even get get to meet your kid in Inquisition. God I was so happy whenever I saw Morrigan in Inquisition.

Of course that kind of goes out the window if you date Leliana or Zevran. Or just don’t like Morrigan and still don’t want Allistair to do the ritual. Or I guess Logain. But I usually save him for the other sacrifice and do the ritual myself.

Also still wondering about what special fertility drugs Morrigan has as the only ro who can become a parent in the series.

Too bad she’s stuck in that shapeshifter class though… The most useless mage class ever.


Stock cooling, I gather? Have OC plans in mind? With 550W that card overclocked (what’s it around, 300-350W?) might spike during torture tests, I think.

Nicely chosen rig, btw


The PS5 might be backwards compactible! Awesome news if rumours turn out to be true. :grin:


Steam now has a Lunar New Year sale. I guess Gaben isnt satisfied with just taking my Holidays money, my Halloween money, my Summer money, etc… Now hes coming after my Lunar New Year money as well. Guess my backlog is grtting longer again


Next they come for your kidneys. And to get Slay the Spire it might be worth it, if the buzz is to be believed. Holding out for a Switch release; I hope it lives up to the lofty title of Dream Quest-like. That’s the best game ever made for a mobile device right there.


I already bought Slay the Spire when it first came out. Really like the progress theyve made and i love that they actively support the modding community. There are already a bunch of mods that add new characters and cards to the game (even if a lot of them are tohou characters for some reason). Amazing game to play with something in the background. I usually have podcast or a long video on as i play it.



Capcom’s been on a roll lately. Monster Hunter World, RE2 and soon DMC5.

Yes. Because I’m still a newcomer to PC gaming and risk-averse, I’m most likely going to avoid OCing and stick with stock cooling with the Wraith Stealth cooler that comes with the Ryzen 5 2600.

PCPartPicker estimates the wattage of my build is around 350W, so the TX550M PSU should be good enough. The fact that it’s got a 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating, a 7 year warranty and is also rated tier A on the PSU tier list below is great:

Thank you! It’s a mid-range build and I was trying to stick to a budget of £700, though I might’ve gone a bit over that when I realised I needed some extra parts, the parts I was looking at had gone up in price etc.

As long as it can play most games at 1080p pretty well, I’m happy. I’m not interested in maxing out the settings in every game I play.

Also, happy anniversary!


Anyone played Thimbleweed Park? It’s got a bit of a Day Of The Tentacle design (likely because it’s made by the same person) and set in 1987 when point and click games were all the range.

Also you get to play as a foul mouthed clown and a ghost. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The Alchemist Code, apparently Meliodas is broken.

Too bad I’m still holding out for Bandai Namco’s releases…


Escanor is broken. But broken done right.


They actually didn’t get Escanor…

Honestly with broken characters, you either go comedy, or make you feel bad for the other guy for having to fight them.


Seriously? That’s a little weird.


Just from the images, it’s Meliodas + demon mode, King, Diane, Ban, and Gowther.

The game itself is similar to FF tactics. And people are a little mad coming off the heels of Full Metal Alchemist.