Nice going!..and shes a strider!

I played KoA but you really can tell that it was originally planned to be an mmo with how the enemies are set up and tons of dialogue about the history and world that characters want you to sit and listen to. My biggest issue was the world felt so empty because of that while walking around plus your on your own without companions so there is no like banter to keep you company or anything and eventually I dropped it.

Its sad cause the amount of money they spent on that game actually showed from the quality of the story and environment…but not in the gameplay for me. :frowning:

I did like the weapon and armor creation system though and think more games should have that. I still remember my flame/lightining claymore which was great


lol well…I’m a nerd…(or maybe a dork?)…I have a tendancy to read up on the game before jumping in…blindly…which I rather not be .

And read that strider were awesome and that there were monster that fly and such . So for my 1st game I went warrior and she was a strider…and omg…would you believe me if I said…I finished that playtrough without even upgrading my class XD I didnt know I had to do it LOL …

my 2nd run…I played a mage…wouldve gone mage from the get go…but since it was a new game and many compared it to Dark soul…I though a warrior for a first run would teach me the rope .And I’m one of those peoples who dont think playing a warrior is boring lol but my favorite is mage-healer class .

So on the 2nd run…I was a mage and made my pawn a warrior . course…I hired 2 more…fun in numbers ya know .

Gotta say…dragon dogma…had the most amazing intro…that part with the dragon…OMG…droole worthy! DRAGON!!! :heart_eyes:

and the best cc Ive seen so far…

the only downside beside the grind…

was that on pc…the control sucked…especially if you wanna play a mage . Hold tis button and click with mouse…and at the same time…ya try to move the mouse to aim at a body part…omg…the worst!!! and yes yes…get a controller ! I have a controller but the game didnt recognize it…and asked me to edit the buttons and since been ages since I used a controller (PS1 was last console I used)…I just gave up…:stuck_out_tongue: I’m that kind of lazy…


I used to play this game… I like the strider and the wizard. And I end up throwing my pawns? Is that what they were called? Anyway, I keep throwing my pawns off a cliff


lol yeah pawn…

Aww poor pawn! well unless its that 1st ugly pawn ya get lol…but I didnt throw him lol…just got ride of him as fast as I could and got my own…


Same here! I was actually really excited for it when I was reading in magazines how a whole city was basically funding KoA and was interested to see the type of mmo they were making. Then they said they were switching it to single player instead, I believe cause it would cost too much to maintain. I would have been happy with them making that switch…but they didn’t change the mission structure and how quests are done and all that so you could see all these wide open fields and spaces in the game and it just felt dead to me.

Its still a pretty game visually but its eternally stuck in that “mmo for 1 person” feel like DAI but worse to me cause atleast in DAI it was a lore I really cared about and characters aswell.

I have done so many runs through DD that I cant even count anymore! I bought it when it first came out on ps3 then way later when it came to pc and it was even better since it was in full 60 fps!

I guess my favorite class is between Magick Archer and Warrior. My MC Brynioth and his (roleplay) daughter took on the world! She was a sorceress and one thing I really like was how you could really do alot with the creator there cause she really looked like a kid.

I have to get to bed but i’ll find a pic to post of them later if I can.


Mystic Knight is pretty cool too, I named my character. “ESCANOR!!!”


cant wait to see your character! :smiley:

hey…at least dragon dogma had some stuff better then DAI :stuck_out_tongue: like for exemple…a system of day and night and how all the skeleton come out at night to shop for nom nom :sweat_smile:

have a good snore well! :wink:


The thing i miss most about the original Dragon’s Dogma was that random-ass-out-of-place-theme-song-that-is-freaking-awesome Flying Into Free. Dangan is great

Also Magik Archer is OP as heck. The DPS that a Magik Archer can pump out is ridiculous.


I forgot I havent played it in a bit and hadn’t taken any photos so I had to reinstall it…and also that some patch recently must of broke my reshade setting I had for the game. Also forgot on my latest run I was playing with Aveline, my mystic knight, but still have my main OC’s daughter since people really seem to like her and didn’t want me to change her.

Sasha (she’s about 12 years old):

Oh there is no doubt about how much DD has over DAI, combat is the main thing that shines and also yeah that day/night cycle and how monsters switch up, especially on hard mode and on bitterblack isle.

@a_shoggoth That was the first thing I did when it came to pc was mod that back in!


… That was Capcom’s best selling pc title on release…

And OP. Though all of the hybrids were pretty OP. I remember all the nerfs Assassin got from the original to Dark Arisen.

Though usually nowadays I use that tool to make it so I can switch up class skills and weapons.


wow lvl55

so does that mean you did that hellish limbo dungeon at the end ?

I never finished it…I kept getting lost over and over…and I was like ‘‘To hell with it!’’ lol


This game actually sounds pretty fun. Ill have to keep an eye on this one.


Oooh I hadn’t heard of Outward before this but that sounds so good! I love the combination of survival but with an actual story to play through.


Ok ive been looking at a few trailers and im super impressed. The graphics look pretty nice and there seems to be a tons of animations that i wasnt expecting. They have an animation for just crawling into your tent. I wasn’t expecting it to look this good at all considering what they put out before. They put in some works into this.


I kind of love this story:


…unfortunately you know this will just be to make another Microtransaction heavy MMO and not a solid remaster.


and pray tell…why would we want a remaster anyway ? the game maybe old…but still work…in 2019…on window 10 .


I guess it would make a distinctive setting for a proper BioWare game with a modern graphics engine. Though I assume some people would want them to remove the threesome romance option… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So give them more money…for a game they dont care to make a sequel for ?



Maybe. Though one of the top comments on a r/Games post about this said that the new trademark doesn’t necessarily mean anything and EA is probably just doing it to protect the IP.

Anyway, that’s another game I need to play at some point. An ARPG developed by BioWare set in Chinese mythology with ME 1-2’s lead music composer really appeals to me.

Had to make some alterations to my PC build. I inspected the 6+ year old Corsair TX650 power supply my older brother gave me and it’s pretty dusty inside. Its warranty is long gone but the efficiency rating seems pretty good with 80 PLUS.

However since the rest of my components will be new, I decided to buy a new power supply, the newer Corsair TX550M. It’s a lot more efficient with the 80 PLUS Gold rating, semi-modular (the old one I have is non-modular) and has a 7 year warranty (as opposed to the 5 year warranty on the old one I have which is long gone anyway).

Similarly with the hard drive, I decided to get a new one with the 1TB WD Blue. It isn’t too expensive and as mentioned before with the rest of the components being new, I might as well get the PSU and HDD new too.

The motherboard is another story. I bought it from Ebuyer a while ago and had to wait a few days for the motherboard to come back in stock. Once they did get it back in stock, they shipped my order and took the £64.98 for it out of my account.

The issue was that Ebuyer uses Yodel as their delivery courier, which is often regarded as the worst courier in the UK. I knew about their bad reputation beforehand but the RX 580 graphics card I ordered was from Ebuyer and delivered by Yodel and that arrived the next day, even with the free delivery option (within 5 working days) selected. Considering that order went a lot better than I expected, I figured I might get fortunate again with the motherboard… yeah, no.

On the Yodel parcel tracking page I was given the link to, I saw that one of the status updates at 5:53am a couple of days afterwards mentioned that they attempted to deliver but were told I had moved address, so they returned the parcel back to the sender. :thinking:

Contacting Yodel’s customer service team via their webchat, they told me that the delivery details on their system doesn’t match up to the delivery details I had put on my Ebuyer order, which was really strange. They said they couldn’t do anything so I had to contact Ebuyer to follow-up this issue. After chatting to Ebuyer’s customer service team (who were a lot more helpful), they said they’ll chase up Yodel and get back to me when they have an update.

Looking at the parcel tracking page again some time afterwards, there was a new status update saying that my parcel had been delivered… but I didn’t receive it. I was at the house all day and I saw no Yodel delivery person outside. Getting even more confused, I contacted Yodel again to find an answer to this issue and they said the delivery details of the parcel on their system were amended to the sender’s.

Essentially what happened is that they’ve sent my parcel back to Ebuyer instead of me, then updating the parcel tracking page as being delivered because that’s the new delivery details they have, even though the tracking link literally has my postcode in there. Having enough of Yodel, I went back to Ebuyer and asked if I could get a refund of my order after explaining the whole situation. Fortunately, they kindly agreed and apologised for all the hassle.

What I’ll do instead is buy the same motherboard from a different retailer, most likely CCL Computers. They have the motherboard for basically the same price as I paid for it on Ebuyer, but they have delivery charges, £4.99 for instance for Royal Mail’s tracked delivery service. At this point, I’ll go ahead with it anyway as Royal Mail are miles better than Yodel and I’d rather pay a bit more for greater convenience.

I had a great experience with Ebuyer’s customer service but Yodel? Hell no. Ebuyer definitely has great prices but until they change couriers from Yodel to a more reliable company, I probably won’t buy from them again.

Phew, this post went on longer than I expected. :sweat_smile: