HoF still get to be Warden Commander of Ferelden like @MIGSey said. After doing some stuff in Awakening, she return to her duties at the royal court. There’s no clear cut indication if she was retired from the Warden post though.



:rofl: now…I just clicked that was you!!!


much more clear now. thanks :grin:


We have to wait for @Marceline_Reyes to finish DA:I too… :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke. :joy: Based from my current progress, I might finish DA:I mid February, I hope. I was suppose to start with plot related maps but notice I’m not done with the Forbidden Oasis. I do love how the location looks but traveling around the map was a horrible experience. I got lost multiple times. :joy:


Even still, they are said to have ‘disappeared’ in DA2. It’s confirmed in DAI that they trying to rid themselves of the taint by whoever is your warden ally (including Alistair) and Morrigan and Leiliana (?) if they were romanced.

Also, I’ve yet to finish DA:I over the simple fact of who my male straight inquistor should romance.


nope nope…she doesnt seem to be afraid of spoiler lol you the one who is…:smirk:


Yep. I deliberately left that part out since Marceline will be playing Awakening. This happens to all alive Wardens, iirc.

Trying to build a spoiler-free wall right now. I really want to the story related stuff as spoiler free as possible even though I was hit with some major spoilers already. >~<

That’s why I am pushing through the game as fast as I can.


Should we tell her to do alot of side missions before doing the main plot as well ? Still innocent whistling :kissing::kissing::kissing:


So apparently Dreams creation tools are so impressive people have been able to recreate both the P.T demo and the opening to Dead Space ingame. :astonished:


I was dating Morrigan for my playthrough so it was a much easier choice for me.

Also is you’re Alistair still a Warden?

There’s another fun choice involving him in Dai if he is

But Alistair’s a good king plus if Fionna or whatever her name isn’t Queen he does most of the work anyway. Since you go off to be warden commander and then try to fix yourself from dying of old age.


Don’t click the blur. :joy:

I am looking forward to seeing Alistair again in DA:Inquisition.


Interesting, never heard of Dreams before.
So, it’s basically a game which is actually a game engine or something?


Liked Da 2 and DoS Cassandra, not so much Dai. So I picked that noble girl. Wish we could’ve gone after Leliana or Morrigan if the warden didn’t romance them.

I thought I was ambiguous enough, oh well.


It’s from the same developer behind the Little Big Planet series, with the same type of creativity but with a much wider range of game types. There’s a story mode with three different games too I gather… as with LBP of course it’s a PS4 exclusive.


I’m joking. @Marceline_Reyes has the choice to click it or not. :joy:


I can’t believe your teasing me like this… I was about to cry. :sob:


you mean Anora…cose fionna is the 1st enchanter and his mommie in DAI lol and you mean cure the taint…cose if we could die from old age…we’ll be happy :rofl:

as for him being a good king, honestly…the way he get what…? 1 scene back in DA2 and another in DAI ? and that is it. Make alot of choices pointless…:unamused:


The taint is basically old age for a warden.

Yeah Anora, not particularly fond of either of them.

I think it’s mostly chatter from others and the codex where you see that he’s a good king and of course when he show up. I mean even Anora complimented him. Plus honestly every other fate is pretty bad for him.


Poor boy can’t catch a break :cry:


Oh no, @Dark_Stalker, don’t make things even more cruel for her concerning Alistair and DA:I (whilst she’s yet to move past Origins, if you tell her about what happens in Inquisition, this will kill her for sure).