Also, guys, I forget to mention, he names your dog (now his own) ‘Barkspawn” in that universe. Your opinion ?


I suppose so. :smiley:

But my Cousland has also legal claim so a win-win situation for both my Warden and Alistair. :joy:

This is why I love Alistair so much. :joy:


I do wish we get that scene. I really want to slap his sister to be honest.


best name for a dog…I name my next dog that…

and I use it in DA2 lol Barkspawn for Hawke dog…:smile:

@resuri08 I know right ? So much for family! he was so much better off. Though while she was a total Bitch…her life must have been miserable . Having kids , living washing others peoples clothes…and whatever the nobles told her about her brother…I think …dont remember if you could…but think …yeah…found it…

> The party can offer up to 15DAO bronzepiece trans0DAO bronzepiece trans0DAO bronzepiece trans as appeasement to Goldanna, but she will still not accept Alistair under any circumstances. If the Warden has Master Coercion, using Persuade during the conversation will allow the same result without having to offer Goldanna any money.

so…yeah I give her the damn money for the sake of the kids…she doesnt deserve any…but kids arent their parents…y’know…

found this… Goldanna is encountered in the Denerim Market District and counts toward the kill quota in the Slaughter the Innocents quest during the Massacre in the Market.

wanna play the dlc now ? :sweat_smile:


I did the same thing.

I feel really bad about his nephews and nieces and to some extent to his sister. Sometimes circumstances makes you bitter but in the end, it is your choice if you, yourself, make it becomes more unbearable.

I don’t want to make my nephew/niece-in-law orphans though. :joy:


B-but what about the Grey Wardens?? Seriously though, I want to know what happens if you both rule Ferelden (hope you don’t mind :grin:). I haven’t played that route yet.


Technically, you (the mc) are still doing your duties, as seen in Awakening and future games (won’t spoil it, unless you want to know).


Do you want me to tell you? XD You might want to know if you go with that route though. But like @MIGSey said, you still retain your duties.


I don’t mind that spoiler. You can tell me. :grin:


well she was bitter toward Alistair and by extent to the nobility who kicked her out…but other then that , she probably nice enough to have clients . Washing clothes is demanding work, and she had 5 mouth to feed . Being nice help along with keeping peoples coming back to you. So like I said…outside of that encounter , maybe she is nice if we approached her as a stranger and with no tie to that past .

@resuri08 MIGSey me think…we should encourage her to play another route , especially if she is lucky to play without crash or bug like I did. :wink:


Oh so you remain being a Warden while also being a queen?


In Awakening, You become Warden Commander of Fereldan and have to investigate some intelligent darkspawn irrespective if you are a monarch or not. In the future games, They are trying to cure themselves from the taint

@E_RedMark, this is why I stick with console. It wasn’t bad on Xbox, but yeah.


Got it! Thanks!

@E_RedMark I did experience the game crashing. It was on a particular scene early in the game.


there arent enough games that interest me to warrant for me to get a console…

add to that…modding! I need it! I breath it! :rofl:

oh…anyone ever found this ring in DAO ?

@Marceline_Reyes yeah…mine crash every 10min…lol…and that was after i found a fix . Though I admit…I never got ride of the mods I have installed . Ya know…I’m almost taunted to do a clean install and give it another chance…Hope Bloom…hurr durr


Have you tried Qwinn’s Ultimate Fix?


It’s not just crashing. Kinda a spoiler, but you recruit companions to join the wardens. The thing is, for two of them, instead of completing their respective main quest and then making them wardens (cause that’s when they express joining), once they join my party, I went straight to inducting them.

Oh wait, you weren’t referring to Awakenings ? Whoops :man_shrugging:t5:


yeah…no , I didnt . cose its Incompatible with alot of things…


I don’t remember having crashes with Awakening. :confused: Though there bugs that locked out certain quests, I’m just glad I have multiple save files to apply the patches.


didn’t have a crash with Awakening…but a bug . Remember when you go this forest place to get the elfish fish companion lady ? well in my game , she is supposed to spawn and have a cutscene…where path close…and you run over and over there…

the bug was that the cutscene wouldnt goddamn trigger!!! reloading did nothing . Started over and decided to go get another companion instead and get her AFTER…same darn thing happen .


haha no I was asking what will happen to the Grey Wardens if Alistair was made King and HN Warden ruled beside him. :laughing: I just want to know because @resuri08 mentioned she made Alistair king.


if Alistair is made king with or without Anora…you the warden, take care of reconstructing them . So you go on your merry way, conscripting peoples while Alistair rule . Its the same even if a cousland marry him . The only difference is just a scene at the beginning .