I did the Leliana song before starting the main campaign…but damnit…I couldnt use that armor on leliana…LOL Took forever to be able to wear it…

On the other hand…I gotta say the witch Hunt dlc was alot of fun…especially if you are a)elfish fish and b)romancing Morrigan (which I was with a mod lol only time I played an elfish fish)…

for awakening…its so buggy…I never got far…cose of said bug…so…add that to -Dissaproval about the whole DAO amazing package…:rofl:


I mean, Alistair is kinda a asshole in that version, so technically, you’re aren’t losing out ?


how so ? and blurr it …for others plz


Seriously!? The only thing I heard that Alistair and Leliana became a thing in that dark alternate universe. :joy:


I’d recommend checking the wiki page, people gave an estimation of what the guy did. Ok maybe not an asshole, but just not idealistic person. Hardened but worse, I suppose

@resuri08, yep, amongst other things. Hang on, I’ll get the page


Ewwwwwwwww tha fuck!! HE IS SO DEAD! None touch mah Lilly! :rage:

@MIGSey well…I hate ‘hardening’ …shudder…him…cose he become patronizing…where Leliana…in my game at least…was bugged . If Hardened…its said she is supposed to be…more toward renegade- leave chantry crap behind . Well in my game…once I did it…the ‘Holy Maker’ went 90% more…drove me nuts…:rofl:


Same. May I ask what is it about?

As for your question, well… it’s either gonna be me or Alistair who dies so yes, I agreed to it. :disappointed:

Oh god I want to click on those spoilers so bad!


Here’s the link;

Also, I did a read of his decisions and ok, I was wrong. Not an asshole, just harderned. He did some maybe morally wrong choices (depends how you both (@resuri08 and @E_RedMark) see it) but otherwise he actually didn’t do as bad as I assumed.

@Marceline_Reyes, you play the Darkspawn :neutral_face: and take over Fereldan and kill Alistair. But hey, all hail the old gods !


heh…maybe I give it a run one day…at least it be something new for meh :grin:


I like Alistair less idealistic and becoming more decisive and he is a king so he needs to grow some backbone. He can’t depend on his wife (my Warden), all the time.

You play as a darkspawn and it’s your job to defeat those who are protecting Denerim.


idk if I want to that first or Awakening. or Witch Hunt. :laughing:



but he hate being king…

when I did it…my Cousland pretty much told them ‘I’m QUeen and thats that!’’ :rofl:

Alistair…was hanging in the back giggling I think…she scared him to hell…lol


Go with @resuri08 suggestion first, then maybe go with playing the chronicles (it’s its own universe). Caution, Awakening has a lot of bugs (I don’t know if they were ironed out with updates, but yeah, it can get a tad annoying).

Edit: in your defence, you can just let the archdemon do it and not you innocent whistling :kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing:


witch hunt is always better last…because of some options in the end it has…at least…I always assumed it was mean to be played last .

So…in the order is :
1-Leliana Song
2-DAO main story
3- awakening
4- Witch hunt
5- Darkspawn dlc

@MIGSey on pc…the bug are still there…lol…hence why I was never able to finish it…even with the damn patch…urgh


ok so I think I’m gonna follow what @resuri08 said. I’m gonna do Awakening first then, Leliana’s Song and then Witch Hunt last like what @E_RedMark said . I still don’t know if I’m gonna play Darkspawn Chronicles though :laughing:


Uses the force pathetically;

You will play darkspawn chronicles and kill King Alistair!”

@resuri08, or be me and have Alistair (hardened) and Anora rule Fereldan whilst I have Loghain in my party. Everybody (almost) wins.

Edit: @Marceline_Reyes, in that version, he is.


From my POV, pre-hardening Alistair hates responsibility, e.g.he pawns the leadership role to a newly recruited Warden. I do love Alistair but Ferelden needs a new leader and my Warden thinks Alistair could do it.


He didn’t become King in my play through though :laughing:

@resuri08 IMO, though I think Alistair would be a great king, I still think Anora is more capable since she has a lot of experience leading with Cailan.


we could become Queen…if it wasnt for those idiots obsessed with blood lines crap…


@Marceline_Reyes what did you do with him ? let him die…?

@resuri08 I think what I hate about hardening Alistair (beside the fact I hate the word…it sound…so kinky lol)…is that you are pretty much telling him ‘‘get a back bone! be a bit more selfish and not a carpet!’’ . Which is fine , y’know ? what I dont like homewhever , is that when you get that critical moment where you tell him that…he never get a chance to storm back and tell his sister off and try his new found manhood . Instead…we just go back to camp…and from there…I’m the one who has to deal and get a taste of this new persona of his .


I let him remain a Grey Warden. Plus, if I let him become King, my Mage Warden wouldn’t be able to marry him! :laughing: