Well you are horrified…and trying to survive so…lol But I meant more like walking down a hall in the castle and a trap floor opening up and you needing to react fast to not fall on the spikes below type qte’s. The traps and puzzles have always been a part of the series that I loved but I can see how they could be annoying to some!

I always love games where the A.I learns your strategies and counters them so thats great. They really do need to make a sequel for you guys since I have friends who really love that game and moments like in the video.

Well I think its obvious what your cat is trying to tell you…SHES READY FOR THE BIG STAGE! Put her in front of a croud and let her start her opera career! Don’t get in the way of her dreams!


I did enjoy the puzzles…and those things like walk all the way back to turn a Valve…and such. But that boulder and later the skidoo…Urgh .

I have no idea how my roomate got past them , cose she did…and she kept playing it on and on .

She said I remember, that between that annoying brat…(She killed her on purpose a couples of times :sweat_smile:) and those boulder&Skidoo…without those…she said she would’ve loved RE4 . (talk about her in the past…cose she passed away 2017 Nov at 65 years old) .

While she loved RE…she also loved Silent hill . You ever play that one ? I never followed that one when she played lol was too busy with my own games .

urgh…I wish! I’m SO ready for a sequel for Alien Isolation . That game was so awesome and I would love to play as Ripley daughter again .

The game come with dlc…and they reenacted the movie Alien 1 ! and you can play as Ripley or any other squad member and get the alien out of the airlock. That was soo awesome!

I totally would and I know who deserve to be her public! my friend who hate Opera! :rofl:


How could she not love hearing:

17 thousand times every minute lol

Im really sorry to hear that…you and her seem to have been good friends from the times you told me about. :frowning:

Yeah I liked I think it was Silent Hill 3. I know it started the survival horror genre but I never was really into the previous ones nor the ones after that one for some reason.

I remember a friend showing me that dlc for Isolation and yeah it was great I hear they are making a new aliens game…but some people who have been digging around have said might be a more mmo-ish type game which is a shame since that might be yet another great single player franchise turned into multiplayer focused one. Im hoping they are wrong for you guys sake though!

Dont use your cat as a torturing device! :rofl:


hahahaha omg…flashback of roomate there XD she said the same thing then Shot her :rofl:

yeah…I lived with her for 14 years lol so y’know…kinda feel odd nowdays . Living alone…I mean .

yeah the new Alien Isolation is a lie!!! all they released was a small tiny game for vibrators! uh…I mean cell phone…:unamused:

all I heard was that supposedly…Alien Isolation didn’t sell well enough for a sequel. At least…thats what peoples claim on Steam .

I would never!..well…maybe a little ? lol hey there are parents outta there who do it! all I’m doing…which is totally Legit…is ‘encourage’ her…which is positive! and who know…maybe she be the next super star on YouNoob ! :rofl:

Kidding…I wouldnt put a cockroach on YN! Lol

its not…bad ? its bad…its on a freaking phone!!



I totally understand that feeling of always having someone around…then one day their not there anymore. I didn’t mean to make you have to think about that. Sorry.

Oh I meant like besides from the mobile game, they said they were supposedly working on something else too.

Sega said it had “weak” sales so thats where everyone gets that info from unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean its never coming…just maybe wasn’t a top priority back then but that was years ago so maybe its different now.

Yeah your cat is too classy to be yet another cat meme on the internet! Put her on the big stage, full blown auditorium crowd so the masses can come hear her angelic tone lol

Edit: I think the people saying that its not bad are those super fanboys/girls who just dont want to admit anything in their franchise that they like is bad. I understand liking a thing, but sometimes you just have to admit when something isnt good lol


no worrie! talking about peoples who passed away…keep them alive . Y’know ?


well that was the only one I heard about…and pfff…it turn out to be on a phone…

whose idea was that ? not funny!

Nah . Thats too stuffy for my taste…

Just get a megaphone…some ears plug for meh…and let her meow in the neighbors . I live in a tiny village…and this place is way way too noisy for my taste! so time for payback :joy:

I don’t think there is a perfect anything outta there . It’s all depand on one capacity to overlook things . But just because YOU can overlook things , it doesnt mean everyone should or can .

and I mean you…in a general sense…not you you…:sweat_smile:


Since people have been talking about Alien Isolation I thought that some of you might be interested in this video about the AI used for the Xenomorph and how its designed to track and hunt the player and other characters effectively and believably…


that just make me wanna play it badly…and I have none to hold mah hand…whine :sweat_smile:


I can hold your hand mentally/virtually atleast…for all the good that might do lol

@derekmetaltron That AI tech is great and needs to be used in more games even outside the Alien franchise I think.


anyone remember neverwinter night crappy AI ? lol I loved the game…but man…those companions…:rofl:…get down in dungeon…run off…before I got time to take the 1st step…everyone is deaaaaaaad…

Think I hoarded potion just for them…so they stop dying so fast…

oh and remember how we were forced to buy 1 potion at a time ? :sweat_smile: nowdays peoples would go nuts with that…


I never played it but I saw they have this version on steam and was wondering if I should try it.

It says it also has co-op for the campaign but im not sure if I could convince my friend to try it with me. Also I dont know how I feel about the way the combat looks…


well I loved NWN1 and NWN2…

but seem like that copy (I’m still with the old original copy), have some improvement…you cheater lol you should find the old copy and suffer like the rest of us! :rofl:

well the game is single player…and story…and romance…(Hetero ones only :sob:…wait…no…there was 1…or 2 Bi in there I think? God…been forever . Well I know NWN2…had only hetero romance…) .

I dunno…it kinda aged a bit…but…to me its still a great game…but thats because I was there when it came out…so kinda different when ya see it age before your eyes .

up to you…really . seem from the negatives reactions…it has crashing issues . Game never crashed for me…well save for NWN2…but I was running it on a potatoe back then…lol and it only crashed at the end…cose I was so stubborn…I kept going XD

see if you can get an older copy though…

at least then…any issue…is ‘it was born like this’’…instead of getting something shinie all enhanced…and it turn out to be crap…


I kept going back to this game every now and then. Aside from being pretty fun, it does a pretty good job at teaching natural selection and genetics.


so…they just sit there and do nothing ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Spore is SO much better when it come to that kind of thing…

they actually star as nothing…you can choose and upgrade them…and see them grow from small tiny thing to being with a town and such . And you can either play as the herbivore or the carnivor…and the best of all ? You don’t have to advance…you can stick around a cycle…as long as you want…grind for more limbs to use later and such…

if you wanna play God…in a slow motion way…but still fun and no you cant decide who make babies…

then Universim is…that . (There is always black and white 2…)

but true…neither actually teach something…maybe fun ? and patiente ? :sweat_smile:


No it’s a turn-based tactic game. Each turn an animal can do a certain amount of actions. The game uses real science rather than Spore just for fun system. Each individual that you control has certain traits (phenotype) and depending on the map that you’re in some traits will be more favorable than others. For example, a map might have lots of fruits so individuals with traits for better harvesting will fare better than those that dont. Those individuals will be better at surviving and reproducing while the others die out. Over time the population you control will have more individuals with the harvesting trait than those that doesnt. Congratulation, you now have a basic understanding of natural selection.
Sometime, an individual that you’re not controlling will enter your territory and attempt to mate with one of yours. If this happens new traits will enter your population. Congratulation, you now have a basic understanding of gene flow.
Other times, an bad event will happen that cause a random member of your population to die. Congratulation, you now understand gene drift.
The game also simulate recessive and dominance in Gene’s so certain trait can only be obtain if both parents has the recessive alleles.
The game also has a system that let you introduce new genes that didnt exists in your population before. Congratulation, you now have a basic understanding of mutation.
The game wrapped all of this up in a pretty fun and challenging roguelike with cute ass animals.
Dont get me wrong, Spore is pretty fun for all its flaws but it’s as educational as playdoh.


but the Vid I saw…show them just sitting there…:thinking:

Edit: yeah…ok watched a bit of the LIVE Broadcast…now I get it . So each turn , its like strategy…you only get a few moves to do things…so you probably have to choose wisely .

And the whole game is about babies then ? Since…y’know…genetic ?

Not my kind of thing . I love strategy games…but I also like when something actually move…thing to actually happen…

even Spore…was fun but after I won the game…didnt feel like starting over and the ‘cuteness’ get old fast for meh…

heck…ever heard of Ark Survival Evolved ? ok…so babies making is broke in that game lol but peoples lovvvvvvvvvvve making tiny Trex…and playing around with getting a white trex babie! cose…reason lol…

me ? I’m more of the farmer…tame compy and dodo…and build a fence…then go troll T-rex and see if I can outrun it .


Idk which one you saw but the second vid already has the gameplay where they’re moving. Unless you only watched the first 10 seconds. In which case, yeah they didnt move in those seconds. Plus theres no animation of them moving. They sort of just jump to the spot you indicates.

If you’re talking about the first vid then they’re not moving cause the focus is on the narration. Which is trying to interest you in and teach you about pop genetics.

Edit: also in the first vid the guy really glorified mutation. But note that mutations are usually either neutral or actually deleterious. Very rarely does a mutation turns out to be beneficial. Entertaining vid tho.


Me, when I finally found out what that dark ritual really is:


@resuri08 So I finally finished the game! I haven’t played the other campaigns though. Which one should I do first?


So while…you Alistair lovers…going like this over the dark ritual…with Morrigan…

:sob: Alistaaaaaaaaaaair…nooooooooo…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:damn you witchy witch!

me? I remember this line…

and that remind me…of Leliana&F!Warden sex scene and think of myself…Alistair with a dress and Morrigan is the closest thing to a lesbian romance :rofl:


I did the DLCs in this order Awakening, Leliana’s Song and then Witch Hunt. Leliana’s Song is a prequel though so you could do these before Awakening and Witch Hunt. I didn’t do the Darkspawn Chronicles since I can’t stomach being a bad guy. :joy:

In regards to the Dark Ritual, it took me 30 minutes I think before deciding what to do. So Morrigan has been waiting that long for my HoF to decide lol. Did you do it??