yeah…on console…lot of games never crash lol I play on pc…so I,m intimate with crashing…

I think…the 1st thing that pissed me off like mad…with fallout 4…was that…I spent HOURS…carrying everything I could get my hand on…Ohh clean plates! ohh clean cups! ohhh flag! I need those! OHhh this look good!

Just…to find out none of the shit would go as decoration…I remember I was so mad…I just emptyed Tons of craps on the floor…and uninstalled the game XD

Oh and the 2nd thing that drove me mad…(and that was before I started modding the shit out of the game)…was the lack…of…BROOM! So much dirt…where is tha Brooom! Hey Preston! Find me a brooom! Screw minutemen quest…gotta clean this place…you gonna have the plague goddamnit! Dont look at meh like that…look at the ground…:sob:


I’m primarily a pc player now for 9 years (jeez its been 9 years) and just have a ps4 for the exclusives nowadays and thankfully have a monster rig that usually never crashes on games…if they are optimized well that is! :rofl:

A lot of people including some of my friends had the same thing make them mad which was all the picking up useless junk, but I really never got into the whole building mechanic actually kind of because of your second reason…I know its after the nuclear apocalypse…BUT FOR GOD SAKES YOU PEOPLE NEED PICK UP A BROOM AND SOME FRESH PAINT AND CLEAN CLOTHES lol. There is literally no reason to still be walking around in a place like Diamond City or even one of the settlements you fix up and still look like you live just out in a ditch and have junk and dirt everywhere.

Its like they don’t even care about rebuilding civilization or some sort of normalcy like having neat looking things like correctly painted houses/buildings and clean floors.


I know right ?! They can fix stuff and make electricity and clean water…they can scavenge for weapons and crap…but nobody bothered to make a freaking BROOM!!!

Like what tha heck XD

Two things I outta share about fallout 4…

One is this vid…that I find too awesome…

and the second is this guy channel…his name is Oxhorn . And he has interesting thing…well…sort of…like he make a video . And say we are going to this location in Fallout 4. So he talk about the place, like what happen there and sometimes his speculation are way off base lol but he does it still in a way…its very interesting . And if you cant bother to play the game like me…watching it with someone who is trying to be a story teller…maybe the next best thing…:sweat_smile:

Oh and lets not forget that the settlers…beside watching for monster and cooking…or picking food…they do nothing . Would it be that hard to make them do something like cleaning the place a bit ? lol

then there is tis mod…


halp meh! I don’t wanna reinstall that big ass game…


Oh I think I heard of him! There are actually alot of cool youtubers that do their own roleplay that they make up with their own mod setups which are fun to watch.

I remember seeing a video like that (not sure if its the same person who did the video you posted) that featured alot of deathclaws vs robots too…maybe it was a lot of deathclaws vs liberty prime by itself, I forget.



thankfully…I’m too lazy…so that save meh lol

been playing recently…this game…

its more like Imperialism 2…then a Civi game…

Imperialism 2…was like that…if you screw up…ya are dead :sweat_smile:

though for the AT THE GATE…the game bigger issue is that it crash alot . Game is more early access then anything .


Yikes thats not good. Its sitting at a mixed rating so it looks like you’re not the only one having that issue but hopefully they fix it soon.

I wish I could get into detail sheet management games like what that one looks like but I have a hard time even getting in to Civ. Some years ago some friends wanted me to try to play with them and said it was fun, I ended up buying it but it did not turn out well for me lol

Recently, I have been playing the Resident Evil 2 remake and its been so much fun to see what they changed in one of my favorite games!


I’m a Civi big fan! Been playing the serie…since I got my hand on Civ2 back in the day…I still have my old copy somewhere around .

Oh the crash isnt from my pc. The game crash and give me this big Log telling me its dead Jon! Lol no seriously…it really say that :joy:

the guy who made this game worked for Civi…so he is an alone dude…working on it. I can guess the update will be slow…but I dont mind waiting . I waited YEARS before a team modded Icewind Dale 1&2…lol

they are relaxing games…the Civi serie. At least for me…I like to just build…and never attack , and when the AI attack…I teach them a lesson by taking one city of them, then I sign the peace treaty .

So I heard , so do tell the truth! Is it really a remake or just an upgrade in graphic ?


If it’s just one dude working alone then he must be really talented to have just made the game in general so yeah hopefully the major issues will be ironed out soon.

I have a friend that really liked the Icewind Dale games and the original Divinity games and Civ too. Shes the one who got me into the Original Sin series but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get into everything else. :frowning:

For now when I want to relax, I usually go build things in sims 4 lol…its pretty much my go-to thing to do.

RE2 Remake is a true one but still managed to keep the core of everything I loved about the original. Its a bit more streamlined now so a bit less backtracking to areas but not completely different so the puzzles are still there. The switch to over-the-shoulder camera really enhances the horror when you get grabbed by zombies and see all the horrid detailed faces trying to make a snack out of your delicious body too! :joy: I really love the engine they are using for it. They used it for 7 but I skipped it since the first-person and story that wasn’t really related to any of the main characters of the series kind of didn’t interest me which is sad cause its the only RE that I didn’t buy.

They are already about to release some free side campaigns where you play with new characters to give some info on some minor characters in the story which is really nice too.


Once upon a time, I played the Sims game. Back then the characters were tiny and the game was one of it’s kind! mesmerized, I played and played never noticing anything much. Then came Sims2, upgraded and better looking! with more expansions then you have fingers!

And learned that I cannot build a home, what I did…was a shoe box format . And since I hate numbers and they hate meh, all my poor Lesbiana Sims end up in either a cramped house or a too big of a house that the bathroom is too far and they pee on themself .

have you played Resident Evil code Veronica then ?


Oh no, you poor thing :rofl:

Im a bit of a collector of gaming things and I have all of the sim games (1 to 4) and their expansions and been a big fan for a long time so building just come natural for me these days…most of the time…ok sometimes…alright I usually end up spending multiple days making just one house or community lot so maybe it doesnt come naturally lol

Its still relaxing to have like little projects like houses or stores or really anything I can think of to work on overtime. Though I usually dont end up actually playing with whatever family I spend tons of hours making and looking up custom content for cause I end up having another idea fora project.

Im just helpless I know…

Yes, I have the ps2 version. Even though Claire is my favorite character, I didn’t enjoy that one as much as I thought I would. I didn’t hate it or think it was bad, but I havent went back to play it again like I do with most of the other ones.


Sims is also one of those games…that I play then get bored fast .

I read that some peoples play for generations…I have no ideas how they do it.

I get bored and my poor Sims pay the price . They end up locked in the house but end up maxing all their skills because of meh LOL

when I try to get them out…its usually end up dissapointing .

Though I admit…I liked the new Sims 4 system…and the game was…smoother and lighter (in comparison to Sims2…which get heavy with every expension and loading may take forever) . Homewhever the ‘expension’ in Sims 4…are a total ripp off though . Its a sham…in comparaison to what we could get in Sims 2 .

Ah…I didnt play it…but watched my friend play it . I actually liked it…so much…I made a Vid for my best friend during her birthday about it .

I think one thing I miss in resident evil (even if I’m a fan by proxy)…is Nemesis…ohmahgad that son of a bitch…scared the hell out of meh…:sweat_smile:


Generation play is something I have done like once in each of the games but thats about it cause it definately gets old quick if you don’t kind of roleplay the characters lives out and even though I like to roleplay in other things, it becomes tiring in the sims. So I usually stick to building since its something easy to pick up and put a few minutes or hours into (whatever I feel at the time) and then put it down.

I only really actually play with families in small bursts really.

Yeah sims 4 definately is better optimized than the others were in the time they were relevent in. I still wish they would have gotten 3 done right cause it felt like such a perfect step up for the series being able to seamlessly go anywhere at anytime without a load screen, but it ran like absolute garbage, even on my current rig, so I understand why they had to scrap it and go back to basics.

Even though that means we lost a ton of features from it that I loved and from 2 also…sigh

Code Veronica really must have stuck with you if you went and did something like lol

Ah, I still have nightmares about Resident Evil 3 and the Nemesis’s face and how scary it looked back then.

If your just a fan by proxy, i’m assuming you never met Mr. X in 2. He was scary too, always hounding you and popping up in the original 2 at random…but oh man…in the remake hes so much scarier because of the sound design.

You can literally hear him walking around the station and little details like how hes so tall that he actually has to duck a little through doorways to get you here makes some intense moments!


Hum…I believe in when you wanna gift someone something, you should gift them something they like…not something YOU like.

Yeah , I played resident evil 2…a long time ago…on PS1…I think it was ? I watched my brother play resident evil 1…and that scene at the beginning…he said ‘Go…try getting out of the Mansion’ AHHHH was never able to play RE1 after lolol . But I helped my brother with the puzzle…cose he is a dumbass when it come to those .

I watched my friend play RE3 and code veronica…and RE4…and I tried a bit of RE5…but…I didnt like it. I think I have resident evil 7 ? Dunno how or why I brough that one XD

All I remember from RE2 is that its the game where you meet Ada for the 1st time…you see the Doberman dogs…and that little girl who follow you. Oh the doctors…the wife and husband…or was that another resident evil ? XD I dont recall in details…

Edit: and sorry…but I’m not clicking that Vid…I’m too much of a wimp. I live alone and its 1am in the morning…and if I get scared shittless…ya be getting my shrink bill and ya would be owing me coffeee! for the rest of mah life! :rofl:


I totally agree with you…which is why I just ask people what they want cause I don’t like guessing games. lol

RE4,5, and 6 were more action focused though 4 still managed to keep the horror in still so thats where the clash with most fans of the series happens so it makes since you might not have liked 5…and 7 went back to the true horror feel from the original first three games but felt too “generic first person horror game on steam” to me that I have seen way too many of.

Yep, you remember the right one. The Birkin family and their daughter Sherry, ada and the dogs.

Don’t worry, I understand lol

Same here, I actually don’t really like horror games cause i’m a big fraidy cat when it comes to most things but RE has a special place in my heart and childhood. It was christmas one year and I was a kid, my aunt just knew I liked games so she picked up a popular one that was out recently I guess and we opened presents at night (I cant remember why) and I open up the gift to see the cover art from Resident Evil 2 (I wont post a picture if you dont remember it since its pretty spooky with 2 bloody claw marks and an eyeball peeking out of somewhere or atleast to me it was spooky).

I was just happy to have a new game even if I didnt know anything about it so I ran to my ps1 to go fire it up and the first few minutes in I knew I was in trouble cause all the zombies were freaking me out…but I kept going…and got to the gun shop…not sure if you remember what happens there but if you dont…one minute your talking to the owner of the shop and the next minute a whole pack of zombies burst in and overwhelm him out of nowhere.

My mom said she was watching me and I didnt know it and according to her when that happened I tossed my controller in the air and since it was connected to the system it flipped the whole thing over and I ran out of the room and into the kitchen and I begged my mom to sell that horrible creation. lol

Then I bought it when I was a bit older and saw it for the genius it really was and its been one of my favorite series ever since especially 2 ironically. :joy:

Edit: I didnt realise that its almost 1 in the morning here too! I think I better get some sleep lol


if you mean by Horror…‘Run away from that boulder!!! and break your handler smacking a button’’ that kind of horror ? oh yeah…my roomate who played RE4…almost throw her computer by the window…she hated it.

the only horror game I like and can play with someone holding mah hand…and the light on…and no sound on…is Alien Isolation cose I had a crush on Sigourney weaver since I saw ALien 1…and Love the movies . lol

hahahaha omg…I did the same thing! But…it wasnt Resident evil…! and I mean I did the same thing with the console…back in the day…

It was playing Mario Bros XD when you had those crazy jump! I would get up…dragging the console up…my arms go up…the console is floating in the air and my brother is screaming bloody murder at meh! BANG! the console fall…and its mah fault apparently :sweat_smile:

Good news ? back then…that old SNES and Sega Megadrive was more solid then nowdays console lolol…I still have mah SNES…and its still kicking lol .

My mom didnt watch Alien 1…and she was in the other room , hiding under her blanket…telling us to stop watching the movie. And she said…she wouldnt watch it…just the music was enough to traumatize her…:sweat_smile:

if you are off to bed…then goodnight! May your dream be filled with Nemesis :rofl:


She is definately not the only one who felt that way lol. I didn’t have any issues with the qte sections like that, but I meant more horror as in the atmosphere, sound design, limited supplies and being in a village in the middle of nowhere where the people want to surround and murder you! Hearing a chainsaw rev up still gives me flashbacks to the first time Leon gets to the village and the guy with the chainsaw comes out of nowhere.

You are a more brave soul than I, fellow knight! Because I don’t think I could deal with the helpless-ness it seems you are in that game sometimes where all you can do is hide from the alien. Also, who didn’t/doesn’t have a crush on Sigourney Weaver :sunglasses:

My mom was kind of the same way lol. She would even cover her eyes on say like an action movie where the MC breaks another persons arm so she was always a bit squeemish to violence but she still liked to watch them :rofl:



I’ve started playng Kingdom Hearts 3. The nostalgia effect is enormous and very much played with.


Oh…I was in my room when I hear this horrible sound like someone was hammering with a hammer. And it turn out it was my roomate hitting a button so hard and fast as she could…to outrun that fucking boulder (and failed lol took her many try to get it) . She even asked me to give it a try…see if I could get her past that scene…

Man…she raged so much and I kinda agree with her . That shit had no place in Resident Evil . if it was a Tomb Raider game…maaaaaaaybe ?

Wanna know something odd? I never found the alien scary . I think they are beautiful…(can hear my roomate make gagging mention :sweat_smile: she loved predator…I was pro- alien queen lol ) . The scary part…is crawling in those shaft…claustrophooooobe…the working Joe…omg…those assholes are so hard to kill…and did i mention…the light flickering in an empty room…scariest thing ever :sweat_smile:

well if its any consolation…I only slept 5h…thanx to my kitty who decided to start singing…for no reason…and woke me up…So…as they say! STAAAAAAAAAAAAARS and coffee! :relieved:


I actually liked those parts cause it was all part of the theme of Leon being in constant danger while going through the whole game :sweat_smile:

One thing I think is great about the Spiderman ps4 game is that it has the feature of turning off those prompts for people who dont like that stuff even though I keep them on lol

So hopefully more games include that feature.

The design of the aliens are great and that part im ok with…its the horrible stuff they want to inflict upon my body that makes them not so beautiful lol. Yeah the whole atmosphere, claustrophobia, and the Joes definately is great…but im too chicken to playthrough myself lol

I just remembered the tagline from the Alien vs Predator movies that I liked, “Whoever wins…we lose” and thought that was a great line!

I think your cat felt my pain and decided to try to get back at you for me. Please give your furry companion my thanks! :smile_cat:


Blasphemy! Resident Evil is a horror survivor game! That nonsense shouldn’t be in there…like at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hearsey! hearsey!

what ? chainsaw dude and cannibal zombies aren’t enough of ‘danger’ ?

the alien in the game…was the smartest AI I ever seen. The damn thing ‘learn’ your move lol if you keep hiding in the same spot…he go right for it!

Though like I said…the working Joes were the worst. Because the alien is scripted encounter…so you cant kill him. But the working Joe? that faceless and robotic voice…shudder…hitting them barely damage them…

oh here something fascinating in the game…check this out…

lol my cat been singing Opera and I don’t know why. She is…6month old…so…I,m thinking maybe she is in heat ? but she is not doing the '‘rub butt against you’ dance either…so…maybe just being a rascale…:sweat_smile: