You know, I’m curious. Who’s familiar with the video game crash of 1983 ? I’m trying my best to understand the causes on Wikipedia.


I think it had something to do with too much stock and too expensive consoles? That or blame E.T. :grin:


All I read is crazy competitiveness with Atari, inflation in USA and the rise of third party developers, lead by one Activision.


Lots of developers decided to quickly cash in on a brand new gig - video games, and market got oversaturated. Frequent lack of QA in said games, distrust from customers (no easily accessible internet back then to check on reviews) and as a result toy stores (where games were primarily sold) couldn’t sell the ever increasing torrent of all the new releases. Heavy discounts followed, yet sales were low, so stores cut their losses and stopped supplying games.

Shortly NES came around to save the day, with Nintendo making a requirement: all the games that you want to publish on our new system must undergo QA/testing. That gave birth to the famous “Seal of quality” that was stamped on the physical copies ever since, showing people that the game they were buying was not just some sham, but the real deal. Doesn’t really apply today, but still a nice bit of info :slight_smile:


Yes pretty much all the core modern game companies came out of the market crash, before then there was dozens of groups trying to design and create consoles and games for them.


Oh, you’ll have a fun time.


Hot damn, I just finished the original Mass Effect series (I know it’s damn late) and damn it’s great. Ending was a bit disappointing but I was prepared for that, the journey though ? Now that’s some good stuff.




Waiting at my mall to get kingdom hearts 3
At my gamestop they are able to sell the game at 9pm.
I can’t wait!!!


I have been hearing rumors about adding multiplayer to Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Is this legit ?


It’s a mod over the Nexus Mods site, iirc.

Edit: I’m not sure if it will be available over the Nexus Mods site but I found the modders website.

Modders Website

News Article where I got the site


urgh…skyrim…no…no…away from meh! You are a boring game even with 277 mods installed…you have no soul…no story…:sob:…why do you call me so…? HALP! LOL


Man, I totally agree. I have spent tons of hours looking at all the cool mods, downloading, and getting them to work…only to finally start playing and realize what I had already found out when I finished the game way back when it first launched…fetch quests and you being an errand boyo/girlie even though you are “the chosen one” awaits you.

I never understood that. You’re the prophesied Dragonborn destined to save the world but characters that give you quests just treat you like a dog who needs to go catch that frisbee. That on top of being able to be the leader of every guild all at once with no one even acknowledging it and it also just making no sense anyway.


well every game make you a FEDEX lapdogs lol but…the game doesnt have a story…or atmosphere…

I mean sure…it look good…Oh nice waterfall! nice houses…oh look chickens!

But…there is something missing , no atmosphere . I really really REALLY tried to get into it…the guilds suck…the story suck…the character seem to be bored out of their mind…in comparaison…Oblivion is better . From the get go there is a mystery and once I get out from underneath the prison, and reach that 1st town…I hear something about a killer…and there is an arena to fight in! and the atmosphere…is there.

I dunno…I guess I kinda wish peoples were honest in their fanatsim lol . Skyrim Best RPG ever made…yeah right…whatever you are smoking…can I have some ?

oh and the most fun I had with the game ? installing 277 mods…now that was a blast…:sweat_smile:


Take your 277 mods then multiple that by about 3 times and thats me right there lol.

3 times I have went back to the game cause after I delete all my mods when I remember how boring the game is, a few months or a year passes and I happen to see some cool new mods posted and I want to try them out (mostly armor/clothes/weapons things).

Then the cycle repeats itself lol

I agree with you about Oblivion since it was actually my first Elder Scrolls game back on xbox 360 and I put in so many hours and playthroughs on it and loved the arena to death. I even got my friends into it and we would all watch each other play sometimes before they bought the game for themselves.

I will say though, I think one big thing I don’t like about the Elder Scrolls series is that it always feels like you pretty much have no real personality and no reputation system like they had for Fallout New Vegas so you dont get people reacting to you much according to what deeds you do so sometimes the games can feel kind of hollow.

Also, no offense to anyone who likes Skyrim (I did enough to finish all the quests and everything in one playthrough to get the platinum trophy back on PS3 in the first week it launched) but thinking that it is the best RPG ever…probably haven’t played many RPGs in general. :grin:


just got home can’t wait to play!!!


ohh a fellow modder hoarder! :grin: wanna come over here and mod Oblivion for meh?

That was the only good thing about Skylame…how easy it was to mod the damn thing . But Oblivion…Urghhhhhhhhhhh…I have it installed…and really wanna play it…but modding it…isnt ‘‘click Nexus Mod Manager…download…check…and do it all over again!’’ :sweat_smile:


I never actually picked up Oblivion on pc since by the time I got into pc gaming (around 2010), I was busy looking at all the new genres that were availible to me on my crappy little Sony Vaio laptop that I eventually burnt out the fan on from playing games that were way to high spec for me to be running on that thing lol

I really should give it a shot though since I havent played it in so long.

Yeah we do have to agree that Skyrim mods are easy as cake compared to most other games mods to install which is great when you have so many like us hoarders usually :sweat_smile:

But im sorry, your on your own with that my friend :slight_smile:


was worth a try :sweat_smile:

I never finished Oblivion…like all of besetha games, they are fragile…crash out of nowhere…and overwhelming . I think between elder scroll serie…and Fallout…the only game I can say I finished…and that mean…done main story and bailed on the rest…is fallout 4 . :rofl:


Oh wow. I don’t remember any crashing on 360 so maybe I just got lucky to play it there instead of pc. I have finished all of Bethesda’s games…and they are all over the place in terms of quality when it comes to story and gameplay so I don’t blame you for not getting through more lol

I think I have a small hatred for Fallout 4 though because of how much of the story I thought could have been better and some of the radiant quests. :frowning: