I mean the warden if they’re alive has started dying of old age and is on a quest to fix it, and Hawke could’ve easily be sacrificed for Alistair.

They have a crossbow now so it’s fine.


I think Anthem’s problems are quite different from FO76.
Anthem point toward more being a sort of refined Destiny, FO76 is more Ark-survival game.

Not that is actually good either: Destiny 2 didn’t exactly go well, but surely not as bad as FO76.

I find Anthem doesn’t actually know at what players is aimed at. On one hand, it force players to play together, on another want to give good story. Is just not really compatible, in my opinion.


They have just realised too late in the day that ostracising your original fan base was a mistake, even if they had a legitimate reason to dislike them after the response to Andromeda. Honestly I would have picked an audience and stuck with it.


Is Pyre worth getting just for single player? It looks more cooperative than Bastion and Transistor.

If I’m getting Pyre on PS4, I’ll most likely avoid the multiplayer aspect since I don’t get PS Plus often. Once in a while to update my cloud saves or if there’s a really good game in the Instant Game Collection that month but that’s about it.

Also hoping Hades heads to the Switch when it’s 100% completed. If not, I’ll just get it on PS4 again if I don’t have my PC done by then.


as long as they still can make money , I doubt that .

yeah…but thats how it is in the beginning .

Look at no man’s sky . The shit storm it was when it started ! now everyone is Praising it ‘‘Oh its just as what was promised but even better !!’’ …

peoples will complain . some will really leave for good…but the volatile ones will stick around and make them money .

EA is like a bad landlore :laughing: It wanna make the most money out of the appartement its renting…but without wasting any when troubles arise .


Darren is also voicing the main character, Zagreus, with the main voice actor for SuperGiant Logan Cunningham voicing Hades.


It’s a single player game. The multiplayer is just there for funsies. The core of the game or any other supergiant games is in the singleplayer.


He voices the MC too?! What a talent!

Also going back to the soundtrack, what Supergiant uploaded of it on their YouTube channel isn’t all. Darren said he’s going to make a lot more:

HYPE!! :smiley:

Perfect! That’s what I wanted to hear, thank you!
Definitely looking into all of their games now.


Pyre is my favorite supergiant game yet and it has one of my favorite interactions/changing of opinions of a character in fiction. I fell for every misderection they threw out there, I over thought certain things and was just paranoid enough that the pay off really got to me in the end, it was wonderful.

I hope you end up enjoying it!


Consider me excited! I’ll go in order of release for their games, so I’ll start with Bastion and then Transistor on the Switch.

Looking at Supergiant’s website, they’re having a Christmas sale on their store at the moment and all their soundtracks are on sale, well, excluding Hades because that’s yet to be released:

Digital downloads for the soundtracks of:
Bastion - £1.96
Transistor - £1.96
Pyre - £3.13

Wow, this is really cheap.

EDIT: Bought them. :+1:

Looking forward to Hades’ soundtrack when it’s available for purchase.


When you learn your gonna have to buy 4000 copies of anthem just so biowear isn’t destroyed

But I think it’s impossible for them to strait up kill biowear right now, even if anthem turns out worse then no man sky level. Because remember what happened with the mass effect ending, how the internet was essentially lit up on fire. Multiply that. People will be PISSED if they learn that they were promised a game got canceled. Especially after so much investment over 3 games and an expanded universe only to be permanently stuck on a hangar. Hopefully they have the memories of a goldfish and can remember to not screw up that badly again



Though I’ll be sticking with the Japanese dub with English subs. The English dub doesn’t sound that great, to be honest. Anyway, I’m so excited for this game.


Lmao some idiot streamed the alpha of anthem and got all his games removed from origin. People should really understand that an NDA isnt just a box you tick.


Bit harsh for EA to do that much, though the guy did sign an NDA so they should have expected something.


I’d take that over getting sued for 10000 dollars any day. He broke a legally binding contract and EA has every rights to sue his ass off. Showing a game under NDA isnt just an “oopsie woopsie guess I’ll take a slap on the wrist now” thing. It fucked up a company’s marketing plan. He got off easy.


I may hate EA with a passion but when you sign that type of contract and you still do shit that it tells you not to do, not only are you fucking up the company’s market plan, but also the game’s marketing and spoiling shit for gamers who want to find out for themselves.


So um, I just notice this and yes, I posted on the other thread.


Not surprised one bit, this game generated a huge amount of hype.

@Willow_Felya_G Soooooooooooooon.

The piano intro is really nice but when the beat drops in the second half… ehhh. I don’t think Skrillex is a good fit for this, even though he is a big fan of the series.

Square Enix are linked to so many good composers, they could’ve done an orchestral arrangement of the song (perhaps by someone like Yoko Shimomura) and have that as the opening. She can do melancholic tracks extremely well like “Dearly Beloved” and due to the fans waiting for such a long time, that would’ve been amazing and probably make everyone cry too.

Speaking of Shimomura, one of her tracks that makes me tear up pretty much every time is “Farewell” from FFXV’s Platinum Demo:

0:53 - aaaand I’m tearing up again. Always this part that gets me. :cry:
Easily one of my favourite tracks from FFXV’s OST.


It’s poetic, I finish Red Dead Redemption 2 on my one year forum anniversary. I knew Arthur was going to die but that didn’t stop the fuckin tears :cry::sob:


Why release an ad for a two year old game? Possible sequel and they are trying to keep the fan base alive?