So @derekmetaltron, you are going to kill me but here:

(Disclaimer, don’t know if I’ll play it, need to study for exams, but better to have in my Xbox ready :joy:)


Nice! I wisely decided to play Hitman 2 until 2 in the morning and now am feeling the price… :tired_face:


A lot of people now are thinking the next person to leave SE will most likely be Nomura, and I agree with them. He must be pissed off with their management too. Got booted off FFXV to deal with KH3, then he’s put on FF7R which he’s doing at the same time as KH3. Additionally, he’s the main character designer for both.

Let’s not forget that Nomura didn’t even know he was the director of FF7R until he saw an internal company presentation. Before that, he assumed Yoshinori Kitase would be directing it since he directed the original game, but that wasn’t the case. Nomura is the game’s director, Kitase is producing it.

Nomura also said KH3 and FF7R were announced too early, but of course, SE never learn and their management continues to be appalling.


Yeah. Too much stuff in too little time, or at the wrong time. I believe Nomura would have preferred work again on The World End With You than KH and FFVII.

Both him and the players (me too!) loved that game. Nomura even put the characters into Kingdom Hearts 3D.


Kassandra Abs…:kissing_heart:


Trust no one not even yourself.


Fortuna is open for business


Main game: 45GB
Day one patch: 54GB

A patch larger than the game itself. Truly exciting times in the video game industry!
Hopefully it doesn’t delete itself again.


It wont delete itself if you never installed it in the first place!
…Why does anyone play this anyway.


It wont delete itself if you never installed it in the first place!



Rest in peace to a legend and superhero himself.


It breaks my heart I never got the honour of meeting the man, but he really was one of my heroes for creating arguably my favourite hero. The world won’t be as cheery and awesome without old Stan. :disappointed_relieved:


New DLC for Spider-Man with Turf Wars confirmed for November 20th, featuring Hammerhead!

The DLC is also going to feature three new unlockable costumes for Spidey with the Comic Book Iron Spider suit, the original comic Spider Armour and most interesting, a cel shaded Spider-Clan costume from the Marvel Mangaverse Universe!

I am super happy that they got the comic Iron Spider suit in there since it’s a favourite of mine. More Spider-Man is gonna help me get over my sadness at losing Stan if nothing else…

Been playing through the Hitman 2 story, wonderful range of locations and missions. Trying to get through the story driven assassinations before Sean Bean becomes the first Elusive Target next week…


The nominees for The Game Awards 2018 are now out:

Full list:


Sees Game of the Year

Jeez, I wonder who’s going to win that? Personally, give God of War a fighting chance as well as, I suppose, Monster Hunter World before you decide RDR2 beats everything. (I’d say the others, but Ubisoft I doubt, Spider-Man great, but not the great if compared to God of War and do not know Celeste. Heard of it but don’t know).


Dont care about the 4 repeating AAA games, they can sort themselves out. But holy shit the indie games award is a damn hard one. Dead Cells is a great standout of the Metroidvania genre. It plays great, looks great and a rush of adrenaline every single time. Into the Breach is such a great take on the classic turn base tactic games with a fun and unique twist that make every mission feels like a chess match. Cant forget The Return of Obra Dinn either, such a unique concept, beautifully executed and is just oozing with style. That art style of the game is just simply beautiful and it fits the game so well. Lucas hitting it out of the park every time, 2 for 2 now. But where is my damn Papers, Please movie? I heard Celeste is great too. Personally haven’t seen anything about Messengers so I cant say.

Strategy category is stacked as well. But personally I have to go for Battletech, I love that universe.


#Assassin Creed Odyssey! :tada: here hoping it win…


Honestly don’t think anything can compete against Red Dead Redemption…


Yeah. Same.