I played DC Universe on PC a long time ago, back when I had lots of spare time, it was alright, not very good or bad, but a fun game nonetheless. I know it’s available for PS4 also, I tried it recently for the nostalgia, but my experience wasn’t the best one, the mechanics didn’t fit very well IMO.
There are plenty of customisation options for the powers and costumes from what I remember, but your time is better spent elsewhere, lots of better games around, including SWTOR



Oh Warpath! The nostalgia! :heart_eyes: I actually got to play that first at Universal Studios and it was awesome, even if it made no sense that you had a raptor as big as a T-Rex. But it had a nice range of dinosaurs as fighters. I remember that you could eat goats and dogs to regain your health too…

The guy who oversaw Diablo 2 has been on Twitter and totally sums up what a stupid thing Bizzard has done with Diablo Infinite…


hum…that sound like a trap!


Wait, it’s this time of year again?! Time flies. We should seriously consider nuking the crap out of Charon to finally get our hands on that interstellar slingshot…

In the meantime, happy N7 day to all of you fellow landlubbers :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Seems as good a time as ever to stick this up…


Blizzard stock just dropped and they lost 3.7 billions dollars. This is great news! Best time to buy their stock before it shoot back up in a few months. Too bad I’m broke.


Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)


Yup a good time to buy. It’s going up a bit but they’re still in the downswing. Theyll go up soon with the release of HS expansion, that OW new hero, and the influx of Chinese money


FFS EA, remaster the OT already! Don’t you want a ton more money?

Awesome. Will play this game eventually.

  • “Friend Events” is a system where you deepen your interactions with the residents of Kamurocho to gain various benefits.
  • Increasing your evaluation will also bring cases your way.
  • Sakura Amamiya is a woman from Sotenbori, Osaka. By befriending her, you can receive an on-duty massage.
  • By deepening your bonds with “Ryan Acosta Ninja,” he will come to your aid in battle.
  • By deepening your bonds with the manager of Kyushu No.1 Star, he will give you items for use in battle.
  • Some friends that can progress into a girlfriend. By increasing your friendship level, you may be asked to go on a date. Conversely, you can also ask them out on a date.
  • There are at least three girlfriend candidates. One of them is a college student named Tsukino Saotome (voiced by Kaede Hondo).

Pre-order page going up when, SEGA?

…this is never going to get released, isn’t it? Well then, time to bring up the Shinji Hashimoto meme again:


Every N7 Day where they don’t announce such a logical remaster I die a little more inside… :disappointed: Andromeda is good though, whatever people might think.

Still waiting for Square to bloody tell us what Avengers Project is going to be already. Hopefully a decent single player driven game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and not another Destiny ripoff as some have feared.


Fun little fact I’ve learned when buying OT in Origin, since my ME1 and ME2 CDs vanished into oblivion: the “complete” trilogy they’re selling only includes ME1 DLCs. For 2 and 3 you have to fork out ~3 times as much.

While certainly worth the price, it shows how far EA’s head is up its ass when they can’t organize GOTY releases for >5 year old games. Remasters would be sweet, however with the texture and ENB mods they hold up pretty well right now.





I enjoyed Andromeda a lot, much more than I was expecting. Wouldn’t mind a continuation to that but probably won’t ever happen. Though they have released an Xbox One X patch today which I’m really glad to hear:

Also that tease by Casey Hudson in the N7 video. Dammit.

Same. I’m not sure what SE are waiting for, maybe E3 next year or something? There’s even a dedicated Twitter account for info about it which is hilarious:

Yeah, not including all DLC in the trilogy collection is a big fail. I waited for a sale to get the ME2 and ME3 DLC bundles.

Would be nice if EA would do something along the lines of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Quality remasters of the OT and this time, they actually include all DLC. Imagine them getting Bluepoint to do the remasters? I’d be over the moon.


Yeah, the complete trilogy gave different dlc even based between consoles.




“Kill the beast, resurrect the beast, rule the waves”

This is just freaking great.


Yeah, saw that.

I’m really disappointed in SE.

I enjoyed FFXV a lot and was hyped to see all four episodes, but they’ve axed three and kept Ardyn. I mean, Ardyn is a character I’m definitely interested in and he’s probably the best character in the game, so I’m glad to hear they didn’t cancel that episode… but Luna desperately needed this for essential character development but nope, that’s gone. Episode Aranea sounded intriguing but that’s also gone along with Episode Noctis.

Then they topped it off with Hajime Tabata resigning from SE. So much for an anniversary stream, it’s more like a funeral. Their management is a joke. They created a new subsidiary studio, Luminous Productions, moving Tabata over there to helm it with the XV team and got them to start work on another AAA title while they were still developing the final DLC episodes.

They lost $33 million in the process, probably a key factor in this DLC cancellation. If they didn’t waste so much money on Comrades and the unnecessary crossover events, they might’ve had enough to get those last 4 DLC episodes finished. But nope.

Considering how much Tabata had to salvage from the Versus XIII dump left by Tetsuya Nomura, I’m very impressed at what him and his team managed to achieve in 3 years. I wish Tabata the best, hoping he goes onto another company that treats him well and has significantly better management.


I played FFXV without dlcs, and it was disappointing. Not as much as the XIII thing, because it was at least fun to play.
But frankly, I think after X there isn’t a FF that I can consider good (well, I haven’t played XII, so I don’t know about it for sure).

Square Enix now have Kingdom Hearts almost out, so at least there should not be many problem for the money. But frankly, is astonishing how erratic have been the management after Square Soft became Square Enix.