Oof Blizzard going the EA route. I swear EA and Activision is having some kinda weird race to the bottom PR competition


gotta say…

love when peoples say stuff like that !

X is deleting comments! They are so EVIL! Boycott them! Boycott them!

Me: wanna copy said comments so peoples can decide for themself ? you know…being self aware and all that…:unamused:


It’s ironic that the deletion of criticism and the contents of said comments probably caused more heat than they would had they been left untouched.


First C&C, now Diablo. This is just… sad.


The good old Barbara Streisand technique

@E_RedMark it’s hard to show the comment when its deleted or removed. A quick Google search will show you the “dont you guys have phone?” Video. You can decide whether or not this is a shitshow from that. Even the presenter look like hes going to have a panic attack. The clear disdain for the product hes presenting is showing on his face


The visuals are so gorgeous. The voice acting is great. The music… holy shit.
Desperately waiting for a KH3 soundtrack release… and need to play the previous games still.


Aww old news regurgitated…

Hopefully it comes out by q4 2019.


Of course the only year I can’t go to Lucca comics and games…after five consecutive years…:sob:

Oh well…next year.


‘Don’t you guys have a phone?’ is going to be this years ‘Sense of Pride and Accomplishment’ moment, that I am certain… :rofl:


To celebrate ten years since Little Big Planet was released on PS3, its spiritual successor Dreams has recreated the first level entirely and perfectly in the Dreams game creator system… :astonished:


I dont really play fighting games, and I dont know a lot about this game (except that it’s an indie fighting game with a small amount of hype). But jfc this trailer is metal as heck.


fighting games were all we had back the days lol they were at the TOP .

and its on PS lol all fighting games I know…were from old console (SNES , Sega and PS) …so no shock there XD

grow up with these

back then I though fighting games like these were sooo stupid . cose you need a 2nd player to fight against . But actually , you can play alone vs the AI and …surprise! each character had a story ! :smiley: was kinda fun…

think last combat fight I tried…was on PS1 lol it was Tekken . It had an amazing music . The fun part of these games is if you know how to do special combo (I sucked at them) .

Nina williams for exemple…omg…her combo were about breaking bones lol

geez…look at the evolution…make me feel old lol :rofl:


tis have too much Awwww :hugs:


The only fighting game I have played a lot of lately is Injustice and that’s probably just because it’s DC characters. I also seem to be the only person happy to see Marvel vs Capcom is dying because it means I can finally get a decent Marvel only fighting game on consoles already… :sweat_smile:


And the thing is, Blizzard were going to announce Diablo 4 there but decided to pull it last minute.

The original plan for BlizzCon 2018, according to two people familiar with Blizzard’s plans, was for Blizzard to announce the mobile game Diablo Immortal and then end on a video in which company co-founder Allen Adham told the audience that a proper Diablo 4 was in development but not ready to show just yet.


never played those…

I think I saw dc online ? dont remember…I think it was . Anyway , the selection was so depressing…muh…skipped it .


Oh yeah, I don’t play MMO’s, never seen the appeal of them. Like how Old Republic could have made a solid successor to KOTOR but no, it had to be an MMO. I got the impression DC Online is fairly decent and you get to have a mentor depending on your powers and hero/villain allignment (Batman for Good Tech, Superman for Good Meta Powered, Wonder Woman for Good Magic, Joker for Evil Tech, Lex Luthor for Evil Meta Powered and Circe for Evil Magic) but I wouldn’t have the attention and time for something like that.


I play MMO :stuck_out_tongue: not cose I’m a fan…if anything I have a love-hate relationship with them . And mostly a hate-Swtor lol . cose I agree , we could’ve had a sequel to kotor 2…and we end up with a ‘Lets bail by going fast forward and make tons of bucks!’ .

and the writing has gone down so badly…well…lets just say its a shadow to what it was .

the last fighting game I played…think was Xenoverse…but I’m not sure if you would call that a comabt game…well…it is…it just doesnt fit the old style I guess lol .

some MMO are…good…like the secret world . Its a unique MMO , but didnt get popular because it was like dark Soul kinda of hard . So they remade it , with easy setting and now…I’ve seen more peoples on then ever . The world is very interesting and the lore and side quest are amazing . And the game is fun in its own way . More then that , they have the best customer service and no toxic community that seem to plague every MMO .

I play the secret world , star trek online , GW2 and Swtor . They all have pro-con .

I also loved Teen Titans…was that dc or marvel ? yes…Noob! lolol


My only fighting game was Warpath: Jurassic Park, for the PS1. And my very first game in english. I would have had started to learn it like…one year later? Or I had just started… can’t remember -I’m feeling old!- but I basically had to go for tentatives, because I couldn’t read a thing!:sweat_smile:

I have good memories of the game. Where humans were just food to get back some energy for the dinos…