Do you remember the order you did it in?


To be honest, I’ve yet to enter caves or what not, just got one as reward for saving a German family at the end of chapter 2 (is it weird that I like that nice moment). Anyhow, I love the fact I’d found a safe an hour ago and killed two strangers trying to break into it, use my revolvers and shotgun to get it to open and tried to see if my lock breaker would work, then remembered I had dynamites and said ‘this is a western, of course you have to open a safe with a dynamite stick.’


Time to shoot a store owner.


Call of Cthulhu is out, looks freaking epic! On the other hand it’s nowhere near as subtle in the beginning (instead of press start it’s enter madness) as dark corners of the earth. I’m still super stocked tough!


Found a dupe glitch for gold bars in RDR2, if anyone wants to know how. I managed to get $60,000 and upgrade everything in the camp with $55,000 left for me.


What !?!?!?!? I’m done, I surrender my gaming career.


Go here.

There’s a brick building there an to the right of it is the sheriff’s office, go there. Go to the desk inside and you’ll notice a lockbox under it.

Open the box but don’t take anything out, especially the horse papers. Save at that point and load the save. Once you come back only the gold bar will be there. I was able to just hold square and pick up 30 blocks (max).

Then I went to the fence in Emerald Station sold them all for $15,000. Then I went back to the gold box. Saved and reloaded again. Once the save loaded back up I went back to the gold box and was able to just press square again for another 30 bars. After 5 runs I’m good to go. Camp is fully upgraded (money wise) and I have like $55,000 cash on me.


You monster, that is the most genius thing ever. Thank you for sharing such a horrible trick.

Edit: Also, got a 10.3 Kg legendary fish. Hope to never do that again


Just when i thought, that there werent enough monstrous units in Total War: Warhammer 2.
Best Total War ever.


We take our loots, but dont get old


Rockstar lost to Rockstar, huh?

Insane statistics.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially a hit of colossal proportions, and it’s only been out since Friday last week. Rockstar has revealed that its open world adventure enjoyed the “biggest opening weekend in the history of entertainment”. That means it’s made more money than any game or movie to ever release over a weekend.


Activision has finally clarified the situation. According to IGN, the publisher has said that some levels from Spyro 2 and 3 will be on the disc, but that you will need to download the rest in a day one update in order to have the full games. So, for those with a physical copy who aren’t connected, they’ll have full access to Spyro 1, and access to some, but not all, of the second and third titles.

Dammit Activision!


That’s a big delusion. Not a deal breaker, but annoing.



Sir Daniel :heart_eyes:


:fearful: Damnnnnnnn, poor Kirby’s got his work cut out there.


new update for skirt of spartah! Wooot


This was entertaining as heck. Oh mama, Queen Bess is looking fine in this video


$60.00 Base Game

$49.99 Season Pass

Plus Microtransactions+++

To put things into perspective, If they plan to update this game with New Black Market Tier Content every Two Months ($200) and Seasonal Events, That’s around $1400+ alone per year to get the base tier items alone (I dread to think how many thousands of hours of grinding this insanely tedious and extremely slow tier progression system), not even counting the ridiculous amount of randomized supply drop items, emotes, stickers, spray tags, calling cards, weapons, variants & characters $3500+ potentially?

Activision never learn.


Quite a lot of announcements from BlizzCon 2018:


Weeeee! Only a week to go now! :grin: People can have their Odyssey’s and Redemptions as long as I get some time with everyone’s favourite bald killing machine assassin.