A day late again but…

Based Ashraf. Really looking forward to his next game.


Nice, I know rumors are suggesting either Vikings or Feudal Japan. Would be totally on board with either of those.


I thought I’d heard somewhere that Rome was next.


I feel like that would be too similar to Origins since we had Romans and Julius Caesar in there already. Of course they could have it be a follow up to Origins (even have the same assassin) or set in a later Roman era (Nero would make a great villain, and they could have Simon Peter as a supporting character, though I guess that might be stepping into awkward territory if they tried anything like implying JC was an Isi or whatever they’re called).

Vikings would be a fav of mine because they could include the city of Jorvik/York where I worked as a costumed interpreter in the museum there. :smiley: Plus female Valkyrie assassin for the win.


Yeah of the three I think Vikings would be my favorite too. Especially if they let me be a Valkyrie or something like it. I just have a memory back before Origins came out that they were planning to do Egypt, Greece, and Rome as a trilogy of sorts.


Exactly, Vikings and Feudal Japan are settings which very well naturally lend themselves to male and female assassins (if the intention is to continue allowing players the choice) and the Vikings reveled in naval combat which the series is fond of. Add to the fact they could include the option to travel to the New World, maybe as part of DLC. They could even make it late Vikings and have the events of Hastings with Harold and William and both Saxons and Normans, maybe letting the Viking player choose a side as with Odyssey.

Plus let’s not pretend that Assassins Creed: Ragnarok wouldn’t be a kick ass name for a game. :wink:


Omg now it’s a race to see if Assassins Creed can get a game subtitled Ragnarok before God of War does.


Hey guys I just got my copy of RDR2 on PC. But it looks kinda weird. Does anyone know how I can adjust the resolution or fix this? I have some screenshots here.



I think that’s how it’s supposed to look. They spent their budget on realistic beard growth, and horse physics… they didn’t have time for realistic human models.


So, I’ve been MIA simply by playing RDR 2. Between exploring and only now reaching Chapter 3, I’d say I’m enjoying myself. Still can’t duel for what ever reason (that slow draw does not help at all). I did have one issue, as a person who uses the metric system, I was surprised that the temperature in Valentine was around 10 degrees Celsius. I’d like to say that it’s due to being near the snowy mountains, but I seriously doubt that. Beyond that, still trying to get high honour and hopefully should get a start on doing the stranger quests


Did you notice the building be built in Valentine. I remember first going there at the beginning it was just a foundation. Went back again and now it has walls and windows with men working on the door and putting up glass in the windows, that’s insane.


You mean the father and the two sons, yeah. Even gave them money to help them finish (trying to find timber I reckon would have been difficult, even though I had the opportunity to steal them at one point, whilst the timber company was going to take a while to get ready).That’s what I like about this game, it’s not one off encounters but continuous. Even bought a Springfield Rifle for free at Valentine because I saved a man from a snake bit nearby. Now to decide whether to help criminals often (the ones being transported, already help those running away in chains). Problem is two dishonours against one honour.


When you cut your hair too short and don’t like the way it looks then have to wait for it to grow back. Then realize this is a video game and not real.


Fun fact, got my hair cut at St. Dennis for the first time, so I’m gonna wait a long time running about to get that growing again. Always trim my beard though, haven’t gone past level 4 since chapter 2.


You can get hair tonics to make everything grow faster. I usually trim it down to stubble cause the level 3 beard has a patch on his chin cause his scar. Looks weird to me, guess I could let it grow over it but I’m too impatient.


True, but saving my money. Need to transfer for the camp sometimes, even though I’m almost upgraded it and have over $1200 in my wallet.


Any tips for getting money?


Explore and loot from enemy gangs, continue to loot and loot, find fences to sell items, do some bounties, again loot and loot, hopefully find a gold ingot to sell at the fence again and if you really want to be that guy, rob trains and do house robberies. Pretty much how I got my current money. Plus, I don’t spend much (except when I got that nice duel holster), since all the looting gives me all the supplies I need plus the guns. (Sorry if I sound incoherent there)


No Silent Hill, no Soul Reaver, no Dino Crisis, no Vagrant Story, no Tomb Raider and no Ape Escape, Crash or Spyro (albeit for logical reasons). :roll_eyes: There’s some great games here like MGS, Abe and Tekken 3 but they really would have benefited from a better range of games and opted for the DualShock so they could include Ape Escape.


Found a weird cave with statutes inside. Gave me like 3 gold bars, think im set for a while lol. This is why you inspect every weird thing.