Anyone know how large the day one patch is? Was trying to clear up space and accidentally deleted the game. My internet screwed up so I couldn’t reinstall the game, so I just bought a physical copy instead.


Oh shit Geralt and now 2B? SC is outta control!


The character creator in that game is also incredible, I’ve seen people recreate Ronald McDonald, Skeletor, Doctor Strange and of course the meme of the month, Bowsette (which FYI I still don’t get where that came from).


GTA 5 has sold over 90 million copies and generated over $6 billion in revenue since its initial release.
RDR1 15 million copies

anyone think that RDR2 might catch up with gta 5 over time? Or is it not just a big enough franchise like gta 5?


GTA V’s appeal is wider than RDR2’s. Additionally, the former had better marketing, and experts presume no game released by Rockstar ever again will exceed or equal its success.


Last month. Bowsette is dead meme now. Were on penguins and tetris.


Such a masterpiece deserves it. More than gta 5. Witch didn’t realy tell a new story. Just recycled themes from previous games. At least it might be the biggest console game in terms of sales 2018


Yeah, I prefer RDR2, but you really have to take it as a fact. It’s damn near impossible for it to beat GTA V. This one has proper physics at least.


Its a little fiddly but dang. What with the number of interactions available there just arent enough buttons! lol

(Hunted my first legendary wolf, next up, cougars.)


I went and bought the physical copy of RDR2 and somehow have a pre-order bonus code inside :no_mouth:


give it to meh! cose I wont play the game…ever! But codes are nice to look at :sweat_smile:

btw…I’m joking! lol


Warhorse and outlaw survival kit right?
Cuz same. Plus a swifty t shirt for some reason.


I honestly have always found GTA a little overrated as a series… couldn’t get into GTA IV whatsoever, Nikko wasn’t an engaging character to me and you were pretty mandated into a lot of character interactions to keep things juggling and those characters weren’t that interesting either… GTA V’s characters are a lot better though, especially Trevor and Michael.


Even Vice City? To me that is the GTA game which encompasses series spirit the best.


No, bowling encompasses the series’ spirit the best.


To be fair I never got round to playing the PS2 games… :sweat_smile: I did like the look of the older GTA games which depicts a specific retro era, though.


but those characters can’t in my opinion hold up to to SA or Vice city. I want my cj and Tommy Vercetti back . I realy enjoyed gta4 more than 5 in terms of story. 5 has better graphics and gameplay. But I think the whole concept is well overdue like Assassin’s creed. Rocksttar should focus more on other types of open world games.


You can play them on pc


I think there has been talk about them overseeing both a Bully sequel and a LA Noire style game for a while now…

And the older GTA games are all I think remastered slightly on PS4, I think? :thinking:


Avoid Youtube for RDR2 spoilers, folks. That, or just don’t watch RDR2 videos, else you’ll get some spoiler-rich videos in the recommended tab. Most of them already ruin the experience just by the title alone, so you can’t really prevent it by not pressing even.