I’ve been working on getting Arthur fat by eating everything and letting his hair and beard grow out to disgusting lengths. A true man.


I’m trying to grow a spiffy moustache and cosplay Luigi.
Selling coaches has made so much bank too.
This is my Cowboy fashion simulator 2018.


Don’t do that man, that just gonna make him weird.

Ok, agenda for the day:

Restart the game
Loot after everyone is killed
Make sure to have my horse with me next time I go into Valentine
Finally access my special weapons

And yeah, sounds about right. Oh wait, make sure I know how to use dead eye and duelling properly.


My hat keeps getting knocked off. It got shot off one time when I put it back on and went into a cutscene there were two bullet holes in it. The detail is amazing in this game.


There better be an achievement for being maximum fatness. Butterboy.

I loved AC Odyssey, but I needed 40 extra gigs…


I’m not going to lie, when I got shot during the second (or third mission, depends on you) I didn’t realise my hat got knocked off. I found that to be cool.

Be lucky, I deleted a fifth of game space on my Xbox one S


Oh I found dead eye only really useful for group fights?
If it’s a duel or 2v1 its not really needed.

(Someone help me kill that bear, i keep getting one shotted)


I ended up just switching to the bear head hat, looks make him look insane. Also everyone talks shit about it to you.


Oh no, I got in a duel (which I wanted), but didn’t realise how to properly do it (holding RT to slowly pull out my gun, wait what?)…you can figure out the rest.

As for dead eye, I can’t tell whether I have to leave it for it to work or actually shoot.


(Hate that boi, jamie was it? Yeah I feel ya man)
I just went and did the ol fashion way.


Yeah, I should have just shot the guy. Anyways, can’t wait for me to see when Saide becomes an outlaw and the reasons why Arthur and John dislike one another. Also, what happened on the boat.

Out of curiosity, how many use the cinematic cutscenes during the missions ?


Only for screenies lol. Damn wolves and bandits be everywhere cant let ur guard down.


Fun fact, did that after rescuing John. Not the best time :sweat_smile:


Does anybody else and their horse just drop to the floor after bumping into something while riding the horse?


Can’t say it’s happened to me, although, someone brought this on the COG discord;





Seeing quite a few posts complaining about the controls in RDR2 being bad and how everything is too slow, among others. Interesting…



I’m seeing similar thing about assassin creed odyssey . Game has you , when on horse slow down in populated area . In cave , you walk more slowly (and funny) . And peoples (like 1-2) are calling it ‘the worst rpg ever’ lol .



I have to agree with the animation speeds, but other than that, already one of my favorite games.