Now, hopefully this the last time I do this, but after waking up early just to get this and attend my only uni class till 2 pm, I have only this to say:

See ya during the weekends :grin:

Edit: after opening this up, turns out there are two disks. Man, forgot that happened the last time I bought GTA V


Welp, time to watch half the country have a sick day.
Getting rdr2 in a few hours, cant wait!



Though it’s good to see another article covering behind-the-scenes:

For night shifts, UK employment laws state a person can only work eight out of every 24 hours, but Rockstar employees sign agreements to waive this condition.

Wait… is that even legal?


…I’m frankly more interested in the Spyro trilogy and the Medievil trailer coming next week…


And I’m more interested in this. Lethal League should be an esport. That’s some funky fresh bears. Plus my boy Candyman is looking fly as always


Well after playing a couple solid hours on the game, I have to say, Rockstar went out of their way with this game. The fact you can have a cinematic camera whilst doing a mission, engaging in conversations with characters, even in missions and seeing a lot of dynamic character interaction, it’s honestly impressive. Shooting mechanics are good, realistic too (will have to get used to the recoil) and yeah, you really have to be a team player and all, especially in camp (I may or may not failed some missions cause I’m too busy looting people). Oh, and only spoiler, Arthur and John don’t like one another. Plus John seems to not be the family man he would become in RDR. All in all, this is shaping up to be a really good game (But, I may need to restart the story, which is fine since I was only 3 hours in).


Holy shit i love this trailer. The background vocal is so fitting.


I need to get the Spyro and Crash collections eventually. Never played the originals (yep, my childhood gaming experience was pretty small) so seeing these come to PS4 is great!

Also saw the RDR2 Ultimate Edition is £89.99, with the extras being a steelbook, map and some additional content. Hmm, for that price, I’d probably opt for the Kingdom Hearts All-in-One collection instead with 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX + HD 2.8 + KH3. Though ideally I’d like “The Story So Far” collection which excludes KH3 to come to the UK instead of paying that much money at once into a series I’m not even sure if I’ll like.


Just finished The Heist DLC for Spider-Man, interesting setup to what is evidently a whole arc of story compared to the main game, a Spider-Man 1.5 if you would. Roll on Turf Wars and Silver Lining in November and December…

Also finally figured out how to get photos onto my PS4. Got the late lamented (and one of three new costumes for the DLC) Spider-UK on my desktop now!


meanwhile…in Assassin Creed Odyssey…



The price is gradually dropping on Amazon for the game, now it’s £42. Hopefully by Christmas it’s around £35, if not, below £40 at least.

Would you say the first DLC is worth buying or wait for the others to come out first?


I mean, I don’t think it is. I’m not a lawyer but as far as I know, agreements between companies and their employees cannot in any way circumvent or disregard actual laws. I would imagine doing that comes with consequences once people start pressing charges. The problem is that if no one knows any better, then who is going to speak up?


I know that here in Brazil this would not be possible. You have some things that you can change by the contract with your employer, but there are “fundamental rights” as we call them, that cannot be changed because those are guaranteed rights you have, doesn’t matter what you signed or anything else, you simply can’t lose them.
In the UK I have no idea how that goes, as that depends on each country’s Constitution and ordinary laws.


Yeah sure you bought rdr2. But you will never be as cool as this man here


You can get the three pieces of story DLC in a bundle called ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ and they’re evidently connected so you’re best either grabbing the bundle when you get the main game or else wait for the inevitable complete edition in about six to nine months…


I see. I may get the game sooner than that so the season pass would be the best option in that case, rather than buying the DLC separately. Hoping the digital deluxe edition on the PS Store reduces in price during a sale but it’s probably too soon for that. Thanks for the information!


thats just confusing…


Someone finally ported RDR to Steam



I played for 12 goddamn hours and I still aint even a bit bored. There’s something interesting popping up all the time its ridiculous and amazing.

Feel like im really getting my moneys worth man.
(Also listening to too much cowboy lingo has got me unconsciously chameleon-ing it, aw heck)