Weekly event isnt game as service? That’s just an extra thing they can easily thrown together even before the game came out and slowly roll out to keep players interested until the next post-release content roll out. Post-release contents are part of the “service” part imo.


And you can’t speak about games as service without looking at EVE online.



Joke aside, eve is awesome…to read about. I never want to play it tho


I’ve played it once, before the game got “free account” thingy.
The exploration path is actually pretty fun, playing pseudo-minesweeper to hack space debris and get blueprints as well as hi-tech stuff.

I’ve also went into a wormhole to a sleeper redzone (which is basically end-game alien outpost zone). Just warped in, moved for about a wee bit of inch, and got shot down by high-tier exploration craft immediately (and I was using the starter version of exploration craft).

As I resurrected back on homebase, I got a mail in. From the pilot of the hi-tier exp craft. He said that he got panicked seeing unknown signature near the wormhole and immediately opened fire, not knowing I’m just a poor sod. Along with the mail is a cash worthy 3x of my destroyed craft, and he apologized for shooting me down.


It is kinda weird I give Ubisoft a slight pass over things I wouldn’t give EA ones for. Maybe they just handle such things better.


To be fair, Ubisoft haven’t F’d up, or if they have, they make sure to fix it better with their other games. EA is just the measuring stick of what other video games companies should not do.


Lol what a nice guy. I love reading about the huge wars in eve from video games outlets. It always sounds epic af. But I hate spreadsheet so I never try the game out.


Another outstanding article by Jason Schreier. In my opinion he is easily one of, if not, the best games journalist out there in the industry.

Three testers said they weren’t allowed their cell phones at their desks during the work day, and had to put them in lockers before starting their shifts, which made it difficult to deal with doctor’s appointments or other essential activities aside from their breaks.

Two said that after a tester spotted a drone that might have been filming through the windows, they were no longer allowed to open the blinds at night. Testers said they weren’t allowed to eat hot food at their desks—desks that were shared between day- and night-shift employees.

"It was mandatory 80 hours for basically the whole studio,” said one person who was there. “If you don’t have any work to do on Red Dead 2, just test GTA V for another eight hours.”

“Maybe they didn’t tell anyone 100 hours, but they definitely told us 80. Concept artists were sitting there being glorified QA.”

In conversations and e-mails, six current and former employees all independently used the term “culture of fear” to describe their experiences at Rockstar, in large part because of that overtime pressure.

“There is a lot of fear at Rockstar,” said a former employee, “fear of getting fired, fear of under-performing, fear of getting yelled at, fear of delivering a shitty game. For some people fear is a great motivator, for others it just incites rebellion.”

One common fear at Rockstar is that if you leave during a game’s production, your name won’t be in the credits, no matter how much work you put in. Several former Rockstar employees lamented this fact, and Rockstar confirmed it when I asked.

“That has been a consistent policy because we have always felt that we want the team to get to the finish line,” said Jennifer Kolbe. “And so a very long time ago, we decided that if you didn’t actually finish the game, then you wouldn’t be in the credits.”

This is horrendous.


Ugh that left a bad taste in my mouth. I knew it was kinda weird how fast they pumped out rdr2. Employees should never be treated this way. The worst thing is, no one gonna remember this when the game come out. Theyll happily forget about this and buy the game. Someone will dig this back out before GTA6 come out and the cycle will continue.


Some people have chalked the crunch controversy to Rockstar haters or opposers of RDR2. Sad truth is, 2/3rd of game companies do the same. Here’s my two cents:

If you have to work your employees’ asses off to make a game, reschedule, because your planning is shit. Don’t work in a place where overtime is mandatory, because health is more important than a video game which will be eclipsed in less than a decade by the next big project.


Try to propose that to the shareholders. In America employees dont mean shit in big corporation. As long as the shareholders are happy, everything is fine.


So, I’m just watching YouTube videos on my way to uni when I see this:


I used to play LoL and now I am looking to start playing again. anyone here plays it nowadays?


Just a word of warning that people are already spoiling some content of RD2 on YT already… IGN has already spoilt that you can find an encounter with a UFO in one area… so be careful if you want to go completely clean into this game.


If confused, this is Gamespot’s review’s comment section.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d say these people take the criticism of a videogame they like as a personal attack. Or maybe they simply have a serious investment in the game.

Who knew there were so many Take Two shareholders defending R* honor in the comment sections all across the net? Not me, not me…



Ah yes, apparently 9/10 is a terrible score nowadays.

This is Uncharted 4 all over again. Remember the huge amount of backlash IGN got for giving that game a 9/10 and not a 10?

For God’s sake, have they forgotten that reviews are subjective? Also, how can they claim that RDR2 deserves a 10/10 if they haven’t even played it yet?

At least Kirk Hamilton’s review on Kotaku doesn’t use a score. It’s also written extremely well:


IGN is only fair if they agree with the general reception.


I think the system of buy-wait for sale-rent-don’t buy is much better than numbering because it’s so subjective if you’re gonna enjoy a game or not, same as with a movie. By all means take reviews on board but don’t let them tell you what you buy or don’t buy.


Has anyone tried a game named Potion Punch?