And dynamic horse faeces.

Rockstar are pulling all the stops.

Anyway, this tweet from Bethesda came out a few minutes ago:


Soooo basically its like early access? And we get to go bug hunting for them? Cool…cool.

(I don’t give a shit either way mmos aren’t my thing)


Going to bookmark this incase it happen to me. :joy:

Just want to ask if you toggle with the ‘.ini’ file before the bug happen? To be honest, Odyssey does have it share of bugs but so far, my problem is the FPS drop but this issue only happens once in the while and I hope Ubisoft fixed some problems.


nope . been playing since I got it on the 2nd . never touched the ini file .


Finally got round to sending off my Secret Santa requests!

Opted to ask for either Witcher 3 or GTA V as my main game request with Prey and Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider as backup options, though I have also suggested them getting The Art Of Horizon Zero Dawn hardback book, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover paperback (a prequel story to the game) and either Incredibles 2 or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on DVD.

Have to decide whether to go big and ask for Red Dead 2 for Christmas or birthday or wait until its cheaper or on sale in the new year and ask for AC Origins and LEGO Marvel 2 instead. Dragonball Fighterz and Jurassic World Evolution would be on there too but they’re still really expensive for games which have been out for a while now.

Anyone playing the new DLC for Spider-Man today? :grin: Got plans to give it a try tonight once my interview prep is done…


Tried the dlc, it’s got a good hook at the moment, though met a nice irritating machine gun wielding brute. (It could be me, but I’m slightly rusty when defeating these guys fluently but my gadgets and suit power more than makes up for it.)


Ok not my type of game but goddamn this is just adorable


Just want to share this: :joy:


They’re releasing FO76 so soon? I thought 2019 would be the earliest. Can’t seem to find it on steam, did they put it up yet?

Happy birthday, @resuri08! :smiley: :cake:


I don’t think its going to be on steam


Happy birthday.


Huh, I just checked and you’re right.

Oh god, bethesda launcher, we meet again


Yeah, Bethesda are releasing it on PC exclusively for their own launcher because they want a “direct relationship” with players, as Fallout 76 is always online… what a load of BS.

Like mentioned before, it’s because they don’t want Valve to take a cut of the sales if they put it on Steam so they’ll keep all the money for themselves. Bethesda are going the EA/Blizzard route of moving new games onto their own launcher for PC.

@resuri08 Happy birthday! :grin:


Have I mentioned how hyped I am for this little old game yet? :heart_eyes:

So apparently the full six locations in Hitman 2 (as shown here) will be Miami, Columbia, Hawke’s Bay (a beach location in New Zealand), Mumbai, Vermont and the Isle of Sgail (a mysterious place somewhere in the North Sea). They also have two more totally new locations planned for DLC.

Just started playing The Heist DLC with Spider-Man, loving it so far, these are like fun smaller events you get in the Spidey comics, spinning nicely out from things from the main game and with missions which feel distinctive enough.


On one hand, I think it’s good that other companies are trying to butt in on the digital store market. Steam holding this huge monopoly isn’t a good thing and more competition will be only beneficial for the end user.

And on the other hand, well… To put it mildly, Bethesda launcher did not leave me with the best of impressions when I messed around with FO4 tool kit:

Not that amusing on my end, as you might guess. Hopefully they fixed the thing.


That’s it this is the best game ever. ACOdyssey, Spiderman, all those weak sauce games cant hold a candle to this masterpiece


the thumbnail is scary enough…

not clicking THAT! Lol


You’re missing out. It’s absolutely hilarious. Featuring a familiar voice.

“Is my magazine what, sir?”


That’s a good point. Discord recently launched their own digital games store too so the competition keeps increasing. They’ve tied their Nitro monthly subscription service to it by announcing a higher, more expensive tier which gives members access to a selection of games. Basically their own Origin Access.

Ouch. Yeah, I haven’t heard good things about Bethesda’s launcher. Never had to use it yet (which seems fortunate) but that may change when I switch to PC gaming.

Better than Knack 2? I’m doubtful. Especially since it’s been recently nominated for an award:



Games as service can be done right.

I just did the weekly quest for AC:Odyssey. It was a fun little diversion from the main game. I got a unique cosmetic reward for doing it. The whole experience was a fun little enhancement to an already great game.

It made me wonder why does the games as a service thing have to be bad. Time and time again when it pops up it’s predatory to my purse, or actually detracts from the overall experience of the game…or both. Yet, here’s a major game studio doing it so well.

I guess… three cheers for Ubisoft. Hip Hip Hooray!