I can move it…but it stuck . like it fight you ? I cant click on anything , it like there is this invisible circle…where its stuck . it flicker and stuck in middle of the screen . that Vid show it .

edit : I have been using that host to host my file , cose it allow big files . I didnt upload it to YT…cose my recording is crap and show some of my personal infos lol


Check if any other input devices are connected. Pads, wheels, anything.


pads , wheels ? what are those ?

I only have a keyboard and mouse plugged + an USB key thingy to connect to the internet . That is it…Oh and speaker . nothing else .


That’s gotta be input problem. In ACO.ini try switching following values


to 1 and 0 respectively.



thats how it was . changed it now…



I could kiss you!!!

So that was it ?!? SHeesh…and here…been driving my poor brain bonker XD

Thank you!!!



What’s the biggest challenge in balancing an ecosystem of 200 species?

We try to populate the world in a way that feels most natural. Each species is hand placed to make sure that every region feels distinct with a diverse population of animals native to those habitats, distributed in their respective social groupings, and with varying levels of activity based on the time of day.

Some animals move as herds between locations at various times, and some of the herds have a finite number of animals so that as you kill them over time, you can remove that particular herd or simply reduce the numbers when you come back next time.

It’s an enormous world, and we carefully go through each area to figure out what works best in each location, what the appropriate threats are in that area, and to make sure nothing feels particularly out of place.

While we are working on placement, we are also looking at the ways certain species can interact with each other in the world. Some animals can co-exist and react together but some of the animals are obviously aggressive to one another.

On top of that, there’s the ecosystem surrounding scavenging and how that applies to dead animals. For example, bait isn’t the only way to attract another animal. If you kill a rabbit, the rabbit corpse will attract other animals to it so you can essentially use an animal you’ve killed as bait.

Still can’t get over the insane amount of detail put into this game.

So close… but it was going to happen eventually. 4 more days until release.





isn’t that cute ?

Special sale (finished today) for kotor 1 and 2 for the lowest price ever !

So they still sell the product . But won’t fix the eternal Bug that force you to start over and pray it won’t show up again ! :tired_face:


Those are old games, pretty much everyone already own them at this point. Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s a mod for every bug at this point. Dont remember exactly what I used when I played the game, but I didnt run into any game breaking bug.


hum nope . kotor 2 still has this horrible bug that stop you from advancing the main story .

I have the ‘restored content’ which fixed a few of them , granted . But the one I have…nope .

well of course they are old games lol I actually love both and have both . They are classic and ones of the best games .

thats what I was playing before ACO released lol then the bug happen…and I had to switch to DAI…

Urgh…didn’t feel like starting all over again…

also speaking of kotor 2


The hype got to me.
I’m still not pre-ordering or shelling out like 80+ for some goodies but I’m hyped.

Inb4 a year down the line the “complete” edition is released anyways.


That’s what I meant, at this point pretty much everyone already have a copy or 2 considering how often they go on sale for dirt cheap. So the sale isnt that useful. As for the bug, I think that’s an isolated issue since I finished the game with minimal amount of bugs. Check online to see if anyone has similar problem and look for solutions.


Just wondering, but does anyone plays MTG Arena, here?



I did…

its a horrible bug , there was only 1-2 others peoples who had it . and its random how it happen . Pretty much the issue , is…

this guy Nikko

who is in alderaan cantina . you do this quest about a murder investigation . well…the thing is…his name show up lol and thats about it . the guy himself isn’t showing up . I only get this floating name where he is supposed to be . and reloading over and over doesnt do squat . I remember I looked everywhere…for a fix of some kind . all I got is ‘I dont have it in my game , and it seem to be random…reload again!’’ lol .

and if that guy doesnt show up…you are stuck forever in that cantina . he move the story ahead .


I feel incredibly tempted now. How much would that be in US dollars?


Nero’s coat = 750,000 yen (approx. $6648) + tax
Dante’s coat = 900,000 yen (approx. $7978) + tax
V’s coat = 600,000 yen (approx. $5319) + tax


Yikes, that seems like a lot.


Like realistic horse testicles that enlarge and shrink depending on temperature :laughing: