DAO and DA2 remasters would be lovely so I could catch up with another series…


I wouldn’t mind playing a remastered DA:Origins. It has become my absolute favorite!


muh…if remastered mean fixing the bloody endless crash on pc steam copy…

fine…and it better be free .


Need to play all three of these. I have DA:O sitting in my GOG library and haven’t touched it yet because I’m occupied with other games.

Hopefully the KH “The Story So Far” PS4 collection comes to the UK but at the moment, it’s a US-only title. :neutral_face:

No way it’ll be free. It’s EA.

The best they would do is what they did with Burnout Paradise Remastered. Those who owned the original Burnout Paradise game got a 75% discount off the remastered version, effectively costing around $5 for it.


I’ve seen the Kingdom Hearts “all-in-one” pack on the italian PSN. Is that one?


Wouldn’t mind a DAO remaster. That said, I’m curious of how much could be visibly improved. Even graphics-wise, the game still holds up in my mind.

They can

They can keep DA2, though. Such a disappointment, that one.


That’s another collection but the one named “The Story So Far” contains KH 1.5+2.5 ReMIX and HD 2.8. It’s basically the All-in-One pack but doesn’t include KH3.

The Story So Far is set to launch on October 30th, and will cost $39.99 (around £30). It doesn’t appear as if Square has formally announced a European version of the collection just yet, but I’ll update the story if it turns out to be a US-only affair.


I exchange you! Gimme DA2…and take this crashy DAO off mah hand ! :smiley:


Uh, I don’t know what to do with Sudden Strike 4.

If anyone wants it, please tell me.


I’m having a mind blowing issue with ACO…:frowning:


I opened a ticket with Ubi and waiting for them to help…

but…anyone know what could make a game flicker ? lol I even made a Vid…

its weird…game been working exellent since day 1 ! and then out of the blue this happen…


Is Vsync enabled?


I uploaded the vid here :

I cant even get in the game .

I went in the ini file , and changed that Vsync stuff . Antiliasing . rolled my graphic driver , did steam validation files , rebooted…

nada . I also though maybe its my cpu overheating . This room stay cold…wake up and was freezing…and nope . pc is closed for the night . and the issue is still there .

oh , also…plugged and unplugged both my mouse and keyboard . it still doing it! lol

the issue is only in the game . I have MEA and DAI installed . and they are fine .

edit : also did the compatibility thing , with xp pack 2 , window 7 , window 8…nothing . run as administartor . nothing .

run in windowed mod , bordeless , changed resolution…still nothing .


Random flickering of the entire screen? (Can’t watch the vid, sorry).
Try turning Vsync on if you haven’t tried it yet.

What do you mean? Does it affect anything other than visuals?


when you start the game , and get past the many LOGO…and you have the 'click any key to start ’ ? That line is flickering . I click , and the mouse is stuck in middle . so I cant even click on quit game , setting , load , continue…etc .


Oh, wow, I thought it was just changing the visuals, though that’d be irritating as well. From what I’ve read, you’ve done everything I would suggest so unfortunately I can only tell you to wait for Ubisoft support.


some guy keep telling me to reinstall steam , to uninstall the game…

seriously !! I’m NOT Doing that !! Thats last resort thing . and no game on steam I have is having an issue . Just this one…

add to that , the validation repair on steam didnt find any missing or corrupt file . it was 100% fine .


I mean, sounds like screen tearing but then again, maybe not.

I can’t see how uninstalling and reinstalling helps in that case.


exactly lol . thats like some Mircosoft telling you to reinstall window for a game …

yeah! that gonna not happen :stuck_out_tongue:

screen tearing ? it happen during a cutscene…my character was stuck fighting on and on , hitting invisible thing . felt like someone pushed all the buttons on my keyboard . all the icons for inventory were acting up…like being hit on and on . thats when I quit the game…and couldnt start it again .


Is it stuck or you can move it a bit and it comes back to the center?

Sorry but that hosting is rubbish, next time please upload video to youtube or other streaming platform.


Well, essentially, it’s either that or a power cable issue.