behind the scene with ALexios and Kassandra voice actors :slight_smile:


Look at this glorious incandescence


Lmao I know nothing about Dark Souls and yet I want one of those.


Agreed. As much as I like games, I definitely do not want to work in the video game industry after reading numerous dreadful stories about it. Sent my university applications off yesterday to do computer science for September 2019 entry so hopefully that goes well.

Sad but true…


Insomniac actually did it, those madmen!!


had to do it


I kind of wish the game had a Boss Battle replay mode. Not that I mind replaying the story but fighting the super villains in super hero games is always fun and Spider-Man 2 actually had that option (you could even be crazy and fight Rhino, Shocker, Calypso and Doc Ock at the same time!). More of a wishful hope anyway.

Very excited for the new costumes and new Black Cat storyline!


now that is something !

I still think Skylame is utterly boring! lol but it may interest some of you :wink:


Todd Howard: β€œWhat did you just say?”


Hmm. :thinking:
Hes definitely got some valid points at least.


mumble mumble… :rofl:


Back with more Ace Combat 7 gameplay.

Today, youtube showed me this gameplay which appears to be played by someone from the company, and I’d say this is the best show on basically β€œhow Ace Combat looks when being played on its peak.”



War never changes…


everyone get stuck in the mud…

Dun dun dunnn! Lol


anyone ever saw this duo ? cosplay SeraxFemQunari! :kissing_heart:

more here :


Konami Idiot Staff 1: β€œNobody is playing the game which franchise we killed off, what do we do?”

Konami Idiot Staff 2: β€œOh! Let’s stick a character from that other franchise we killed in for a limited time, wooh!”


It’s a shame. Konami retains the FOX Engine which is absolutely fantastic and they could do great things with it.

Like when they remade MGS3 in it… exclusively for a pachinko machine.


Can attest to that. Fox engine is very well optimized.
I mean, it managed to make my integrated graphics 8gb ram craptop run Mgsv at medium, fullscreen, with perfect fps.
Just how??


The folks at Kojima Productions are geniuses. MGSV is the most well-optimised game I’ve ever played. I’ll probably buy it again when my PC is eventually ready.

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


…I would buy. I know, I’m pathetic, but I would buy DAO for the third time. (First was on PS3. Got most DLCs too. Than on PC the complete edition)

DAO, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy IX are my biggest gaming weaknesses.