Sorry… this isn’t we exactly hard core gaming discussion, but I spent the day playing Unravel 2 with my niece, and then we got crafty and made Yarny dolls, and I’m really proud of mine… so I posted it here.


That’s really good! Great job!

I need to play both of those games. Though I would have to play it solo because I have no friends.


you did that on purpose…

now you gotta add a tag on the chest area that say ‘HUG :heart: Meh’

and everyone will give it a hug…:hugs:


welcome to the gamer world…where our dearest friend are virtual 3D character! :rofl:


Yes. I wish I had a bro like Garrus.

The service lets you play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey directly from the Chrome browser on a PC. No downloads or installs required, you start the game from the website and immediately get to play, and it’s a completely free beta until January of next year. The service runs incredibly smooth on my mid-range laptop over Wifi (far better than PS Now), with very little lag or visual degrading and a stable framerate.

I already stream movies and music, so why not games as well? For me it is a great solution because I have no interest in spending thousands on a gaming PC, and I’m honestly getting tired of buying consoles every few years to keep up with the latest games.

Another comment said it runs Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 1080p 60fps with a hitch that lasts for a second every 2 hours or so.

Project Stream does sound very promising, especially because Google has the infrastructure to support this. Microsoft are making their own cloud gaming platform with Project xCloud, which the next generation Xbox will focus on from what I’ve heard.




The more you know.



not him! lolol

the only good thing about Saren is he looked badass…

still get shot between the eyes lol .


He’s Garrus-level when compared to Kai Leng though.


how ?

He is racist…Garrus aint…

he shoot a gun…Garrus snipe like a pro…

he has no catchy phrase…Garrus got calibrated!

Garrus is SO much better! wanna compare turiant , compare those who are cool! Like say…Vetra and Garrus…or Garrus and Nyreen ! Or even Garrus and what is his name…that spectre that Saren killed…


No, I mean Saren compared to Kai Leng as an antagonist. Saren is so much better that it’s not even a contest.


even Vorcha are better then Kai Lang! :joy:


So true. The comments in this are hilarious. :laughing:



that remind me of that MadTv skit! Hang Low ! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Bless this subreddit.


Thats priceless ! HAHAHA Mah ribs! :rofl:


RPGs Then and Now


tis maybe a bit spoilery…from Assassin creed odyssey…but a friend caught this brillant moment! though I share…


assassin’s creed odyssey is the bestt game i’ve played in a while, i already have 100+ hours and have only 2 achievements left to get.


Didn’t watch it yet so tempting but no… I have much more self control when it comes from spoilers. :joy: Anyway, tried my hand on the infamous Kalydonian Boar and people weren’t kidding. I just spent an hour trying to kill it before I decided to save it for later.