This is kind of an unusual and justified exception to the race changing situation, which is why I am glad that they have opted for actresses based on the games in this case. Most of the time race changing isn’t an issue since it’s not the case that a character is as defined by their appearance as Ciri might be. And we can see that people of colour are going to be significant in the adaptation, which is great. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really found it funny that some reviewers were finding fault in the micro transactions. I am against micro transactions but in Odyssey, there’s really no need to spend extra money to level up. There are a lot of side quest that could help you level up so I really don’t find it grindy. Though I’m only level 7 and just left the starting island. :joy:

My only concern are the dreaded FPS issue and some game breaking bug.


just level 7 ? Sheesh…I went speedy gonzalez lol I’m levle 42…and did like 90% already of the game…



If your on PC there should be a patch tomorrow that addresses framerate and gameplay stuff. Yeah the only people mainly saying that it’s to grindy are reviewers who are trying to rush through the story. Everyone else who’s played it have told me it’s pretty balanced.

Anyway how’s Kassandra, I’ve had to restart my playthrough with her since my console updated and deleted half my saves including my Alexios one that was level 44. But I managed to find a level 40 one so im in luck.


Yep. I am that slow. :joy: To be fair, I wasn’t able to play much this past few days due to work. ;¬;

I love her so much! Although it’s hard to compare with Alexios since I haven’t play as him but I really like the way they create her. =D

I heard about this over the Ubisoft forums. That is awful. Is there any other way to recover it?



well I’m planning to snoop and loot my way back…when I start over lol

I rushed cose for that 1st time…I wanna see the story soooo bad !!!

and beside…I aint got anything to play…so I’m gonna play the hell out of this game , until cyberpunk is released .

you arent that person I have been talking her ear off about asari over Ubi forum , right ? lol


Nope I had these saves when I was offline, so they didn’t save to the cloud like the more recent ones. So I’ve started back with Kassandra, currently now level 6.


hey guys!! Quick! any console xbox1 peasant here ? my friend lol is on the boat and dont know how to unlock her kassandra…she need to dive for a quest . she is on xbox 1…

anyone know ?


There’s a chest on the ship now that you can store gear you don’t want to sell. It’s behind where you stand.




well we are all peasant lol even if I’m on pc…games started on console…

so Halp ? Lol


What do you need help with?


my friend is playing the game on xbox 1 and she is stuck on the boat . she need to dive for a quest but dont know how to release…like give back command so she can move around .


Hold Y.


yes ye syes ! THANK YOU!!! that did it! ya are the best! :smiley:


Well, in their defense, it’s a single-player action RPG that doesn’t need microtransactions in it whatsoever, but they still put them in anyway. There are many comparisons between Odyssey and The Witcher 3, though the latter doesn’t have any microtransactions.

However, like you said, they aren’t necessary. While not the same game, AC Origins also has these time savers and I have no need for them. Levelling up is straightforward since I’m frequently doing side quests and the location ones I can just look up on YouTube.

Ouch. I remember a similar story on the PS4 subreddit, except their PS4 did a factory reset randomly.

I turned it off properly before leaving for work. I’ve just come home to play the new Assassins Creed onlt to find out ‘it turned off incorrectly’. Ive lost everything im so upset.

Edit: I have an external HD so luckily some games were safe from the apocalypse. Upon investigation turns out my Odyssey save was the only one not on the cloud which leads me to believe that a corrupted save is what rang the death knell for my PS4.

I back up my AC Origins save on my USB flash drive after each session (my other saves are on there) because of reasons like this. Occasionally, I’ll get a PS+ subscription so I can update my cloud storage.

Yeah. Origins is similar in that you can easily level up with side quests. It’ll be some time before I get to Odyssey but I’m looking forward to it.

Sorry to hear about those bugs. Guess we’ll have to wait for more patches.


It surely can’t be that I’m the only one who remembers when these “time saver” microtransactions existed in the form of… free cheat codes? Same principle, want to skip progression or create an overpowered character - just enter the code.

No, I’m really curious here, why would you want to justify it, in a game you already paid the base price of ~ $60 for? It’s not like publishers are trying to break even here, no. It’s greed at its finest. Find out what you can monetize in a game and can get away with. Push and probe the bubble, taking 1 piece at a time, a never-ending process.


I think I remember EC video on games shouldn’t cost $60.

Ah, here you go.

I don’t necessarily justifies the existence of mtx in a paid game. However, when asked what is the reason to justify its existence, this is the one I can find.


I don’t know if this post was directed at me or @E_RedMark but I am not justifying micro transactions. It’s just media exaggerated the micro transaction issue of Odyssey. They keep pushing that the game is too grindy that you need to buy micro transactions to play the game, which base from my experience, everything was just right.

If they didn’t review it as such, I wouldn’t mind if they said the micro transactions is money waster.


That’s a fair assumption. However, I did specifically mention the “base” price of $60. Nowadays if you want the whole experience, you’d have to fork out for a season pass/DLC. Then you have a dozen different editions all with unique content hidden behind. On top of that MTX. Then loot crates. Then physical merch.

Full AAA game these days doesn’t cost $60. More like $100+

@resuri08 I didn’t want to single anyone out, so I just posted that as a question to the community, in general.

I haven’t played this latest AC, so I can’t say. But all my previous experiences where MTX were included in SP game revealed busted game design that revolves around remarkable grinding. Can you play just the main story and ignore all the fetch quests in Odyssey? If so, that’s great. Still, in my book it doesn’t justify the presence of MTX in the premium game, at all.