Ok, this game definitely has my attention…

I… am… crazy… all for the love… of you…”


New dunkey video:

“Turns out the side missions aren’t side missions because you have to complete a ton of them in order to level up your guy up. Of course, this is where time savers come into play. Ubisoft want you to spend real money on in-game experience so you don’t actually have to play the game you just bought for $60.”



Common sense has prevailed and Ciri and Yennefer in Netflix’s Witcher are being played by people who actually look like they are supposed to…


thats bullshit .

Ubisoft want you to…

its more like ‘I can’t control myself , so I gonna blame Ubi for putting those things in!’’ .

I’m playing the whole game , and I never needed the damn store .

Anyone who need ‘Time saver’ should go and play Tetris on the John . If you don’t have time for a big game that need time…then don’t play it . Sheesh…

Edit: also…anyone can dig up rumour about a BG3 in the making ? I saw something being said…dunno if its true or fake news…


they look nothing like the real thing lol

Love how Netflix is going on egg…but don’t mind white washing for others games/show…woot…the hypocrisie…


Well I’m pissed, I updated my console and it decided to factory reset and delete my saves which included my level 44 Alexios character and level 18 Kassandra.


and there is a patch for the Xbone…steam pc is tomorrow…

for skirt of spartah that is .

Sorry to hear that Patrick . I’m stuck waiting for an answer from Ubi anyway…so havent played in 2 days…:disappointed_relieved:


Yeah im downloading the patch now as well as the entire damn game again.


I heard they added a chest in the game , to store those gear you cant sell . be on the look out for it :slight_smile:


Hopefully also the fact your clothes should get wet when you go in water, it’s been bugging me for some reason. They said they’d fix it, guess I’ll see.


humm…or the hair…:smirk:

haha I been pointing that one out way before the game came out !

Thats some good LOREAL! lol


Ok so my Alexios character got saved at level 40, but I’m gonna have to restart my Kassandra…fuck.


You do know Ciri’s casting criticism was virtually all people concerned that changing her race fundamentally contradicts her nation’s background and situation and hardly anything to do with general racism, right?


I have no idea what you just said…

Edit: hey patrick! I play your kassandra! Gimmmmmeeeeee! :hugs:


Ciri is a secret princess of a nation of people based on Medieval Eastern Europe and with a predominantly white population. The issue was that the developers said they were looking for a BAME actress to play her which seemed to totally contradict that. Many took issue including people from Poland who have a big connection to the Witcher series.

Others would explain it better than me but that I believe is the gist. :thinking:


what is a BAME ?


Black, Asian, and other non-white minority ethnic actress.


well…I heard about the white washing they did in others stuff…

although maybe that was disney ?

Urgh thats what happen when you never watch Teevee lolol

I’m all for more inclusion (is that the word ?) for minoritee . Heck I’m a minoritee…I aint white!

But I don’t like changing black to white or white to black .


Well since I’m starting over the first thing I did was climb on the Zeus penis.



so lucky I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read that XD

Take pictureeeeees ! LOL