True, it’s good that Ubisoft are now taking breaks.

The ancient Rome rumour stems from a leak back in 2016 where the leaker said the next AC games would be set in Egypt, then Greece, then Rome. So far, he’s been correct.


Popular virtual youtuber and the vid should get subs after a few days


I think a Viking AC would be nice, Vikings haven’t been in too many games (I know God of War) and since we have Valkyries they can have a male or female Viking assassin and it makes perfect sense. Plus Assassins Creed Ragnarok sounds badass.


Awesome. :+1:

That is a really good price. May end up getting this instead of the All-in-One package, now I just need to see if it’s on the UK pag-

Why, Square Enix?!


Do not, I repeat do not start posting archer gifs. You do not want to unleash the beast within me. You wont be able to stop me once I get started


I want more of these!


Do you mean where the Lion statue is?


Sorry for the late reply. So you know the place where the oracle is, there’s a cave not to far from it. When you see the name, you’ll get the reference.

Also, on a side note, I think I broke the game.


Are you sure that’s an Easter egg. Cause Kratos is the god of strength in mythology.

Also how did you break the game lol?


Given the time period and setting I am kind of surprised that there’s no Wonder Woman Easter Egg…


There’s Wonder Woman armor. Different color and it’s called Amazon armor though.



Nice! It’s going to be tricky to decide whether to play as Alexos or Kassandra when I pick this up.


Apparently theres multiple endings so you could play as one then as another in a different playthrough.


Hmm, didn’t realise there was an actual god with the name Kratos. Also, You tried that tracker head gear ? Let’s just say I tried to wear it again and well, my menu looked broken as well as other stuff.


Well there are these gauntlets


I managed to go inside a volcano!



Leaked screenshot of rdr2


I don’t like to be that person, but can i ask where you got that rdr2 picture from?(because that looks very high graphical…especially compared to the recent GTA.)


Sure, it’s from Yellowstone website. It’s a photo of a bison. Get bamboozled!