Damn sweet. Im torn between getting this or rdr2. Its so expensive to get both yknow?

rdr2 has a lot of mini games, detailed nature, and gunplay that looks fun but im not very invested in the mc.
While ac:odyssey looks like it wont be as deep but I also love stealth, the aesthetics and mc choice.

Ugh, cant choose, help!


Hmm, that’s a tough one. AC Odyssey is getting very positive reviews and Ubisoft are going to support it for a while with the season pass, which includes episodic expansions arcs, additional content and also two remastered games.

But then you have Red Dead Redemption 2 which will undoubtedly receive numerous GOTY awards and universal acclaim, especially with Rockstar’s excellent track record. Hands-on impressions range from the game being ridiculously detailed, it raising the bar once again for open world games… there’s an article summing them up:

AC Odyssey should reduce in price a lot quicker than RDR2 though. Both will last a very long time but Rockstar may go the GTA V route and focus on Red Dead Online when it launches rather than making new single-player DLC for the main game, because money.


I would like to report that I was able to play Odyssey two or three hours without much problem. Though I would like to try upping some graphic setting though if my PC could do so, it’s currently on default medium settings. XD


Hmm, I see thanks. Might get rdr2 then since I can just get Aco for pc cheaper later!
(Waitinf foe rdr2 to come to pc? No thnx)
Edit: Lmao at my clusterfuck typing. No more writing for me.


I’m waiting for rdr2 to come to pc too. I think itll be a nice gift for my grandson/daughter


I am hoping that RD 2 doesn’t focus solely on online content after launch as they have with GTA V. At the very least getting something like Undead Nightmare would be awesome.


How Kassandra became Queen Of Wakanda…


Dude, you missing the greatest Easter egg of all time, God of War is referenced.


BioWare having no chill, damn:


Where’s that?


@Spectro889 I know you like that judge thingy game. Here’s some gameplay by “hai domo virtual youtuber kizuna ai desu!”


Probably the only reason I’ll hop out of the machine to the future stuff while playing.


Have to say Odyssey went over my expectations, it’s a lot better compared to Origins, especially with the refined combat (though I still prefer the fast paced brutal fighting styles).


After dying a couple of times in Odyssey, I finally finished a quest with level 2 enemies. It took me a couple of tries to get hang of the controls but it seems I am more comfortable with stealth rather than direct combat but it seems I have to master direct combat as well.

Controls are obviously way different from Inquisition so it took me some time to get use to. I really feel bad that Kassandra kept dying on me. ;¬;

Anyone experience the game hanging after reloading from being killed? Usually when Kassandra died for the third time and then reloading from the last save, it hangs.


Not me. I’ve only had it crash once. Plus there should have been a day one patch now that it’s released.


I thought we already have a Day One patch since the game already 1.02. :joy: I hope 1.0.3 will come soon. I’ll just avoid being killed for the third time. =)


Didnt you go through the cave leading to the battlefield that King Leonidas died on ?


Not sure who that character is but that was… interesting. I wish I knew Japanese or there were English subs.

Nice track! Seems like The Flight did a great job on Odyssey’s soundtrack. I really liked their work on Horizon Zero Dawn so I’m glad to hear they’ve done a solid job on AC as well.

Would be nice if Ubisoft brought back Jesper Kyd but that probably won’t happen. :frowning_face:

That is great to hear. I’m liking Origins quite a lot as I progress through but to hear Odyssey being the superior game, that raises my excitement when I eventually play it.

The next AC game is very likely to be developed by the Black Flag/Origins team at Ubisoft Montreal with Ashraf Ismail at the helm. In Black Flag and Origins, he was game director but now it seems he’s been promoted to creative director. Good for him, Ashraf deserves it and is probably AC’s best director at the moment.

Rumours are that it’ll be set in ancient Rome. Looking on the AC subreddit though, a lot of people want an AC game by Ashraf’s team set in Medieval China or Feudal Japan.


Some people are wondering about maybe a Viking AC.

There’s not an AC coming in 2019, Odyssey will get a year or two of support, so its another break they’re doing. I’m just worried Rome might be to similar to Greece though if they do it.


Same, id like to them to stretch out to the far east. Tenchu style. We haven’t had a proper AAA ninja stealth game in years.