I think Bioware has gotten nervous about messing up romance in games these days and probably thinks its too much hassle to include in a game like Anthem.


He’s got the big dumb. As a writer of fiction he thinks games are bad, unpopular… and unproductive.


Probably. I’m planning to get Anthem for PC when I eventually build my desktop because it’ll be better and no subscription requirement for multiplayer. But if it really doesn’t have text chat, that will be a huge disappointment. I definitely won’t be using VC in it.

Perhaps, though executive producer Mark Darrah said the door for it is still open post-launch:

Then again, this game is a huge departure from what they normally do. They’ve got Dragon Age 4 in development and Casey Hudson has already said Mass Effect isn’t dead, so there’s that. Eh, I’ll see how the demo goes in February.

This actually has some really good games on here. Gravity Rush Remastered is £6.49 and Gravity Rush 2 is £9.99. Batman: Return to Arhkam is £12.99 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is £15.99. May potentially pick up one (in the case of Gravity Rush, I’ll pick up both) of these as a relatively short game after finishing AC Origins.

Same route as The Witcher 3 then. I’m assuming Bandai Namco will distribute Cyberpunk in Europe. Considering they announced this already, it might release earlier than expected. Perhaps late 2019?

Seems like these huge sizes for games are becoming a regular occurrence.

Wow! This is really impressive.

I was glad to see Dreams being on the next cover of Game Informer’s magazine but the fact that the cover was actually made in Dreams? Holy crap. This game continues to surprise me.


I keep forgetting that you have to pay for that on consoles. It’s stupid. I’m already being nickle and diming by spectrum, why should I pay to use internet just to play games?



Exactly one of the main reasons why I’m focusing on building a PC. Cloud storage being locked behind a subscription paywall on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch is also annoying. Microsoft provides free cloud storage for all users on Xbox One and the PC distribution platforms do so as well.

The Switch is the worse out of the lot for this because there is no other method for backing up your data than the cloud storage only available with their monthly subscription service. Something happens to your data on the Switch and you haven’t subscribed to their online service which has cloud storage? Tough luck, it’s gone. At the very least on PS4, you have the option to back up data via USB.


I wish Dragonball Fighterz and Jurassic World Evolution would drop down in price for something sensible already, I would put them on my Christmas list but even reduced they’re still too expensive in my opinion. Vampyr is a consideration though it’s the kind of game I could see added to PS Plus in the near future, plus £30 still seems a bit much.


Accuracy through volume


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is playable in the SEA. I hope everything will be fine…


Yakuza Kiwami? Damn, that’s a good lineup. Definitely want to get that game at some point but for now, I might pick up both Gravity Rush games while they’re still on sale.

Not entirely sure how Polygon go from a beaming review of the game to this. There’s microtransactions in Origins which I’m not a fan of but they aren’t necessary. Like the map packs that reveal locations, this can just be resolved by looking up the videos on YouTube. Also, 6 hours to gain 2 levels? What?

Hmm, interesting.


Lol I don’t get that, I usually end up a higher level than what the main story suggests. Probably because they’re trying to rush through the main story instead of doing anything else, reviewers trying to get their review out first. Also 2 hours to raise a level, considering I’m already at level 17 and haven’t played more than 10 hours I find that hard to believe


I dont even know what’s going on in Jump anymore. But it’s always fun to SEND SOME FOOLS TO THE SHADOWREALM! My only complaint is wheres my Exodia?

Also WB is NA distributor for Cyberpunk

This look pretty interesting tbh. Xcom-ish RPG seems like a winning combo for me.

Yes! The greatest pirate in fiction is finally coming to video game! What do you get when you combine Vampires and Pirates? Why, the Pirates of the Vampire Coasts of course! Ghost ships! Crab People! Drowned zombies! All hail the Pirate King of the Vampire Coast! Also I need those shanties right now! Sega please!


Most likely, yeah. While not the same game, Origins isn’t that bad to level up in either. I have so much content to get through still…

8 years in development and all of Rockstar’s studios working on this. Yep, this is definitely their most ambitious title. Won’t be surprised if this gets a 97/100 or 98/100 on Metacritic.


The Vampire Coast Trailer was only released ~2 hours ago and i already stopped counting how often i watched it.

This is going to be wonderful.


Ikr the ship golem looks amazing. Luthor Hakon looks great as well, definitely one of my favorite warhammer character.



I managed to make an okay screenshot and actually use it.


That is a gorgeous screenshot. Ubisoft have definitely nailed it with the breathtaking visuals in both Origins and Odyssey.

I could spend ages in the game’s photo mode. Odyssey most likely will be the same when I eventually buy it.


Spider-Man has a great photo mode too, you can even use it when playing as other characters.


Origins look great, shame I couldn’t finish it. I just couldn’t get into the setting. Odyssey has that bright colorful thing that I like.