I knew it was a gamble, I took it anyways cause I was hoping something good could come out of it. The one time I choose not to spoil myself over that damnit Ah well, tomorrow I’ll continue and see.


Glad to hear you liked it! Probably going to get yelled at for this, but is it worth trying if you’ve never seen Star Wars? Both games, that is.

I love this top comment.


Thanks. I had the same problem with Dragon Age Inquisition where it was my first DA game and couldn’t get into it with too much expectation of understanding the lore of the universe in advance. I know there’s the Netflix show coming out which might help out of course, but I would probably need a catch up video for Witcher 1 and 2 or watch a play through.




:yum: JK. Yeah probably wouldn’t. 2’s story requires knowing about Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens at least to follow since it incorporated elements of both and stuff which happens in Expanded Universe content like the Aftermath Trilogy of Star Wars books. The multiplayer is fun though, but a lot of it might be lost on ya.


Sad. I’ll probably go with KOTOR later on then, if I still haven’t watched Star Wars by that time. Once my motivation for watching films goes back up, I’ll look into it.

Now I’ve put in nearly 11.5 hours into my AC Origins total playtime and from my playthrough so far, this is my favourite screenshot.

(the camel must’ve known I had the photo mode on so it smiled for the picture, how nice)


LOL for smug Camel! Have you tried the Discovery Tour mode yet or are you waiting to finish the game first?


Going to finish the game first before trying the Discovery Tour, however long that takes me. My stats page on Ubisoft Club says I’ve reached 24% total completion. It may take me until the end of November to finish everything or if I’m slower, Christmas.



The most ambitious crossover in history


Awesome, just the history buff/ex museum worker/mad Whovian fanboy in me loves the fact that Ubisoft has included a learning mode in there now because I’m the type of person who would happily visit the British Museum any chance I could get. I honestly would adore it if Ubisoft took all the information they gathered from researching the past AC games and turned it into a whole game in itself where you get a time machine and explore loads of time periods in intimate detail it would be like porn for me. :heart_eyes:

I’ll consider sticking AC Origins on my Secret Santa list since it’s not a bad price now. I was thinking about asking for Red Dead 2 as my main Christmas present but glancing at the price makes me expect that’s ALL I would get, and that’s no fun. Though me birthday’s just after so…


Only thing a took a screenshot of was Zeus’s penis.


I should buy Persona 5 again so I can kick Kamoshida’s ass for the fourth time.

That would be amazing. The whole idea behind the Discovery Tour is really nice, I’m glad to see Ubisoft are continuing with it in Odyssey. Definitely looking forward to trying that.

Rockstar’s going to be draining numerous wallets this month and beyond. I would love to try RDR2 but the price will probably be high still at Christmas and after finishing AC Origins, I may have open world fatigue and opt for a smaller game instead, like Gravity Rush or something along those lines.

I certainly won’t get Odyssey straight after Origins, that’ll be too much at once. Dragon Quest 11 is a potential choice after all the amazing reviews about it but that’s even longer than Origins; it depends on how I feel at the end of it. I notice I’m becoming more patient with games, waiting for price reductions instead of pulling the trigger when they just come out. This will last until Project Judge is available for pre-order… probably.

Priorities, of course.


I was on it of course. Don’t know how to access screenshots from consoles though.


On PS4? If so, it’s in the Capture Gallery on the home screen.


The only villain I was even semi ok with was Madarame, and then they had him reveal he did something awful at the last minute. When my sister played it, she hated him right away because “every boi is best boi, and he hurt Yusuke”. I guess Mr. Black Mask was the most redeemable after that.

I just need to get Persona 4 and then I can go through them all. Though I’m not sure if I want to go through 1 and 2. Plus I’d still be skipping the side stuff like Arena.


Yeah. For me, my least favourite is probably Shido in that his palace just goes on for wayyyy too long. I’m surprised I went through that whole maze sequence three times. Okumura’s Spaceport in my first playthrough had me running around like a lunatic for ages. I ended up going on YouTube to see how to solve the puzzle. After that, I got it but wow, that was frustrating.

I’d love to play the previous Persona games like 3-4 but not owning a PS Vita, PS3 nor PS TV restricts me for doing so. Unless Atlus decides later on to port P3-4 to PS4 or PC, then I’m stuck with P5. I could look into the P5 dancing game when it comes out and drops in price for the character interactions, but like I mentioned before, these type of games aren’t my thing.


You could do the emulator method for three (of course you wouldn’t get the newest version with the answer but you’d get the female protag)

Shido was definitely the worse, it just dragged on and on. Though his boss fight was fun.


So far, I have two crashes with DA:I and some slow downs in two locations, which I heard it’s common. :joy:

In relation to this, some people are complaining that they can’t start the game. I wonder what’s going on? Though I’ve seen some are playing smoothly… I really feel bad for the customer support. ;-; But I got the feeling one of the reason why there’s early access is gauge the performance in various PCs and collect data. :joy:


I stand corrected. I still think they’re moving away from singleplayer games from their recent actions. But yes they did not say that explicitly from that interview and people are quoting them wrong.


Potentially. I’ve never used emulators before so I’ll need to look up how to do that. I might wait until I get my desktop build completed before doing this, I doubt my laptop could run it. :thinking:

They are, agreed. Anthem is a clear indication of that.

I’m interested to see how BioWare integrates the single-player story into it but pulling this off in a looter shooter multiplayer game just doesn’t sound likely. Having no romance and less dialogue choices than Mass Effect is another worry. One piece of information I heard that sounds like a completely stupid decision from them is the exclusion of text chat in the PC version. Like, why?


facepalms do they even know what a keyboard is anymore? I’d wager they’ve been catering console players for so long that they probably completely out of touch with pc playerbase.

On an unrelated note: Oh come on man, just let it go already. You’ve missed out on a lucrative opportunity due to your own fault. Just fucking learn from it and move on. Just let it go