Oh yeah… You’re using a PC right? Hope it goes well!

I am hoping mine will play okay on Friday.


yup…pc master slave race here muahahaha !

I hope too! Been waiting too long…I’m SO Hyped !

wake up at 5am …beeen counting the minutes since lol I still have some stuff to do today but then…I’m FReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Gonna be awesome! :relaxed:

Edit: DAO from Steam , crashed 15 times (and yes I counted) in the Tower of Magi . Kotor 2 has this bug where an npc that move the story doesn’t show up! forcing you to start over and pray it won’t happen again !

Think I’ve seen one of the worst , I think every new game get some hiccup…and as long as they fix them…it’s fine . It’s when they bail on the game coughDAI didcough that I get pissed . Hopefully it be fine ! I haven’t seen any seriouse complain from those who are playing from UPlay…



Yeah, Hitman 2 is being offered 4 days early to those who buy the Gold Edition, but honestly I got it so I would have all the planned DLC rather than that aspect.

Supposedly this is something Rocksteady is working on for Next-Gen, a Justice League game with multiple cities and the core New 52/Movie Justice League Team as playable characters - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg. (I would hope they could add Martian Manhunter and either Hawkgirl or another second female hero) Starro is supposed to be the main villain (which makes sense given he was the first threat the original Justice League faced in the comics) with plans for DLC under an episodic model to include new threats like Brainiac and Darkseid.


Accuracy can always be edit later, but upvotes cant be acquired later.


In that case, yeah, that’s understandable. If it’s solely for getting the game early though, that’s where problems start to arise.

That sounds great! Then you have Square Enix collaborating with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal on an Avengers game. Looking forward to seeing both of their works.


Those faces look straight outta Arkham Knight so it might be Rocksteady.


Would be a very refreshing change for them so if it’s actually true, I’m excited. I’ve still only seen the first two films and never read the books.

Speaking of a developer that begins with “Rocks”

24 days. I won’t get it on release but I’ll see if I can get it around Christmas.


I know right?! If I can have both kick ass well done Avengers AND Justice League games from Square and Rocksteady and more Spidey games from Insomniac, then that will will make up for the last few years of nonsense mobile crap the super types have gotten. Apparently also Square is having the Deus Ex team work on a Guardians of the Galaxy game in the same style, which I really hope is true. :smiley:

But just getting to play as an authentic Wonder Woman in a open world game is enough for me. Hit it!


Why not go all the way and say “Rockst”?


Hype!! Spider-Man is beginning to drop in price faster than I expected. One retailer has it for £44.85 now so hopefully by Black Friday, it goes down to £40 or maybe lower. Then I’ll get it.

I watched Wonder Woman in the cinema and hearing the soundtrack, especially that theme (well, more like a rearrangement), on the cinema speakers was blissful.

If we got a Wonder Woman game with a soundtrack at this level… oh boy.

Well, you do have a point. :thinking:

Eh, “Rocks” sounds better to me. Must be a good sign though, because Rockstar and Rocksteady are both fantastic developers.

Anyway, there’s more info about the Harry Potter leak:


I find GAME tends to have a lot of great deals on recent games in the run up to Christmas, so if you miss out then it’s worth keeping on eye out. I got Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 for gurt cheap that way a couple years back when it had only just been released.


Yeah, I bought AC Origins pre-owned from GAME for £19.99, then bought the two story DLCs from the PlayStation Store as there’s a Ubisoft sale going on there right now.

The £44.85 price tag for Spider-Man was from Base. I haven’t used them before but they have an extremely good Trustpilot rating and tend to sell games cheaper than most other retailers. As a comparison, GAME is selling Spider-Man for £49.99 and Dragon Quest XI for £41.99. Base has Spider-Man for £44.85 and Dragon Quest XI for £34.85.


Got it, I’m opening a new game studio call Rocksteadystar


The first developer to break the 100 point rating scale on Metacritic and go beyond. :grin:


Yes, our first game will be a western wizardry game. You’re a cowboy/girl that found out you know magic and is invited to a wild west school of wizardry, where everyone shoot magic with guns and ride magical horses around. Horse balls shrink…magically. Oh and you’re chasing your old gang members or something. Also it’s a heist game.


Sounds like a masterpiece, day one.

Kinda wish the Harry Potter game is made by Bethesda. Then they can let you fire spells to exterminate the multitude of bugs that’s in the game.


Followed by Grand Theft Arkham with Trevor the #@%$£ Joker and his cash grabbing happy pals. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh no were trying something new. Instead of making multiple games were just making 1 big ass game. So you can take your Blue Dead Wizardy™ character and NPC to Arkham and do heists there as a full price expansion. And Joker balls shrink…magically. Plus every thing is romanceable, even the magical lamppost


According to producer Hosokawa in an interview with Bahamut, Project Judge takes about 30 to 35 hours if you only stick to the main story. However, since the game is balanced with the Side Cases (side quests) in consideration, so if you only play the main story it will be much more difficult.

The gameplay time about doubles if you play through all the Side Cases with an estimate of up to 70 to 80 hours of gameplay. You can expect to see an abundance of sub-stories in the game, similar to the Yakuza series. Unfortunately, since both main and side stories would add up to a considerable number of dialogue, it isn’t fully voiced, according to Hosokawa in a Dengeki interview

For players that are looking to complete all trophies, it is expected to take anywhere between 100 to 200 hours.

Basically like the other Yakuza games. My hype just doesn’t stop increasing for this game! :smiley:


It looks like I could play AC: Odyssey on October 4th 8 pm in my side of world!