I honestly think HBO needs to contact the guys who made Jurassic World Evolution, they could make an awesome Westworld game where you run all six Delos parks and create different hosts and narratives and try to control how much violent delights and violent ends you have to worry about ultimately… :grin:


New Swery’s (Deadly Promonition, D4) game is coming out soon. Love his works. Even though they’re all flawed in some ways, they’re still has a lot of style and interesting in their own ways. Hopefully this will improve on that, and hopefully The Good Life will pull through as well.

Edit: Finally! AFter 88 hours, I’ve got a nice screenshot from MHW. I call this one “Staring into the Maw of Death”



just give it to meh already…


My resolve for not buying on the release date is currently crumbling. Although I am not yet done with DA:I, I want to play Odyssey more and more…

I am tempted to get the base game first… Must resist!!!


I have been waiting for 4 months now…(So glad I didn’t hear about it way before lol)…and I can’t wait…

well…DAI and ACO…arent tied…so you are ok…lol yeah better finish DAI…cose when you play another game…with better gameplay…its kinda hard to go back to an older one . At least I do…

unless the story is better…y’know…like I love ME3 gameplay the most…ME1…is also good but oh so hate ME2 gameplay though…so I really mostly enjoy doing the quest but shooting stuff become a chore…


A friend here ask me to try out "Life Is Strange " … i do some research about it and was charm by the story , seriously … it was very deep in emotional attachment with philosophical enlightenment as well…

I think it is genderlocked to female , with the protagonist one day used her time power to rewind a present day scene to save a another girl , who later discovered was her lost childhood friend… when they are trying to rekindle their friendship , they discovered that the time rewind event was the actual cause of the storm that is going to destroy their home…

So the protagonist has a difficult choice now, whether go back in time again to prevent “herself” from saving her friend , or let the storm destroy their home… it was just a mild research and i think there are more stories into it , but it seems a touchy story for a PC choice game … and suit the title perfectly " Life is Strange" :slight_smile:


Im sure you’re aware already but theres also Life is Strange 2. This time with two male protags of colour. Could be nice.


put that in spoiler…for those who havent played the game…

also…may wanna try the game before LIfe is strange which was REMEMBER ME


I think the story line could actually make a good HG/CoG title as well … so MC has the power to save the life of a childhood friend and rekindle a friendship within a given time , before has to make a choice of whether to give up the friend once again …

How would it feel when at the end of the day , you still maintain those memory that should never happend ? :slight_smile:

@E_RedMark oh okok… :-):grin:


Yeah… Like me… I have bought the game and haven’t played it yet. XD


seem like I’m the only one in hell…who played all these games…and is waiting for something new…:persevere:


Oh come on. All these games are coming out in less than a month. You don’t see me wishing for the days to go faster (especially since that would mean I want my assignments and exams now).


pfffffff neveh ! complaining is like breathing for meh…

:smirk: deal with it…


One of the advantages of coming in late but still there’s a danger of spoilers. I think I got spoiled in various ways in DA already which sucks to be honest.


I don’t mind spoiler actually…

I may know how a game end…but if the story got me…it won’t change anything . Cose you still gotta make your own choice . And sometimes…spoiler are good lol there are games where I wish I looked up how it ended…so I didn’t get dissapointed like I end up being…


So you know how Spider-Man ends, don’t you ?


dont play those games…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then you are missing out on a quality story right there.



gender locked…and I never cared for spiderman…dardevil…Ironman…etc…


Amazing story and tearjerker.