Best for me to get the PC version. Our country’s internet are awfully slow and expensive. :joy:


Getting this on pc/ps4 anyways but…if its really japan only for the cloud system, I’d be fine with it. Cloud sys shit just doesn’t sound very efficient for something thats also a on the go hand-held gaming platform.


Bit of icing on the cake, just learned that Odyssey will have a Discovery Tour Mode just like Origins did. The history nerd in me is very excited about new tours about Ancient Greece and the like, and I hope all future AC games have this feature!


Also for fans of the old RPG style there will be a mode where the game won’t hold your hand. There won’t be quest markers and NPCs won’t tell you exactly where you have to go, you’ll need to listen to what they said and figure it out yourself and explore.
It’ll be more of “It’s somewhere east or northeast of this place” then you’ll need to figure it out from that, kinda like how they did Morrowind.


Games are just too politically correct these days. Member when NPCs would say this to you? I member


Who’s excited for Battlefield V chat censorship? I know I am!


its not holding hand…

some of us cant read a map ! or arent paying attention…Oh look Athena statue!..wait…what did he say ? OH NOE I cant click him again !!! so much for realism ! :smirk:

I saw peoples asking the same thing over at cyberpunk forum . Saying ‘holding hand’ …its annotation…

@N1GHTMAR3 wonder if that would help…I’m for full ban the trolls !


That’s why you’d have to pay attention and explore the map instead of knowing exactly where everything is.

“Go find the super secret hidden cave player, even though you’ve never been to this place before.”
“Oh wait it’s already marked on my map.”

“Player I need help to find my helmet I dropped in the thick tall grass.”
“Oh do you mean this glowing one right here on my map?”

I prefer the option where they don’t tell me where everything is, and at least there’s a choice for the guided one if you want.


muh…I take the annotation . I suck at finding things on my own…

hell even with Annotation…sometimes its misleading and I waste 2h…trying a route…just to find…I had to go all the way around ! Grrrrrrrr…(Yes That was in MEA!! Freaking mountain!)…

beside…hate the ‘explore’ part…thats why I never finished games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim .

found this


Nope, I was being sarcastic. If you don’t know, they’re censoring words like “White man”, “DLC” (free DLC is not censored), “Lag”, “Nazis” and a bunch of other crap.


“black man”, “brown man”, “yellow man” aren’t censored. I was laughing so hard when I saw the news. Like wth



I dunno…

from some MMO…filters suck . I support banning better .

In Swtor , the filter block normal words ! lol its ridiculous !


Filters do censor normal words but it’s very odd that Battlefield V’s own system chooses rather peculiar words.


They actually added the fingers.


Oh wow NBA 2k19 is a phenomenal game! Such a landmark game for the industry! It let us easily pinpoint which reviewers were paid by 2k. For example, IGN barely mention the horrendous microtransactions system. So that’s 1 scum identified. Gamespot and Kotaku both pointed out the system and Kotaku has a disclaimer stating that they get a review copy with tons of VC in it.

On a different topic. I really hope this hit its funding goal. Looks interesting and Unavowed is pretty good. We need more vampire games.


Hitman has different levels of assists involving the Opportunity system, where you can choose to limit it to setting up the options but not telling you exactly where to find the items or equipment you need, or switch them off altogether. It’s actually a good way of using the system, especially the compromise option.


You know you’re in a ‘politically correct’ community, right? Like, using slurs against people because you’re too ignorant to use something more interesting or creative isn’t funny or interesting. It’s boring and lazy.

Plus of course games are more politically correct. Society always finds new things to consider unacceptable. You aren’t calling backlash to people in blackface political correctedness, are you? You don’t see domestic abuse treated like a joke nearly as often anymore, either. Society grew up. You should too.


Oh word censors are fun. Dark Souls censored “nig” so you couldn’t say knight in a fantasy setting, Mabinogi censored “Shylock” but had a story based on the Shakespearean play, so he was an actual character in the game.

Anyway the real question, is white boi censored?

Isn’t the game set in WWII?

It’s a matter of being safe. They’re trying to appeal to a broad audience and even if people of a certain group are ok with words or actions (happens to me a lot :laughing: ) typically negatively associated with them as long as enough people complain, then people who are willing to do that are in the same category as the people who cater to groups.

Plus there is a matter of culture too. People do seem to excuse people when they are part of or sometimes have relationships to a group. And even what’s pc would change from place to place, let alone person to person. (Japanese lgbt people say pervert instead of queer and use a feminine pronoun typically, blackface is still a thing there as well, tipping, standards of personal space, a good portion of words and phrases)

Otherwise you’re on a liberal pc site, you’re much safer voicing those kinds of opinions holding your minority card.

Yeah that’s never going on for me. I looks at maps to cross streets.


So, I know spiderman is still shiny and new, and AC:Od is coming so soon, but is anyone else playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

It’s fantastic! I don’t usually like to talk about graphics first, but there are moments when it just looks real. I can’t even tell when the cutscenes start half the time.

So far, the gameplay is great. Familiar, but with a few new features. If in the first two games you were slowly becoming a badass in this game you start out as the most dangerous thing in the jungle, and you really feel that way.

The best new feature though is separate difficulty sliders for combat, exploration, and puzzles. The story fits right in with rest of the series too, but with a slightly new slant that I won’t spoil.

I’ll stop gushing now, but I highly recommend it. Go play it. :grin: