Nope it came right after Unity. The yearly release was postponed because of Unity and Syndicate and how bad they both sold.


Meanwhile, someone has been busy playing Tomb Raider whilst everyone talks about AC. Whistles innocently


yeah right…we know where the real fun is…thats why lol :smirk:


Sure, you think that. The new tomb raider is alright, not on the same level as the first 2, but good enough.


just teasing…

I played one Tomb raider…and end up stuck like mid way and that sucked so bad…I quit . Never again . Add to that , while the design is amazing (in comparaison to the older tomb raider never played those either)…the whole ‘History , archeology’ stuff…it was just soo booooring…


Leonidas is largely famous for the Battle of Thermopylae, and that should be enough for nearly anything you might want to know.

But the short version is that Leonidas took a relatively small army of about 7,000 - just 300 of his own Spartan hoplites together with reinforcements from various other Greek cities - and attempted to hold the pass of Thermopylae(the ‘Hot Gates’) against the massive invasion army of King Xerxes of Persia, who was looking to steamroll through the pass into Greece and eventually to Athens.

Even the most conservative estimate puts the Persian army as outnumbering the defenders by at least ten times; more popular estimates put them at twenty to forty times their number. Using superior terrain advantage and situationally perfect phalanx tactics, Leonidas’s forces managed to hold the Persians off for seven days before eventually being overwhelmed.

The defence of the pass wasn’t that strategically significant in light of the overall invasion effort - that delay of seven days did not prevent Xerxes from conquering and sacking the majority of Greece. But this battle is culturally popular largely because of how powerfully inspirational it is.

The fact that Leonidas managed to hold out for any length of time at all in the face of such odds (and still hold his own army together) basically turned them into martyrs that would inspire the rest of the Greek forces throughout the remainder of the Greco-Persian wars. Even today we have comics & movies about them.


It’s all good. Personally, it’s trickier than usual (not as intuitive), plus doesn’t look too great when using an Xbox One S. But hey, not complaining just yet.


know could count on you to tell me more :wink:

So dumb question…but did the sparta have a king or something ?

I ask…cose in civilization , I remember this xerxes dude . But never one for sparta? unless they were called something else…?


Leonidas was the king of Sparta.


Yes, Sparta was an oligarchy. Their kings were supposed to be descended from Heracles.




any reason they aren’t in Civilization games ? I got 2, 3, 4 and 5 . Don’t recall seeing that name .

Btw…in futur playtrough…now I may add Xerxes to my AI list muahahaha and stump them good!


Because the Spartans would destroy everyone else lol. IDK honestly.


Because Sparta is just one city-state among many others that constitute Greece. They are covered by the Greek civilisation in the Civ games (usually represented by Alexander the Great, because that guy is historically way more significant than Leonidas)


So in AC Odyssey our characters are the grandchildren of Leonidas. Would that make them have a claim on the throne?


so they were like a minority ethnie inside greece then ?

Oh yeah! Alexander the great …

yup…he is in Civ 5 ! well damn…just got a free history lesson ! :smiley: Thanx guys!

@No_This_Is_Patrick: shouldnt the real question be , who is holding the throne first ? Then we know if we get to kick them off the throne…right ? legit or not…I bet the throne is shinie…:hugs:


They should be claimants, certainly. No idea what plot AC:Odyssey has in store for us though.


I do know they get kicked out of Sparta as a child, does that remove them as claimants since they’re banished and their ties to their family severed.


If you were probably made exiled from Sparta, unlikely for you to stake your claim for the throne. Probably in the war, you might, but I doubt it.


Oh wow this MHW screenshot look amazing.



Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cloud Version on the Switch? Ubisoft are following the footsteps of Capcom.

Though this is only available in Japan, which makes sense because they have the network infrastructure and very fast internet speeds to support it.