Bordelands 2 had a season pass that was well worth it. I think that’s the only time I bought one though. I’m so excited for AC:O though, I might get it.


Looks like a cool wallpaper


ATLANTIS! :grin::grin:


Well we’ll be playing Leonidas, our characters grandfather, at multiple points in the story.

He somehow sounds like Gerard Butler. Cool.


who ? Never played the others AC y’know…

I though that guy was…your parent ? well y’know…ALexio and Kassandra parent .

I saw that yesterday…slow poke Patrick ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Leonidas the Greek King. You know the guy from 300.


never saw the movie…:sweat_smile:


Oh he’s real though. 300 just made him more famous.


so how does he die ?


Well. He dies well.


thats so vagueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…:smirk:


So quick heads up, is this the right order to play the AC games? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Black Flag


that gonna take you forever to finish…



(To be fair I have already finished… 1. So that’s one down…)


You don’t need to play all of those especially those sidescrollers. Basically play Origins since that and this one are kinda a soft reboot.


Isn’t Desmond’s father and the like still in though? I fear that a lot of stuff in the present would be a little lost for me…


1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, Black Flag if you want to(personal opinion it’s one of the best you should), and Origins. Rogue, Unity, Syndicate, and those sidescrollers are honestly unimportant and don’t add anything. They’re mostly there just to meet the yearly release schedule.


Black Flag and Syndicate were always on the cards since I love pirates and Victorian London, but cheers for the heads up. :slight_smile:


I will probably get Odyssey when it’s on sale. I have mixed opinion on DLCs. I really dislike the concept of it because I tend to want my games in a complete package with the extras but I like them if they provide more time to expand on the storyline.

I haven’t played AC before but Odyssey looks amazing that I was tempted to get it on release day. I wonder do recent releases included in Black Friday sales on Steam? I just came back from a book sale event and let’s just say that my wallet lighten considerably. :joy:


Wasn’t Syndicate postponed and not on the yearly release schedule?

Rogue is a prequel to 3 and unity. Its modern day section doesn’t have a connection to the others.

Black Flags modern day section doesn’t have much of a connection but spoils 3’s ending and has liberation related dlc I hear.

Actually the modern sections don’t have much of a connection for anything after 3 tbh. And the past sections are obviously different.