but thats reddit…

never been there , but from I saw…I never wanna be there ! LOL

Its like YT…toxic…

if you find someone decent…its a shock to the system !


Gaming subreddits are either filled with Spider-man photo mode samples or reposts. Sometimes both.


Patrik Save us! Post sexy wallpapers of kassandra! :kissing_heart:


I’d rather pay for a DLC than a Season Pass. A Season Pass is just a promise, you to paying for stuffs that doesnt even exist. Whereas, you know what’s in a DLC when it comes out. Meaningful DLCs is a good thing, it keep devs employed. Before DLC I’d get fired immediately after a game is release if I’m a dev. Oh and UPlay is still pretty bad


but nobody is forced to pay for a season pass right ? its all ‘optional’ .


Doesnt make it a good practice. So sure buy season passes if you want, but just know that it’s a anti-consumer practice. It takes the control away from the buyer and put it in the hands of the seller. Once you buy a season pass it’s already money in the pocket for devs. At that point why try? Just put out something mediocre, after all they’ve already got the money. They dont need to convince anyone to buy with a quality, competitive product. Juts want people to be an informed consumer.


Yeah, who doesn’t enjoy broken and unfinished content only to fix it not with a patch, but a season pass of course.


neither do the dlc…being a good practise…I still dream of the old ‘expansion’ of past .

Nah…I never pre-ordered or got season pass in my life…and never will .

well thats not true…I pre-ordered DAI and MEA…and they turned out to be shit…so never again after that lol …and I only had the base game…not the fluff…

but never got a season pass . It sound like Gambling to me…and we have enough of that in every goddamn MMO…


Agreed. It’s like Ni no Kuni II with its season pass where they announced nothing for it after 4 months of release. To be honest, it should be illegal to sell season passes until the publisher clearly states what’s included in it.


That’s DLC. DLC = Downloadable Contents. Did you download or pay for extra content for your game? That’s DLC. I’m not talking about microtransactions, that’s a slightly different thing. And I dont agree with those either. But quality DLC is good, theres no 2 ways around that. Just read about some of the horror stories of working as a dev back in the days when DLC wasn’t a thing. Endless cycle of being fired on the spot, being suddenly homeless, etc… working in the industry. DLC prevent that, gives studio a reason to keep devs around after the game is released.

@Spectro889 agree. They should clearly state what’s their specific planned contents are and some baseline content quality. At least that way people in EU could at least claim false advertising. Still fucked here in US tho.


yeah I know…

but back then , expansion had more meat into them . Nowdays , DLC are short…and some of them are just Skin and toys and guns…


isn’t that the job for platform like Steam ? They are the one who let them put their games up…


You get what you pay for. Idk what’s going on with console games these days, but I’m fairly happy with the DLC I’m getting on my games. A few bucks for a faction in Warhammer Total War? Sure. Less than 10 bucks for a character packs for Armello? No problem. I dont even mind cosmetics if its priced correctly.


There’s actually two types of DLCs really - with content that should have been in the core game in the first place (Mass Effect 3: From the Ashes) and actual added content (TW3 has an amazing example).


yeah that !

and lets not forget the annoying part where dlc…never count in the many story . Make you wonder…what give…


Locking away such an important piece of lore behind a DLC and cut content is a dumb move. Sometimes even dumber than the infamous Oblivion horse armor DLC.


The AC season pass is actually a good deal… I can’t say I’m not tempted. I usually don’t preorder games…I’ve done it only for: Skyrim (the shirt was too good a bonus!), Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Fallout 4. Only ME3 had me regret it. But the steelbox is great, so is the artbook.

I’ve never played AC3 because I found the setting quite boring…sorry to the americans here, but right after italian Renaissance, well, it was underwelming to me. At the time I was hoping for China after the movie with old Ezio and the chinese assassin (I can’t forgive she was releted to a 2D side game!) but it never happen.

Liberation seem more interesting. Getting the season pass may be a good excuse to try both.


Season Passes really depend on the type of game and how upfront they are, but remember that nothing is stopping you from waiting until all the content is out and getting it then, especially if there’s a discount. I did this with Arkham Knight and felt that £16 was a hell of a better deal for what was included.

Also how much you trust the publisher. IO is giving Hitman 2 two major expansions via the Gold Pack version (and also no doubt a season pass at launch). I’ll get it because I know IO will do a decent job at giving us some extra sandboxes to play around in. :slight_smile:


Oh I fell asleep.


That’s day 1 DLC and no one like those either. But they’re easy to spot. Theres also the MHW way of charging for cosmetics and release free content updates. They’ve released Deviljho, Lunastra, Kulve Taroth and Behemoth for free so far.Which i think is fair.