Gotta say, I’m loving the new aragami designs in God Eater.




Wait, did it give you money?


No idea they fixed it pretty quick. Plus it’s an old screenshot


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Sony:Here’s Spider-Man PS4
Microsoft: Here’s a grease proof controller you filthy pigs.


Oh man I love Deviljho, this fat ass looks amazing and the fight is fun albeit difficult


Yes! His VA has a great singing voice, too.

Would make the perfect ringtone.

During work, phone rings
Phone: “Sunao ni I LOVE YOU! Todokeyou Kitto YOU LOVE ME!”
Everyone stares at it in amazement


I had at turn most of the Bud Spencer and Terence Hills movies main themes as ringtones. This would not be the most embarassing! :smirk_cat:


Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Kickstarter is now up! Sadly it’s too super pricey for me to invest in… :weary:


Ugh… I think I stumble upon a DA:I spoiler. I was just looking for Party AI setup over at Google. Sigh It just a hint… The danger of playing a very old game.


This thing is just too cute, i can never kill this in MHW I just couldnt. At least i can capture it.


I keep getting more and more excited for this game.



Also I thought Far Cry 5 was crazy with its post launch DLC plans, damn…


Ubisoft continue to redeem themselves. Note that AC3 Remastered also includes a remaster of Liberation, so not only are you getting two episodic arcs and this daily/weekly content, but also two remastered games.

From IGN’s article:

The last major, and most surprising, addition to the season pass is Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, which fans will remember centers on the American Revolution. This remaster will be released in March 2019 and can be purchased outside of the season pass for an as-of-yet unannounced price. AC3 Remastered will include the core game and all its DLCs (the Benedict Arnold missions, Hidden Secrets Pack and Tyranny of King George).

Assassin’s Creed III Remastered will also include Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered, a game originally released on the PlayStation Vita. Both remastered games will feature 4K and HDR functionality on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC, higher resolution textures, a new graphics engine, other graphical enhancements and improved gameplay mechanics.

Hopefully with this, people will stop complainin-

I spoke too soon.


oh noe…cater to meh…boohoo…

sheesh…the z’internet will never change .



That and some others are saying Ubisoft decided to remaster “the worst game in the AC series” so this isn’t good news.

Again, can’t win here.


That is incredible that Ubisoft have managed to bring every single core AC game bar the original to current gen consoles, and since they regularly have Black Flag/Unity/Syndicate and China/India/Russia as bundles in sales on the PS Store it will be easy to play catch up. And it’s awesome that they’re including Liberation in that package too. I might well just get the Season Pass and have AC 3/Liberation upfront… :smiley:


God…make you wish peoples learn between ‘‘I didn’t like it’’ and ‘Worst game ever’’ …

its all fucking subjective ! whats the worst game for someone…is the best game for someone else .

‘they are all awful! cose gender locked!’ Muahahhaha…think they choke to death hearing that ? :sweat_smile:


“Wahhhhhhh I hate big stupid season passes I only have to pay once for and get lots of engaging single player content and story expansion with! Give me my endless microtransactions so I can spend ten times that amount on slightly different colored hats! Wooh!”

Add the fact that AC is taking a break next year and it means people will have the chance to play catch up if they are as crazily far behind as me and still trying to get around to finishing AC2 Remastered and then… everything… else… :fearful:


Yeah, exactly. There is no avoiding complaints from the gaming community, no matter how good the company is. Hell, I’ve seen quite a few complaints for Cyberpunk 2077 already and this is CDPR we’re talking about.

From the r/Games subreddit. Case in point.


been hanging on cyberpunk forum…

its a weird mix…I dare say…all you hear is ‘Witcher 3 hur dur’ LOL

at least they moderate , so there is that .