HOLY SHIT! NANI THE FUCK IS THIS? MY CHILDHOOD IS COMING BACK! I spent tons of quarter on this game when I was a kid



It’ll probably be a timed exclusive on PS4. Or later in 2019 nearer to the game’s western release date, they’ll announce a localisation for both PS4 and PC then. Hopefully.

Clearly it’s deep down Capcom’s priority list at the moment.
I have no idea. Capcom extended the game’s trademark in June but there’s still no more news about it.

Toshihiro Nagoshi (chief creative officer at SEGA, creator of the Yakuza franchise) was the one who revealed Judge Eyes at PlayStation’s TGS 2018 conference; he’s amazing. I also adore the game’s logo design.

A demo of the game has been released in Japan, but there’s been no announcement of a localised version for the west yet. Welp, time to play the waiting game.

Pinball and drone racing are in this too?! Day one!

The main protagonist, private detective Takayuki Yagami (played by Takuya Kimura), is a man of conviction who fights for his beliefs, despite the overwhelming despair surrounding him. Kimura has met extensively with the game’s development team to craft this protagonist, dedicating more than 1,000 minutes of voice recording time for his lines.



Hey how good is the new Spider-Man? I’ve heard good things but it’s always best to double check


Still early days but I definitely recommend it, it is a beautifully rendered game with th city of New York and the story is very engaging and fun. The different suits all have unique abilities you can mix up and play with.


The combat is super-slick, and Peter’s persona shines well. Also the first spooder game where you can swim and not die.

Otherwise, no bonesaw, no big wheel.


Really good just look at this gameplay

Edit: Its (almost) Lethal League time again boys and girls. It’s back with some funky fresh beats


God Eater, Character Creator GImme, Gimme!


Demo footage for Judge Eyes is now out, but note that it’s only in Japanese, there are no English subtitles.

It even has its own opening, like a J-drama.

YouTube user TheEryk24 ripped two tracks from the game’s soundtrack already, which is incredibly fast. Huge kudos to him. These tracks sound amazing!

@resuri08 When you get the chance to do so, you should check out Yakuza 0 which is on Steam. I’m on the final chapter of the story right now and it’s outstanding, I love this game so much. In the UK, it’s on Steam for £14.99 and for the amount of content you get in the game (nearly 38 hours in so far), I think it’s a bargain.

SEGA are working on bringing over the rest of the Yakuza games onto PC. At the moment, it’s just 0 but Yakuza Kiwami is expected to release on there later this year.


Somehow the first 30 minutes of Assassins Creed Odyssey.


I miss the trashy Yakuza Kiwami disco music :rofl:
Still, good track. I’m quite hyped for this game :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I call a deal


They might do something like that in Judge Eyes, you never know. :eyes:

Knowing Yakuza Studio, they probably will do it, haha. In the meantime, I’ll be watching this masterpiece on repeat:



Thanks for the recommendation. I just watched the trailer and it looks very interesting. I put it on my wishlist and wait for a sale. XD


Have you finished the game? Cause I think if I wanted, I could finish it in just a couple of hours, with 100% completion and all of that would be within a week.


Majima is the best! No matter if Goro or Goromi!!!


The soundtrack is as amazing as the game! Been stuck on my couch for hours playing the game.


I’m only up to the end of Act 1 but that took a long time, so I wouldn’t say it’ll take you a little time to do things. The developers said it would probably take about twenty hours to finish the main story.


Twenty hours sounds about right. Story is admittedly a tad short than I’d imagine for game of this stature, but the open world makes it worth it. Besides,I feel bad for all the bad guys I beat up and humiliated when I became an OP Spider-Man. The only challenging thing was trying the challenge tokens and getting gold in all the challenges. Trust me, you’ll see what I mean.


Capolavoro!!! Masterpiece!!!



Oh damn I cant wait for this monster to come out on pc and I hope theyll do more of these bonding interaction between monsters.