Incredible art. Love seeing these crossover images.


Not a fan of that decision either. But whatever maybe it can still be decent if they get a good actress. If its 15 yo ciri she’ll probably wont appear much anyway. Been a while since I’ve played but wasn’t she plane hopping at that age? I wish they’d do older ciri, so at least they can cast Zazi Beetz

Edit: also the heck is rota?


Mentally creating Spidey and Aloy team-ups right now… :grin:


I meant a diversity rota, changing an established character’s race, gender or sexuality just for the sake of a series or movie having someone who lazily ticks that box rather than a genuine desire for well done diversity.


Never heard that word before, I’ve heard of quota but rota is a first for me.


Ah, I see.
Race-quota, huh?


Something like that, yes, I mean when done just to satisfy a required ratio than any well done or written. That’s not to say that this particular situation will end up that way, but usually when the main character is correct but the supporting cast is altered in some significant ways, there could be a risk of it.


Dammit Nintendo, you really can’t get online right, can you? Even folks from the Nintendo Switch subreddit and Nintendo Life are mostly negative to the Switch’s upcoming online subscription service.

On another note, while I was browsing the Mass Effect subreddit, I came across a picture posted by user The-Illusive-Guy of his collection and it’s amazing:

851 votes and 88 comments so far on Reddit

I salute to him. For some reason, the link preview is just showing the image so I’ll put the link to the actual post here.

Great to hear. Even players without accessibility needs will find these options useful.


More games need this option. I dont have accessibility needs, unless you count mental puzzle solving deficiency and QTEs allergy as accessibility needs


Agreed, they definitely do.

Square Enix at their Tokyo Games Show 2018 booth will have 84 albums on sale in a couple of weeks.

I want to go there so badly, but can’t. All these soundtracks, some of those I want are autographed by the composers themselves. :sob:


Today was PlayStation’s TGS 2018 conference. There were a lot of new trailers and announcements.

New KH3 trailer with the confirmation of Big Hero 6. @Willow_Felya_G

New IP by SEGA’s Yakuza Studio titled “Judge Eyes”, scheduled for 13 December 2018 in Japan and 2019 in the west. Nibel (popular video game news reporter on Twitter) regarded it as a mix of Ace Attorney and Yakuza; apparently you play as a detective in this.

New IP by Cygames (Granblue Fantasy, Rage of Bahamut, Shadowverse). It is a fantasy action RPG.

New trailer for Sekiro.

New trailer for Left Alive, featuring the director of Armored Core (Toshifumi Nabeshima) and Yoji Shinkawa (character, mechanical and environment designer of the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders series). A release date has also been announced: 28 February 2019.

Phew, that was a long post, sorry about that.


… I think the 28 of February I will disappear from the real word for a looooooooong time…


Ge3 already? Inb4 “Sorry we gotta delay because, quality”


English-subtitled versions are already out, bless you SEGA!

Judge Eyes/Project JUDGE looks absolutely fantastic. Normally I’m not into pre-ordering games, but I’m pretty damn tempted to do it for this.


I love good investigative stories. And project JUDGE seem to fit well my tastes.
I’ll keep an eye on this!!!


I look AMAZING!! It’s like Ace Attorney but more on the realistic side!!

Edit: Awww… It’s only available for PS4. That’s a bummer…


Seeing all these new Japanese IP got me thinking: the fuck happened to Deep Down?


Well…Sega is porting the Yakuza serie on PC…maybe they will port this too?


Cant wait to play that game in 2077, but Cyberpunk come out that year too. Itll be a busy year for me. Jokes aside it’ll take years before that game get ported prob. Yakuza is a popular series and people been asking for the port for years now. On the plus side, Sega got a whiff of that sweet sweet PC money so theyll be less hesitant to port stuffs onto PC. PC gamers tend to spend more on games so companies love milking us for what we worth.


Does anyone else hate it when you tubers stick giant spoilers for games in their thumbnail? Cause it’s annoying. :rage: