hahahaha thats hilarious XD

watching benchmark vid? what do you mean ?

and game debate ? Lol

I live under a rock…only come out when there is a game I like :stuck_out_tongue:

well you said…I should be able to run it and thats fine by meh . I dont need a whole investigation about system requirement .


The AC Origins video that I linked above with your GPU being one.

These pretty much. They tell you what FPS the game runs at and specify the settings used at the start.


I would follow @Spectro889 advice. When I was researching about DA:I optimal settings, can you run it was vague and don’t tell you much if you could run it in which setting. Game Debate was a life saver.

Unfortunate that I only could fit a 1050 Ti with my Dell Inspiron due to the PSU but I think I could survive until DA 4 comes out??


I just wanna play the game lol I’m not looking for Optimal anything…

All those FPS…stuff…its all above my head…me no Habla anything :rofl:


Should do. BioWare struggled a lot with the Frostbite engine used in DA:I (referring to their main Edmonton studio so I’m excluding ME:A) at first because it was originally intended for FPS games like Battlefield, not RPGs, thus they had to create the necessary tools from scratch.

They seem to have grasped the engine now and use it more efficiently based on what’s been shown of Anthem, so hopefully that means DA4 is better optimised.


Optimal doesn’t mean you have to play it at the ultra setting. From my understanding, it means playing the game as smoothly as possible with your current PC setup. :slight_smile:


I have uh…NVIDIA…thingy that optimize the games for meh…

I also can set some of the games setting myself…but some stuff still escape meh .

Edit: Funny story…after playing games since the Atari…I just found out that my Mass effect would look less like shit…if I went with the same resolution my pc use LOL I was in shock at the difference it made…lol I know…dum dum lol


This is why I haven’t played games on PC in years… not having to worry about numerous specs and requirements. :sweat_smile:


I am new with PC gaming so I usually based my settings from forums and such. XD To be honest, I research a lot on DA:I since I heard this game don’t run as smoothly even on higher GPUs so it was quite a dilemma that my only option was a 1050 Ti. XD

It is so tempting to get Assassin Creed Odyssey right now but that price… :joy: I’m not yet done paying my phone and GPU yet. :sob:


Man all you people talking about “minimum” specs and “medium” settings. When mass effect andromeda came out I still had my 4 years old laptop and this was how I played it. Didnt turn off everything but it looks pretty close to his end results. Get on my potato settings level mates


lol I played MEA on high…

had to turn off some stuff cose I could feel a tiny bit of lag…

but other then that , it run fine . (Still have it installed)…


I could played it on medium I think, but it was sub 30fps and I wasn’t cool with that. Those settings bumped me up to around 50fps, plus no stutters. I like my fps high.


From Amazon: AC Odyssey at £49.99, Spider-Man at £47.99.

Yeah, I’ll be a patient gamer and wait for a price drop on both, these are too much. Might get something like Ni no Kuni II which has dropped to less than £22 and contains a ton of content.

Speaking of patient gamers:

A similiar-ish mindset here.

My laptop has an iGPU so with ME:A, I’m going to have to stick with console for now. It’s going to be a while until I can save up the money needed for all components in my desktop.


I think there’s more of a legitimate backlash against changing Ciri this much given her background, and there does seem to be a lot wider range of people against this potential character change given that it only seems to be planned to fit a diversity rota and that’s honestly insulting to anyone.


whitewashing has always been there…b-but don’t touch mah witcher hahaha…

on others news…

a sequel ? God plz…make one! this game was much more fun then Skyrim…


I literally just got bored and redownload this 2 days ago.


Oh wow this is exciting stuffs. DO2 is one of my favorite game last year. Cant wait to see what Larian want to do next. They’ve been making divinity games for 20 years now, maybe they’ll try a new universe this time.


I get that The Witcher was created by Europeans, in a vaguely European fantasy world, but changing Ciri’s race really doesn’t bother me. Honestly the color of her hair is more iconic to her character than the color of her skin.

@E_RedMark. That’s so cool! I had completely given up on getting another Amalur game.


To be fair I can get why they’re angry. It’s like if they made Black Panther white. Wakanda was in Africa so mainly everyone was black, same thing for the Witcher series being in Poland.


Agreed, and it seems like a number of ethnic people online would rather have other established or even original characters appear instead of changing Ciri. There really shouldn’t be one rule for some and another for others just to blatantly meet rotas.