I mean it ain’t your fault. P5 has a strong waifu game. Unlike P3 and P4 which us an easy Elizabeth and Chie respectively (I’ll fight you if you disagree). I cant pick one for P5, I like Makoto, but i also like Futaba, but i also like Ann, I like Tae.




My gods the madmen! They’ve finally done it! Our God and savior Gaben browse reddit


Uhm. I’m really undecided if I should buy Persona 3 portable… I’ve yet to play any Persona game, and the female protagonist thing really interest me…

Does anyone know if its good?


I personally like P3P more than P4 or P5. Probably because I was able to get to play a FeMC and Akihiko is life!


So guys, I know I shouldn’t spoil what I’ve seen on YouTube, but I’ve kinda seen the beginning walkthroughs of Spider-Man and maybe you all knew, but there’s a cameo of a certain someone.


I only read good thing about it…I guess I’ll stomp on my wallet and go for it!


I am a little annoyed at one review I happened to watch which inadvertently revealed a character in the game (even though I had heard rumours they were included). Trying to keep as spoiler free as possible until I play on Monday.


To be fair, a voice actor accidentally spilled the beans of a character appearing in the game after E3, so slip ups are always bound to happen, one way or another. The cameo is honestly just a nice unexpected touch, but, I’ll let everyone see it for themselves. Last thing I want is for you guys to come at me with pitchforks and torches :cold_sweat:


This was the reason why I was originally look at getting a PS Vita right after finishing P5 (which I adored) so I’m able to play P3P and P4G. Though after weighing up my options, I went with focusing on a desktop build which would be more beneficial in the long-term.

The proprietary memory cards on the PS Vita being so damn expensive doesn’t help either. As a comparison using prices from Amazon, if I were to buy a 2DS XL for example, I could get a 32GB microSD card for less than £9 to use in it. The proprietary 32GB PS Vita memory card is £64. It’s ridiculous.

I might look into getting a PS TV later on, which is a cheaper alternative to playing those games and I’ll be able to use my DualShock 4 with it. However, I still wouldn’t be able to avoid the proprietary PS Vita memory cards if I were to buy digital games on that.


Man, 2K is just a horrible company. I’ve played every 2K since 2K13 and I hate what they have been doing with the last games. And unfortunately, this article just shows how terrible and greedy they are.
There’s stuff the community has asked for a long time that they don’t add to the games, every year they come and say how they fixed issues but then when you play the game the same exact stuff is still there, and then there is the VC.
2K18 was horrible because the whole game was about you paying them for everything. You couldn’t get a preview of how any haircut would look on your player, you just had to buy it, if it doesn’t look you just buy another one, doesn’t matter that you have to play 2 games of at least 24 minutes each to get the amount of VC you need. If you don’t like it, you can just buy more VC from 2K.
I’m done with 2K for some time, don’t even know if I’ll get Live. I like that they added the WNBA to Live, it was nice playing with Delle Done, but the gameplay still feels bad and just weird.


1 word: emulator


The sad fact is that it has got to the stage where many of us would rather have a expensive season pass in our games over endless micro transactions, because at least the former is a one time buy. And until the vast majority of people stop paying for micro transactions, which will never happen, companies will keep the greedy practices up unless laws force them not to.


And I really hope we see more laws regarding microtransactions and loot crates.
Because unfortunately, I really don’t see people, as a whole, getting more conscious about this kind of stuff. 2K18, financially, was their best game, they made so much money with the game being like that, that I sincerely don’t see them abandoning this practice.
I just hope other companies don’t follow the example.


You know I see people here bash on Fallout 76 a lot. But I think it’s good that the game exists. It’s a unifying force in the gaming community. No other game could bring together so many gamers that share an experience together. For example I will start something g and someone else will inevitably finish what I started. Observe:



I honestly don’t think I’ve ever played a sports game…maybe…I think there was a Mario baseball game for gamecube, but never any of the serious ones.

My point is that I had no idea about the micro-transactions, and real money gambling systems that these games had introduced. I dislike (hate) loot-boxes in general, but there’s something that seems especially wrong about the way they’re used in these games.

It’s unfortunate that they make so much money. Without a law to stop them they’ll never leave, and the corporate money will stop that law from ever being passed.


I hate the practice of loot boxes full stop. I realise in many games they’re only used for cosmetic items and appearance but the whole system is designed to act like a gambling machine at times and entice more spending, plus the whole concept came from casual mobile games and don’t belong in full price console releases.


The solution is pretty simple. Stop buying those games, stop preordering those games. Companies dont care about you or me. They only care about the shareholders, and the shareholders only care about their dividend at the end of the year. Hit their bottom line and theyll have to change


Maybe because it’s a basketball game and therefore doesn’t have such a wide range of players, like SW Battlefront 2 and the EA fiasco, but the stuff 2K has been doing lately is just disrespectful.
If it’s not EA level, it’s pretty close to it. Only difference is not many people, compared to a Star Wars game, play it, and the 2K community has been accepting that kind of stuff, also add that you don’t have any competition to 2K, because the game from EA, with loot crates obviously, is not nearly as good in terms of gameplay and you have NBA 2K18 making tons of money.

@a_shoggoth the solution is indeed usually simple, but if a company makes a game where you need virtual currency to buy basically everything, from player upgrades to simple customization options, and still make more money then they ever did before, I don’t see a bright future for the next games.
Also important to add that the player upgrades and the customization options cost so much VC that you need to play for a very long period of time to actually be able to buy them.

That statement from 2K that @Spectro889 posted is really the game in a nutshell. You play for hours and hours to get what you want or you just pay 2K and get it in less than a minute.
There’s even a 2K youtuber, a guy that posts only NBA 2K content in his channel, and he admitted on a video that he paid someone else to use his account and grind stuff for him, so that he could have a competitive character.


It’s a solution, but it’s a solution that hurts. I love video games. Playing video games is the thing that I want to do. I fantasize about taking a solo vacation to nowhere and just locking myself in with a comfy chair and a stack of new games. Honestly the only reason I haven’t done that is I’m missing that stack of new games.

There just aren’t enough games released (that I’m interested in) to satisfy my unholy lust for video games. Passing on one because it has micro transactions is probably the right thing to do, but it hurts.