Guy named JorRaptor has a video reviewing all the suits in the game.


Just checked his channel out now, he’s reached 100% already?!


Is Superior Spidey confirmed by the way? It’s one of the suits I am most interested in using…,


Probably not since it basically the Infinity War outfit. Maybe as DLC?


In his video he said something about a premium so everything was unlocked for him.


Actually the Infinity War suit is based more on the Iron Spider suit from the comics, which proceeded the Superior Spider-Man outfit.


Yeah I know, it just their essentially same thing just different design. Also Infinity War has 4 spider arms instead of just 3 like the Iron Spider. One of the reasons I prefer Infinity War suit more.


Fair point, I get the impression that they might be saving some more iconic suits for DLC in any case. I would especially love to see the Future Foundation and classic Black Suits in there.


Since Black Cat is in the new DLC she might gve him the black suit or Insomniacs version of it. In the comics she gives him a cloth black suit modeled after the symbiot suit.


I’m hoping the FF suit is in it. It is definitely my fave of the alternate suits so stylish.


Agreed, my only worry is that with the Fox buyout still not finished they cannot have any Fantastic Four content in the game, so FF Spider-Man is probably off limits. :sleepy:


Good casting choice. The man love Witcher, he played Witcher 3 multiple times and read all the books. I just hope they dont CGI the beard.


Glad to hear that. More comments to Casey about wanting a remaster of the ME original trilogy, more ME and DA in general. Even he said he’s heard it loud and clear.

Someone brought up N7 Day for a potential announcement which will be on the 7th November. It could happen. A ME OT remaster by Bluepoint Games would be a dream come true.

This is fantastic. Microsoft deserves all the praise they’re getting for this controller.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Huh. I’m surprised RDR2 isn’t on October’s cover. I’m assuming Battlefield V will be on November’s cover, then.


So about a month ago Kotaku exposed the toxic sexism against women at Riot (made League of Legends). Their response to this issue is to ban men from entering their booth at PAX. What?! So their response to blatant sexism to one sec is to be blatantly sexist against the other sex?


So, in the mist of getting spider man after preordering and getting it delivered to my place (cause I’m a idiot for leaving things late), I just recalled I also preordered another game for the same day; The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Yes, I know it’s not major(since it’s mobile), but I’m curious how the end product will be.


This review is a very entertaining watch. Dragon Quest XI looks stunning and the reviews for it are superb, many saying it’s one of the best games they’ve ever played.

On the other hand, I’ve never played any game in the series (this applies to most series for me), so this may be my first DQ game. The reviewer says it took 80 hours for him to complete the main quest and he’s played 300 hours of the Japanese version. He’s a huge DQ fan by the looks of it who has played every game in the series in Japanese.

It’s a shame that Square Enix’s marketing for this wasn’t great, not to mention releasing it so close to Spider-Man which heavily overshadows it.

Glad to see posts like these though, especially on the PS4 subreddit.

Comes with reversible box art too, nice. Both of the box arts are beautiful. If I’m up for playing another very lengthy game (just over 24 hours into Yakuza 0 at the moment and haven’t completed a quarter of the game yet), I’ll look into this more.


I’ve tried playing one of the DQ game before and I just couldn’t get into it. I’m just not big on the JRPG combat system. But I love the Toriyama aesthetic, idk if hes still designing characters for the new games or not but they stuck with the style.

Edit: I like the extras they got going. It’s nothing too offensive and basically is just: “are you shit at the game? Pay a little more to be less shit”


Yeah, apart from Persona 5, I haven’t really gotten into turn-based games. I do own Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age which is a combination of turn-based and real-time combat, however it’s been sitting on my shelf for several months now, unplayed since December last year. From what I’ve played, I didn’t enjoy it and I think I’ll just sell the game soon.

DQ XI is full-on traditional with its turn-based combat. Persona 5 did it in an extremely stylish way which was satisfying to use, so that might be why I enjoyed the combat a lot. Not so sure if that will apply to DQ XI as well, but hopefully I’ll like it.

He is, yes. Toriyama designed the main characters for XI and illustrated the Japanese version’s box art:

Agreed. The Collector’s Edition (costing £119.99) appears to be sold out and a waiting list is up on SE’s official store already, wow.

It does look great. I especially like the inclusion of the orchestrated two disc soundtrack, which costs £28+ to import from Japan on its own. Of course as a newcomer to the series, I’ll just stick with the standard edition which is about £40-42 over here.


Yeah persona also has the KO thing which speed up combat if you have good element against your opponents. Plus it has the easy mode, because let’s face I’m not playing it for the combat I’m just playing it as a waifu simulator.


Makoto best P5 girl.

I see pitchforks and torches in the distance. Great.