Those people don’t want to see the guardian review it was 3/5 or 60/100 (on metacritic)


This specific review I think they got accurate.

Also 8.7 because no sun and puddles.


That’s why people are mad. People been pissed at IGN for forever now. What’s the point of a 10 points scale if nothing ever go below 8? As a consumer those number grades are completely useless.


True. It’s why I tend to go watch reviews from ACG for example, who doesn’t use a number scale and instead rates it as a “Buy”, “Wait for Sale”, “Rent” or “Never Touch”. He’s my favourite video game reviewer on YouTube at the moment.


You know what really grind my gears? When someone see a 7/10 game and they’re like “huh duh look at that shit game.” I mean are you serious? Its 7 out of 10, 70 percent, well above the median 5. If I have cancer and my doctor say I have 70% survival chance that’s as good as not even having cancer. But everyone keep thinking 7/10 is average. 5 is average. 7 being average on a 10 scale make absolutely no sense. 7 would only be average if you’re using a 14 scale and only psychopaths uses something like a 14 scale. Rant over.


There’s some hilarious reactions to what some people consider bad scores, such as the late Jim Stirling getting death threats because his lower score of Breath of the Wild brought the Metacritic score down from 98 to 97, or of course the guy who got fired from GameStop because he rated Kane and Lynch so badly after they had given the game a ton of promotion on their webpage…


you thinks thats bad ? there is worse lol when peoples burn and torch a whole game…cose it has 1 gay characters .

we live in the age of Lunatic…hoozah .


WutFace Jim ain’t dead


You sure? Wasn’t there’s a game critic who died lately who people had mixed opinions on? Was sure that was him… :thinking:


That was Total biscuit


Ah right, my mistake. Awkward…


It was TB and the mixed opinion is exaggerated. I dont agree with everything he said. But by and large hes a well respected person in the industry. Extremely influential in the pc gaming community. And mixed opinion doesnt excuse celebrating someone’s death after a long battle with cancer like some certain game devs.

Edit: also he brought a fair amount of customers to COG when he mentioned COG on his podcast.


The videos of his I did see were funny enough, so I never got the hate for the guy, though people are entitled to opinions of course (outside celebrating his death mind).

Anyway it was Jim who had the hate over Breath of the Wild, that I got right…


Funnily enough the most vocal haters of TB are usually devs that made games that TB criticized. TB is extremely influential and his opinion can sway a lot of minds so some devs blame him for their game’s failure, instead of admitting their own’s or the game’s shortcomings.

As for Jim, that’s the reason I dislike fandoms. Fans defend their precious whatever without thinking about it critically. Some fans cant take any criticism toward their games at all.


Star citizen fanbase.


Sunk cost fallacy. If the game they’ve spent 10000 dollars on is shit, what does that make them?


Ultimately reviews are all opinions on the part of the reviewer, people can take or leave it and I think it’s totally possible to enjoy a badly reviewed game or dislike a popular one.


Yeah the thing is TB reviews are known for their impartiality. He present the facts, the proofs, present his unbiased opinion. So its ultimately up to the consumers to make their own decisions. There isnt much you can be mad at if you’re the maker of the game. He never make any points like “I dont like this cause I dont like it.”

Edit: he focus a lot on performance as well as gameplay. And performance isnt subjective its objective. If your game run like shit its run like shit. Theres no 2 ways about that


I’m surprised they put this suit in the game lol looks cool though. Imagine the cutscenes.


That UI design is really nice. Never seen it before.